I am doing what Malawi could not do in fifty years – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

Malawi president, Peter Mutharika, has said he is making Malawi do what the country failed to do under previous leaders, including his brother Bingu wa Mutharika and Kamuzu Banda.

The president was referring to previous administrations’ failure to make sure that Malawi should always have enough power for its growing population.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika at the Parliament Building where he opened Parliament

He was speaking on Friday morning during the opening of the country’s 47th session of Parliament in Lilongwe.

In his address titled ‘Rising Above Macroeconomic Stability’, Mutharika admitted that people are suffering the pain of power shortage and are failing to run various businesses.

Mutharika said this is because for fifty years Malawi did not invest in electricity infrastructure.

“Let us admit that this country is suffering consequences of neglecting the energy sector for many years. Let us be honest to admit that we did not invest to expand our energy generation. For fifty years, we kept thinking as if Malawi would remain what it was in the 1960s.

“As Government, we have accepted our responsibility. I am here to make Malawi do what this country could not do in fifty years. We must invest to expand power generation. That is exactly what we are doing,” said Mutharika.

The president then outlined some of the projects which his government is scheduled to do to overcome the power failure which include long and short term solutions.

Mutharika said as an emergency cover, the Malawi government is bringing in generators to boost the country’s capacity by end of December and said the options will be pursued both by ESCOM and EGENCO.

Apart from all these, Mutharika said there is the possibility that Malawians will shortly be out of the blackouts claiming that World Bank has showed its commitment by donating resources amounting to over USD200 million for expansion of access to electricity.

The president further said that the donation will help to expand rural to semi-urban areas, to complement the Malawi Rural Electrification Project claiming he is taking electricity to communities that were never reached before.




  1. Bingu did well when he had no party. I think Malawians need an independent president. We are tired of partisan politics. We will try the French idea in 2019.

  2. Ndakhulupiliradi kuti munthu ukamakalamba nzeru zimabwelera ku umwana meaning umaganiza ngati khanda…. ndaonelanpa mkulu uyu

  3. I think he is reducing the malawi popualtion, what is that which he cant mention. Hahahahahaha, he is by far old than his brother. His brother would be better.

  4. Sakunama 50yrs indeed no maize gate and nacgate komanso no more drinking water wich has been mixed with siwerpipe line kkkkkkkkk

  5. Your brother was a good leader a visionary and all you are doing is virsa versa to whatever he stood for…..tell us what’s there to smile for in Malawi. ….hmm! self suffering

  6. That’s rubbish, what have you done if not destroying everything, you go to hell. I wish I could punish you myself but I can’t coz God didn’t give me the responsibility to kill you. God will punish you and your entire family

  7. Even his late brother did not manage these frequent black outs. On failure he has achieved more than any President in Malawi

  8. Zoona akweni… Chewa unja adathamagitsa.. Azungu chawa unja adali wa look sharp samalola kut athu azikhala maluzi… Lomwe zakounja adali olibikitsa sukulu wachiyawo unja kwachagamutsa A Malawi kom iwe iwe eeeeee kwachinjiliza akuba Kkkkk sitinasukusule amalawi olo mutatani palibe chingachitike dziko kkkk kuchiile kuno ndi kuti kuno ndikuchile aliyese amapanga zomwe akufuna bola zithekele…. Inu mukuziwa kale kuchile xochitika zambirimbiri

  9. Dear All residents of #Malawi, my warm heart of #Africa

    I greet you ALL with #Peace and #Blessings from #London

    Why rely on the Unreliables? #Escom in particular. Become self sufficient by getting #SolarPanels and many other resources to eradicate this major issue. Clean #water and #Electricity is essentials in #Life.

    No point saying our country is cursed because it really isn’t. It’s one of the most #beautiful country in this world.

    Plus blaming the Malawi #Government will make no difference to the ones who are running the country. They are so #corrupted that the Almighty has sealed their #hearts made them #blind and #deaf They are the ones who are cursed!!!

    I wish I was there to be the Voice of the People and Guide but my commitments in the UK, Dubai and Asia are overwhelming.

    I would set up a campaign as #OneUnitedMalawians #OUM

    I would Unite All people regardless of their #Race or #Religion as we are #Humans first.

    Be a problem solver and not the #problem

    Best wishes and glad tidings,

    Furqan Amico

  10. Iagree with you Willes probably some of us born in between1997 going up thats why we fail to understand things and agree and recalls life and how things were be4

  11. Guys Mkulu ameneyu mutu wake umaenda bwino? mu 50 yrs anthu adamwapo madzi ophatkiza ndi manyi? Educated Fools! A Country Full Of Profesors Oppressing ppo. A country that has ppo who are good at complaining but they fail to ACT!

