Chanco students told to join reforms demos

Chanco students
Raphael Nedi: Has urged fellow students to join PAC demos.

The Student’s Union of the Chancellor College (SUCC) has asked students at the institution to join the public in the nationwide reforms demonstration this coming Wednesday.

This is according to SUCC’s press statement which was issued on Friday, December 9 and signed by its president Raphael Nedi.

The union says Malawi needs the passing of the electoral reforms bill claiming it is the only way to avoid candidates being elected with only a small proportion of the popular vote as the bill support the 50+1 electoral system.

Nedi through the statement says the 50+1 presidential elections are deemed to be useful for maximizing the consent given to what is often the most powerful office in government and in particular, they tend to avoid the pitfall of a president wielding vast influence on the back of a minority of the voters.

The students also note that the bill allows voters to have a second chance to vote for their chosen candidate, or even to change their minds between the first and the second rounds, while also enabling voters to make a completely fresh choice in the second round if they so desire.

“On behalf of the Students Union of Chancellor College, I would like to weigh in on the issue of the electoral reforms. 50+1 lessens the problems of ‘vote-splitting’, the common situation in many plurality/majority systems where two similar parties or candidates split their combined vote between them, thus allowing a less popular candidate to win the seat.

“To this end SUCC encourages all well-meaning students to join the demonstrations slated for the 13th December 2017 to take place in all cities and districts across the country which seek to force the government to table the said Reforms Bills in Parliament,” reads part of the statement.

The union says it further hopes that these long awaited electoral reforms will solve the legitimacy problems that have rocked most of the country’s elections and also diffuse the tendency to vote along regional and ethnic lines.



  1. Kwa amalawi omwe muli Ndi ma okala kapena ma business,protect your properties arm yourself to the teeth don’t entertain nonsense it’s not easy to establish bussiness under these harsh economic environment gather every weapon at your spears guns pangas

  2. Am not geting the point of this demos is this Demos against DPP or because u wnt some bills to pass school me pamenepa nd to CHANCO students PAC inali kuti mmene mumkalira za kukweza kwa xool fees bwanji simunakaende that time thres is more issues to go on streets i wonder why anthu ur crius over electro reform yomwe singathandize chilichose all politicians are the same PAC is a political Organisation zikamachitika zovuta a Malawi ambili sayankhula chilichose amakhala pheee tili ndi Mavuto ambili malawi muno cuz of PAC decisions

  3. Students do not let the devil b foward u ,lets not take part in these thing which cant help u bt those on high positions.fatsani please

  4. Is Ths Bill Also Working In Italy, Scot Land, England? How Many African Countries Using This System? Is A Village Monger Knowing The Meaning Of Ths Bill? Why Dont You Demonstrate Against The Black Out That Is Evry Where? I Dont Support The Motion!

  5. Next Monday will beeventually last day for me in MALAWI, cos I will be travelling to England on
    Tuesday to study Computer Science and will be there for 3 years, I’ll miss you all so much. May God
    be with you all. Please forward this message to all those who know me. I’ve just forwarded as I
    received it and I dont even know who is travelling.

  6. It’s good you know that Chasowa was killed by same Dpp led government after dinning and feasting with some senior police officers now on state under cover.. 13 th will ease some of grievances for sure..

  7. kodi nzokakamiza? atsiyeni ana aphunzire achedwa kale .mufuna muwaphetse ngati chasowa? abungwe la PAC ndi amipingo mumangoyamba zinthu osadzimaliza ndipo zimakhala zopanda phindui. ndi ma pastol letter angati mwatulutsa? zilipo munapindura?katengeni azikazi anu muzipanga ma demo wo

  8. muzafa ngati chasowa ana inu kulowelera zilizonse. akakuthamangitsani mma school mo muzidandaura .mukuzichedwasatu mmalo mwa dzaka 4muphunzira 7yrs. abungwe la PAC ndi mipingo amungoputa zinthu sizimathandiza

  9. Shame to those who discourage Demos!! Think of those who have retired from various security backgrounds feel about this dirty Dpp government since it came into power and are just suffering silently under the guise of respecting peace and not equal rights?? As betrayed noble men and women have the capacity to fight tirelessly if anyone will try to jeopardize the integrity of peaceful Demos!! It’s better to die on our own land for the sake of common good.. Stop disrespecting our faith community that has collective solidarity against this evidently rotten Dpp of Peter Muthalika government.. Tatopa!! Peaceful is first step to any positive change and need to be respected!! Second and Third, not peaceful but ….. Make it possible, we need these holy men back into our honourable prayer houses after Demos!!

