Shame: Super League team wears bibs during match

Super League Malawi

A TNM Super League match involving Beforward Wanderers and Masters Security which was staged at Balaka Stadium on Saturday was not free of drama.

The visiting team, Masters Security, was the centre of criticism for wearing training vests on top of a red jersey. This was done in the name of clearly differentiating the two teams’ kits.

Super League Malawi
Masters Security wore bibs during their game against Wanderers

The Nomads wore their orange uniform while Masters were in red, colours which would have caused confusion among the players.

However, most people have not bought the idea, describing it as an embarrassment to the nation. They argue that teams have home and away jerseys as such any clash of colours during a game should be far from happening.

“It’s an issue of great concern that our top flight league produces such embarrassing moments. Imagine if that game was on Supersport?” said Makhumbo Gondwe.

From the look of things, there was no communication between the two teams regarding colours they were going to embrace prior to the game.


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