  12. Guys Mkulu ameneyu mutu wake umaenda bwino? mu 50 yrs anthu adamwapo madzi ophatkiza ndi manyi? Educated Fools! A Country Full Of Profesors Oppressing ppo. A country that has ppo who are good at complaining but they fail to ACT!

  13. Zoona Abwana! Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingu JB onsewa sanabepo ngat boma lanu, magetsi sankazma chonchi kufuna kupusitsa a Malawi basi! bullshit!

  14. sometimes i do wonder if our President is ok, anyway his body language since day one shows that leadership isn’t in his DNA.i hear he was once a lawyer and now again, am wondering big time,did he even had clients if yes then we are in deep water as these people soon or later will be flocking into the country for their compensations,can’t Akweni advise Pita to peaceful leave because he has failed us big time. Mr President Sir you are really doing a recommendable job of taking Malawi back to the stone Age era,we will definitely follow you

  15. I 100% agree with him he,s right those other presidents ddnt allow Escom do what it does now n they didn’t have the intelligence to devaluate the currency to the point it is now

  16. Doing what? Cutting off electricity. We have seen no change on shaping the country,you are just maintaining the standard left by jb .at list bingu we could notice that he engaged the gear within three yrs tremendous was seem that we have started moving from where same left us. But day.pathetic. better the village head man in the village.

  17. anybody who can find peter mutharika l command you take him to zomba mental hospitar and he/she will receive a surprise of 100,000.

  18. Mr. President vala mlomo kaloko!!!
    Awukwazi uthethayoo mfundini!
    Jonga nangu abantu bashuphika kakhulu!….Awuna shame wena! tchin!

  19. Please keep it up….in recent years lots of development are done and even economy is stable.Kwach fluctuations are under control,inflation is in limit,what else people want?
    If they are blaming current Government for power outages,they should visit another enveloping countries like,Nigeria and DRC where there are no any electricity ⚡ through out the year

  20. People are very stupid, no one can bring gold in a poor country as Malawi, He is there not to share money to any body,his duty is to stand for Malawi. Every one must work for his/her family

  21. mr muntharika u thnk u r going to do everythng in this country?, ur frndz did their part u hv to do ur part too, if i can ask “all these big electricty generation companies were constructed under the leadershp who? what about: M1 road, all big stadiums, Unima, jxt to mention afew, maybe u r the one who did those thngz.

  22. Its true is doing what other leaders have failed in 50 years like rooting,nepotism,tribalism,regionalism,Ngongoliwaism and those other rubbish things……

  23. UKuyankhula zowona bulutu iwe coz kale kunalibe kuvuta Kwa magetsu, kutuma Chaponda George kuti Abe misonkho yathu, kutseka misika ya chimanga, kudana ndi otsutsa, kulephera 5_1, etc n I’m giving u 0.1% olephera iwe u better pack n return where u belongs to.

  24. Ili nde bodza lamkunguniza lija kaa, ukunamiza mwana chani??? Ma speech akasowa kungopereka moni kwa anthu nkumapita basi osat kuyankhula mbwerera

  25. A professor who doesnt read the history of his own country. From 1966 to 1992 on average every 4 years power was being added and after Kamuzu its Muluzi and Joice Banda who did something towards electricity so what does he mean neglected for 50 years? Apange zake and history will follow him

  26. Tagwira ntchito zathu molimbika kuti tipeze phindu koma peter watikhomerera watidwera phindu ndiwe wosiyanadi niamene wanenawo ndiwe wankhaza m pelakuleza munthu wosafunika

  27. Ndikukumvani bwana,inu mukanena zimachitika.ituruke K5000’yo kenako mungolumpha muzatuluse K20000 imodzi.
    Inu mukanena zimachitika,ine pano maso ali pa inu basi

  28. Indeed everyone has own time and contribution. A part and role to play. This is reason we are many in one place and one leader.

  29. Why can we not just impeach the guy rather than just singing songs of electricity and stuff! If this happens in other countries other than Malawi citizens could’ve unite and go on the road with peaceful demonstrations, it’s high time and the thing is him as a president he don’t face all these problems neither listen to your whinging /crying over WhatsApp.
    Malawians we should work up these people are there coz of us and we stay quite and saying waiting for 2019! Meaning you’re agreeing to be complaining about the same things they’re not developing for more than 505 days???
    Wake up Malawians stop crying take action for f**k sake

    1. Malawians we’re just good at crying behind the these people instead of expressing our feelings to them or showing the emotions we just play it cool when they come ndima change tawo! We need to work up 2019 is far way out we need to do something to better our lives and the future of our kids as well as for the country itself

