Agriculture Committee wants FISP abolished

Maize scandal

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture has proposed that the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) should be abolished.

Chairperson of the committee Joseph Chidanti Malunga told the local media that funds meant for FISP would benefit Malawians better if they were diverted to other more useful projects.

Maize scandal
Malunga : FISP is not benefiting Malawians.

He added that not all farmers benefit from the FISP program hence the call to indefinitely suspend it.

The programme was introduced in 2005 to allow small scale farmers access fertilizer and seeds at a lower price but in recent years, people have been questioning the significance of providing cheap fertiliser to poor farmers when the rainfall pattern has become unpredictable.

Since 2005, Malawi has spent over K300 billion on the program.

In the 2017/18 program, government subsidised the price of Urea and NPK fertilisers as well legume, maize and sorghum seeds for selected farmers.



  1. Chidanti Malunga must have a good idea against FISP. But his reason against it is completely out of order. If not all farmers or people are benefiting from FISP how do you conclude that all people will be benefiting from FISP’s resource once it is channeled to different project.Again do you want to tell us that FISP is not a viable project for the poor Malawi? Visit the villages taht are blessed by good rains for you to see good crops for yourself. If you dont have anything in the eastbank, that is your shauri yako.china solo china nzeru according to Senas or mbuyas but in this case it is china solo nkhabe nzeru. Hahahahaha.

  2. That’s now going good! This is not helping people in rural areas as required hence increasing poverty!! Big up!!!

  3. Zopusa kusowa zokamba.Waiyambitsa nkhani imeneyi ndani timuziwe.Munaiyambitsa Program imeneyi ndinu??.Imeneyitu sizathesedwa mpaka mpaka,muziganizira makolo munawathawa osamawathandiza aja kumudzi.Anthu oipa kwambiri inu.

  4. Mwaona kuti amalawi ambiri akumakololora chimanga chochuluka ndiye ma business anu agulisa chimanga sakuyenda, komanso amene wayambisa nkhani imeneyo sakuwaganizira anthu akumudzi

    1. They started talking about it sometime back but stubbon and arrogance took centre stage as they took it as campaign tool .

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