Youths moved to opt for responsible politics


As the 2019 tripartite elections are drawing closer, Malawian youths are expected to defy the odds and vie for political seats irrespective of the dominant negative attitude towards power.

In Malawi there is low youth representation in politics due to a number of reasons. The main reason is that most youths perceive the local political atmosphere to be hostile thus not worth venturing in.

Emmanuel Mwanyongo
Mwanyongo: Now is the time

For that and many other reasons, the youth choose to distance themselves from politics. As the clock is ticking, calls for youth participation in next year`s elections are getting louder with a number of public figures promoting the cause.

However the youths are not only being encouraged to contest for positions but also to practice responsible politics.

In an Interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, Malawi Congress Party Chancellor College wing president Emmanuel Mwanyongo said now is the time for the youths to answer the call of leadership.

“The youths of Malawi must appreciate that now is the time to answer to the call of leadership. We are no longer the leaders of tomorrow for the future has finally arrived,” he said

He believes young leaders have what it takes to change the country for the better with responsible leadership should they accept the challenge.

“Let young leaders show Malawi that they are not a bunch of useless youths.”

Malawi`s population which is close to 17 million people, is dominated by the youths. This is the main reason why most youths are being encouraged to take part since most of the issues affect them.

Former Malawi national football team players, Peter Mponda and Fischer Kondowe, are setting examples as youthful Malawians who have expressed an interest to contest in the 2019 tripartite elections.