  30. This shud not be the thing of 2030 we need it very shortly,otherwise malawi wil no longer develop muzingolimbanirana thukuta la ovutikafe kumatinamiza,imagine 50years using the same power nyumba kumamangabe koma every year, nanga ma investers hw wil run their businesses,plz make it fast sizambwelerazo apa

  31. Bingu (MHSRIP) achieved great things in his first 5 years. I stand to differ here. He can’t compare his achievements with his brothers. I hold Bingu in high esteem and we thought that after Kamuzu if the late Bingu was the one to follow, Malawi would not have been where it is now, with the vision he had. But the two are just very far apart

  32. That’s really true, Hasting, Bingu, Bakili and Joice failed to bring blackouts, money shortage in admarcs, sit ins in universities, Justice to pple found with money in their houses etc. Yes I agree with the heading “bringing what failed to come in the past 50+ years.

  33. “we are doing what the nation could not do for 50yrs” 48 hrs blackout, albino killings, technology bloodsucking, ndakweza ndalama za milandu yapamseu ndi 200%, lastyear i introduce 1000 notes and now ndatulutsa 5000 notes nxtyr nditulutsa 10000 notes.

  34. The man is the worst leader Malawi has ever had and will ever have. He is not fit even to be
    a village headman

  35. I have been with his very close friends whom were together abroad its when i learnt that his inborn character dwells much on thinking of himself. …”pomposity” ….how can a such person be a leader. …sometimes God allow mistake to teach us something. ….compared to his late brother whom i heard of being a bit polite…you may agree either disagree but thus factual to cut story short.

  36. This is fact , he is doing what previous leaders failed to do by switching off the big switch without the knowledge of escom.

  37. ngati Joyce banda nzimai amakwanitsa kugula ka mchini komww mphamvu yake almost 64 megawatts nanga inu mr ibu mwapangaponji ku mbali yamagetsi ? shame on you


  39. Eee very true in that 50 years we’ve had electricity thru out, water thru out, food availability, market of commodity, & happiness, where by today there are in the nagatives…my poor Malawi why today?

  40. Kkkkkkkkkkkk zoonadi you’re doing what x’President Couldn’t do in 50 years.
    Like izi zothimathima Magetsizi
    2 pin
    5 pin
    Kupha Albinos
    Kuba zimanga ndi zina zomwe awa ndi awo akuzikumbukila
    Go ahead Papa Professor.

  41. Mkuluyu akunena zoona chifukwa kale magetsi samazimazima ngati m’mene zilili panopa. Kumeneku ndikuvomereza kuti iyeyu walephera kutithandiza ife a Malawi. Lucky enough elections are just around the corner.

  42. If Malawi was a premier league and Peter as a manager he could be sacked during the game and a captain appointed to finish the last minutes… This professor is a total failure’s and a big liar…its funny at Mchinji boarder here where by Malawi side delay trucks due to blackouts while Zambian side the street lights are on even during the day….my Malawi is gone sure

  43. guys plz,muchoseni mint guys asanapange ndalama ina,sindikufuna kudzaona K5000 ndikazabweka kwathuko plz,chosani munthu or apaseni asilikali azilamulila.

  44. There z no sense in his speech,abnormal person atleast Wandale can speech what we Malawians needs.Even though your government will change some areas but still more kukhosi kwathu kudzakhala kuli kwakuda until ve time of vote and you will c what will happen.

  45. APM akunena zoona. Zaka 50 zapitazi kunalibe kupha ma Alubino, magetsi samazima chisawawa, ngozi za pa mseu zinali zochepa, misika simapsa chisawawa, ku Admarc kunalibe Chaponda, kunalibe kudula ndalama ma employee osauzidwa kaye.Kunalibe ma 5-1. etc. Kuzichemerera kuti mu zaka zochepa wakwanitsa kusakaza dzikoli. Ili dyoo kulankhula ngati zamzeru. Matchona kuchoka uko kuzangoononga dzikoli basi. 2019 wautali basi.

  46. I am seeing Peter falling ooh yeaah people are angry infact the Mutharika brothers are a disgrace I hate them both wina uja it was fuel this moron its electricity.

  47. muli bwino sinanga inu magetsi sazima kwanuko bwana pambali apo paliso gen set akazima iyatsidwe kkkkkk invest bwana tionana 2019

  48. There is absolutely nothing this guy has changed to improve the lives of Malawians.phada ndi jingo ianga webi weni palibe aziwapo iwo

  49. If this will come to pass Malawians will salute peter muthalika forever for showing his power to his citizens

  50. There’s a difference between leadership and management. A leader is one who initiates change amidst resistance to change and makes sure that all his subordinates buy in to this dynamic change culture. A manager on the other hand makes sure that all operational aspects of the already formulated vision are well on track with strategy. He will always keep the status quo and when things go wrong he will blame those above him on resource misallocation. What Malawi needs is leadership not management. