Demo organisers hail peaceful protests


Human rights activists who organised the 27 April demonstrations have hailed Malawians for marching peacefully in all three regions of the country.

In a statement dated May 3, the rights activists under Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have thanked thank Malawians for marching peacefully and remaining true to the struggle.

Malawi Youth
Kajoloweka: We thank the demonstrators for participating peacefully.

“This remains the biggest and historical demonstration in the history of Malawi. We thank the demonstrators for participating peacefully against the wishes of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its hired mercenaries who were out spreading violence and hate messages in order to obstruct Malawians from enjoying their constitutional rights and demand accountability from the failed DPP leadership,” says the statement signed by HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo, his deputy Gift Trapence and rights activist Charles Kajoloweka.

The activists have however condemned the behavior of the DPP and its agents who paraded in Blantyre a day before the April 27 demonstrations

“This is the reason why some people have argued that DPP is a party of terror. It is sad and shocking that even a cabinet minister Mr. Dausi and other senior party official of DPP were part of this violent aiding and abating operation,” says the statement.

“To our puzzle, the DPP did all that freely under the escort of the police marching in the very same route that the police and Blantyre city assembly denied the organisers of April 27th peaceful demonstrations to use. This hypocrisy is condemned in strongest words possible and we will hold them accountable.”

Meanwhile, the rights activists have assured that they have the best interests of Malawians at heart and will stick with the 10-point demand as stated in the petition which was presented to government officials after the protests.