Madonna mocked for declaring David future Malawi president


Malawians on social media have mocked American pop star Madonna for claiming that her adopted son David Banda will rule Malawi in future.

The 59 year old has sparked social media debate in Malawi with her president day message posted on Tuesday.

Madonna mocked

She tweeted: “On President Day I celebrate the future president of Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, Banda.”

Providing feedback to the story on the subject which was published yesterday by Malawi24, a majority of Malawians did not agree with the pop star.

Ben Phiri wrote: “hahaa Kamuzu Banda, Joyce Banda, and now David Banda?? We have had enough with the Bandas let’s try the Phiri’s now!!”

Others were quick to tell the famous musician that Malawians can make their own decisions.

“Aaaaaaa in your dreams Madonna. To be a pop Queen it doesn’t mean we’ll agree with whatever you say,” commented Cliff Chipeta.

While Manzeh Maccer Jnr said: “According to her thoughts not us, we are not stupid tell her that.”
Madonna’s prediction has also been welcomed by some Malawians.

One commenter said David would make a good president because he lives in America.

“I think we should give Banda a chance, after a proper scrutiny, I have realised that people who once lived in America and were educated there become good presidents,” said Jack Muhura.

Fareed Bitton chipped in: “Nothing wrong with that, we are used to being ruled with men from the west.”

While another commenter revealed that the pop star was saying what the commenter had already suggested should happen.

“It’s true he will be a president. I suggested this already before this news,” said Manzy Kamwana.
The debate rages on across social media platforms.

David Banda is the first child the American pop star adopted from Malawi.

The 59 year old also has three other children adopted from Malawi namely Mercy James and twins Stella and Estere.



  1. Nsanje ndi maloto anzanu seriously?amalawi tizafa amphawi timachedwa nzozizila. Tamakagwilani ntchito uko shupittttttt!!!!

  2. But please dont forget that money answers to many begging questions. Madonna has money and she can do anything. If she says Banda will become one President. Watch your mouth.You cant stand it.

  3. This is deplorable!!! Madonna is merely thinking aloud!!! Nobody has any right to thwart another person’s dreams!!! That’s why Malawi is not progressing – people scorn those who display their ambitions!!! Again, Madonna has every right to help David to DREAM IN COLOUR!!!

  4. Amalawi that’s the problem always say the negative prospect of life that’s why we will never develop as a nation, Malawians need to encourage each other not the other way around…

  5. Uyutu olo atabwera lero angalamulire kumene chifukwa sizachilendo kunyasalande amakhoza kubvotera zili zonse ndi amisala omwe inunso mukudziwa zimenezi

  6. Why mocking her? She was just inspiring him to work hard!! Who can tell your kid to be a Prisoner? Nkhwidzi, Nsanje!! Koma akanakhala mwana wa Alongo Anu!!

  7. That was madonna’s dream maloto oti no matter what sangatheke….mvuto la awa amabungwe akafuna kususa kwa anthu ngati achina Madonna…amawatengela kumamidzi kwa ana ovutikitsitsa oti xool inawavuta cholinga choti anzungu achite chisoni adyepo…nde picture imene amakhala nayo anthu ngati achina Madonna Ali Malawi mulibe ana a xool ambiri kovutika….next time akazabwela muzapititseko ku town ku ma xool ngati kamuzu academy sazayakhulaso bwabwabwa ameneyo

  8. whose Malawians, who? Ndakhala ndikumvapo makolo akunena kuti mwana wanga adzakhala president. …this and that. So because is madona now its a news? any parent wishes her kids prosperity….thats all. Osati wapanga declare nde kuti chani?

  9. Why mocking her?? Is there aproblem???? What I know is that every parent wishes well for his/her child! I c no vuto here!!

    Olo atapanda kuzakhala president I c no different coz azakhalabe rich guy

  10. Malawian are ”too sick people” who behave like they were naturally cursed and, born with ”sexually transmitted viruses.”

    1. Mynd Yo Languege Mr!.You Are Reffering To All Of Us (malawians).U Mean In Yo Country There Are No Problems Much Big Than Ours?.

  11. You have an American puppet at the moment, why not another one ? I wish you all the best in your up and coming election . x x

    1. Anonymous, get a life, stop hiding

    1. Has Madona Given You Anything To Become Rich?.We R Tolkin About Malawi,Madona ‘n David Not You Fellar!.We Are Poor Indeed But Stick To Yo Rich Country Friend ‘n Let Us Liv The Way We Do.

  12. Here in Malawi ,president should be above ,75 so its up to your adopted child to live longer by the grace of God

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