  10. so sad that the youth of Malawi even the educated ones are still used for political gains, kenako muziti the government is not caring for the youth? I feel pity, long live Mr President, every leader is chosen by God, not 50+1 votes

  11. In 2012 you cowards did the same thing, you lied that you are many and the people of Malawi are tired of DPP, the police rightfully killed 22 thugs. It seems you have not learned any lesson about democracy. In ademocracy people with different opinions leave side by side until another general election has taken place.what are elections for if demos usher in agovernment. May those that will die in these domos, die for nothing because they stupid and ignorant.You did the same thing in 2012 but DPP crawled back in power. FOR the students don’t do anything for nothing,this is not wealth dying for

  12. Munthu Wazelu Zake Sangataye Nthawi Kumakayenda Panseu,m’malo Mosaka Chakudya Kuti Ana Akadye.Zimenezo Mupanga Nokha Ndimabanja Anu.


    1. Yes your right. Tikudalira iwo apange za sukulu opanda nzeruyo musiyeni apite yekha. Pamseu palibe president. God shall always give Malawi one president at a time whether simple majority or 50 +1. Nothing will change God. You who call yourself men of God, why misleading your flock? Where is your faith? Zipatso zanu zikuoneka, Muzu wazoipa zonse ndichikondi cha ndalama 1 timoteo 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 1 timothy 6:10 Tsoka ngati wadya ndalama kuti usokoneze Malawi. Ngati amene mukumfuna Mulungu sanamuloze kuti adzalamulira Malawi, olo mutamema anthu onse kuti apite panseu olo malamulo asinthidwe motani, sangawine.

  13. Ana Opusa Akekaso Xool Muzilila Kuti Akupha Tsogolo Lanu Ophuzila A Mzelu Asangapange Zopusazi Koma Kungwilizana Ndi Boma Pokonza Tsogolo La Maphuzilo Awa ,nanu Azibusa M’malo Molalika Uthenga Wa Mulungu Mwayamba Kuuza Athu Azipanga Chiwawa Mulibe Mzelu

  14. Iam sure you’ll civic educate them kuti ndi peaceful demos otherwise akapezeka akuchita yawo yotukwana ija, ndiye mbiri imene ikayipe ndi ya PAC.

    1. lol Cowards …. so u better be on earth and change nutn, then wat are U doing exactly, perhaps mumaiwala this is our country . not one man’s country or the police’s country… Parents are proud of children who achieve stuff or at least those who try

  15. Munthu ozindikila ngati ine zopusa zanuzo sindingalowemo muzikapanga nokha koma mukapha anthu osalakwa kumeneko ndilowa ntchile

  16. A pac mwayamba ndale mmalo mothanda azitsogoleri mmoyo wauzimu, chomwe akulakwitsa mtsogoleri wa dziko lino ndi chani, ngati anthufe tipitirila kuswana ngati njuchi palibe adzakonze dziko lino ngakhale atakusirani inuyo apac zikhalabe chimodzi modzi

  17. A talkative coward will say you are going to be injured…you are not going to achieve anything….you are stupid …you will die. It is their nature to discourage those who want change
    A brave citizen will go and do something about his/her future especially for the next generation not to be led by a brood of snakes.
    Real malawians will not be discouraged or threatened I believe God will grant the brave victory

    1. pitani bola osatiphwanyira ma shop, that’s my worry, cause ine ndikakhala ndikusaka mchere wa banja langa and let my future be decided by God,

