Woman, granddaughter convicted for practicing witchcraft


An old woman and her granddaughter in Dedza have been convicted for claiming that they practice witchcraft.

Dedza Deputy Police Publicist constable Cassim Manda said the two Namaposa Chimangeni and her 18-year-old granddaughter Monica Mavuto were arrested earlier this month when the teenager told fellow Zionists that she and her grandmother are keeping people who they killed using magic.

Court“She also said that, for the dead people to be resurrected, they need magical water which is held at her uncle’s house. Later people searched the house and did not find anything,” he explained.

The self-proclaimed witches’ claims attracted many people who later twisted the story and claimed that one of the people being held in the house was a catholic father.

Police later arrested the two and charged them with offence of conducting oneself in a manner likely to cause breach of the peace in public place, contrary to section 181 of penal code.

When passing sentence, the magistrate Christopher Kampaliro said the statement uttered by the two brought havoc in the area and such stories can incite violence which can result in loss of lives.

He then sentenced Gogo Namaposa to 3 months in prison but later suspended the sentence to 120 hours community service due to her old age.

Gogo Namaposa and her granddaughter hail from Masola village in the area of traditional authority Kachindamoto in the district of Dedza.






  1. They were just claiming, then it means that they have been convicted for spreading false news about witchcraft, but they could have shown the signs of witchcraft as evidence in the court that what they are claiming is true, had it been that they show the court the signs of witchcraft which is in them then I think the court could not have arrested them for what they are claiming!

  2. U ppl dont understnd why these 2 ladies have been convicted its coz they claimed to have been practicing witchcraft when they know very well there is no witchcraft in Malawi. They have been convicted for causing false alarm and not for practicing witchcraft

    • Ndiye what is the difference? If they are claiming of practicing the thing that does not exist, does that grant you the powers to convict them? Dont you think that they were just joking?

  3. We were told that there is no witchcraft in malawi, then why convicting the gogo and the grand daughter? Let them go azikaphululuka in peace. kkkk!

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