    2. What are elections for if demos usher in government. You are cowards ofcourse. Many idiots like you have achieved nothing in life you blame everybody for your failures, that’s why you are jeolosy and destructive. Your purpose for these demos is to vandalise and steal and by the end of day there will be no winner the blame game continues

    1. These barbarians don’t demostrate they go and destroy other people’s hard earned wealth it’s not fair for my innocent traders. Bishops must sign an agreement, just in case properties or lives are lost, they must be responsible

  18. If one to be killed on that particular day,will you be able to restore his or her life?If u remember,on july 20,pipo lost their lives but you did nothing on their death.As iam speaking,their families are suffering right now.Again,mukuwuza anthu kut akafeso kunseu inu mulemere ndi imfa ya amphawiwo.Akazi awo mukakwatire ndinu ana awo alephere sukulu kut azakhale akapolo anu.

    1. ignorance of highest level! Go study history and count how many people lost their lives for the benefit of future generation.If Chilembwe, kamuzu, Orton chirwa, Nelson mandela, Martin luther, Robert Mugabe etc had the same mentality as you my brother…..eeish i wonder if we would be free today..please use whats between ur ear robes

    2. kkkkk who tod this kennedy that demos means kuphana? are you gona be the one doing the killing? can someone teach him something

    3. Open your eyes bro Ken, don’t think like nyongolosi or pumbwa. Better die fighting than watching the nonsense

    4. Kenedy ndikhwangwala he fears death most than he loves his country. He cant be a soldier or a freedom fighter such men are not needed in the soceity.

    5. if people were afraid to fight those in power or to fight for wat they want we ud stil av the british ruling us… the cause we fight for is much more important than outr lives.Chilembwe knew that, kamuzu knew that and malawians in 1993/1994 also knew that.. It’s foolish to live a life in fear

    6. You go to demos to steal, that’s why every shoe you still is wealth alife, take your family there and gonna face the consequences, my guns are loaded

    7. We need proper consultations to all malawians in all regions and civic education!
      Contact and dialogue in.Amalawi musanamizire kuti akutumani anthu ositcha anthu amulungu.Mongokumbutsana pang’ono,anthu anamukhomera yesu pamtanda anali ma bishop omwewa ndiye kamtima kameneko sikangatheretu ayi kuwapangira zabwino sayamika ndiye sindikudabwa mawo.Malemba akwanilitsidwe achinjokacho. Mbava nose mupite panseu mukathyole ma store amwenye

    8. Mbava iwe.Ukufuna upezerepo mwai obera.Kumaphunzira kugwira ntchito ndimanja anu kut banja lanu mudzilisamalira bwino osati zochalira kubazo.

    9. Izi ziika anthu ena mmavuto osaiwailiika ndiye pitani pamseu mukapange zionetselozo.HA ife tili kumocambique mpata ngati umeneo kulibe muzasiya zimenezo.

    10. Bambo symon sindinu anzeru akummawa.Inuyo dzapiten kunseuko mukayende pomaliza mudzatibweretsera zomwe mwapeza. kapena phindu.Kayankho ka mbava kaja sikamapita kwainu koma munangokumana nako mwa tsoka koma ngati muli mbava ndie kut kauthengako kakukhudzen pacifuwa.

    11. If this country had more of cowards like you,today you couldnt have even write what you have written,jst keep quite ma born free osawerenga history ya dziko lanu

    12. Nthawiso yapa 20 july,palibe ankadziwa kut akupitako akaphedwa koma zinachitika anthu anafa.Chinasintha pa moyo wawo ndichan?They lost their lives tikunena pano mabanja awo akusowabe thandizo lawo pomwe enawo anagula nazo magalimoto atsopano.Anapeza phindu ndindani?Pitan panseu mukamenyere ufuluwo palibe angakuletseni bola tisadzamve kut agoneka nchipatala 2dayz later passed away.

    13. read about the History of Iran, the history of Russia, The history of France it was all about demos i remember in France ppo were angry and led the French revolution which inturn they killed king Louis and his marie attoniette in Russia ppo did go to the streets to protests against Tsar Nicholas ii and inturn The Tsar resigned, In Iran people remove the Shah regime thru demo’s so if all these ppo in these nations were afraid of dyng could they hav enjoyed their freedom today?

    14. Do u think mutharika can resgn becoz of the stupid demons to come led by jealousy pipo called mabishop who killed jesus and crucify him on the cross?Maloto achumba chabe and z just amatter of wasting time believe me!

  19. Read this speech from the prime minister of Israel….. Benjamin Netanyahu, with all Glory to God. Mr. Nethanyahu said: Only 70 years ago! The Jews were taken to the slaughter like sheep. 60 years ago! We had no country. No Army. Seven Arab countries declared war on our small Jewish state, just a few hours after its creation! We were only 650 Jews, against the rest of the Arab world! NO IDF (Israel Defense Army). No powerful Air Force, only brave people with nowhere to go. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia all attacked us at the same time. The country that the United Nations gave us was 65 % desert. The country was out of nowhere! 35 years ago! We fought the three most powerful armies in the middle east, and we swept them… yes… in six days. We fought against various coalitions of Arab countries, which had the modern armies and many Soviet weapons, and we had always beaten them! Today we have: *A country* *An army* *A powerful air force* *A State-of-the-Art economy which exports millions of dollars* *Intel – Microsoft – IBM develops products at home* *Our doctors receive awards for medical research* We make the desert bloom, and sell oranges, flowers and vegetables all over the world. Israel has sent its own satellites into space! Three satellites at the same time! We are proud to be at the same rank as: The United States, which has 250 million inhabitants, Russia, which has 200 million inhabitants China, which has 1.3 billion inhabitants Europe – France, Great Britain, Germany – with 350 million inhabitants.. The only countries in the world to send objects into space! Israel is now part of the family of the nuclear powers, with the United States, Russia, China, India, France, and Great Britain. We have never officially admitted it, (but everyone knows it) and say that only 60 years ago, we were led, ashamed and hopeless, to slaughter! We have extirpés the smoking ruins of Europe, we have won our wars here with less than nothing. We built our little “Empire” from nothing. Who’s Hamas to scare me? To terrify me? You make me laugh! Passover was celebrated; Let’s not forget what this is about. >We survived Pharaoh. >We survived the Greeks. >We survived the Romans. >We survived the inquisition in Spain. >We have the pogroms in Russia. >We survived Hitler. >We survived the Germans. >We survived the Holocaust. >We survived the armies of seven Arab countries. >We survived Saddam. >We will continue to survive the enemies present today too. Think of any time in human history! Think about it, for us, the Jewish people, the situation has never been better! Then let’s face the world. Let us remember: All nations or cultures who once tried to destroy us, no longer exist today – while we still live! Egypt? The Greeks? Alexander of Macedonia? The Romans? (does anyone still speak Latin these days? ) The Third Reich? And look at us, >The Bible Nation. >The slaves of Egypt. >We are still here. And we speak the same language! then, and now! Arabs don’t know yet, but they will learn that there is a God ….as long as we keep our identity, we are forever. So forgive us for not worrying. >Not to cry. >Not to be afraid. >Things are fine here. >They could certainly get better. However: Don’t believe the media, they don’t tell you that parties continue to take place, people continue to live, people keep coming out, people continue to see friends. Yes, our morale is low. So what? Only because we mourn our deaths, while others rejoice in the blood shed. That is why we will win, in the end. He never sleeps or will ever sleep…. the guardian of Israel…. Yahweh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Forward this speech to the whole community, and to people around the world. They are part of our strength. Share on your walls and with all of your friends….


    2. The same Jews dont tolerate any nonsense done against them …they fight and the God of war moves before them.stop listernw to speeches and read your bible

      1. My friend hear this; Romans 13:1-3 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority Then do what is right and he will commend you. 4 For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Usalimbane nao amzako akukanao. They are neither cadets nor cowards but are looking at it objectively. Be courageous and say whether simple majority or 50+1 God will always give us a president. A system does not choose a president but GOD. STAY BLESSED

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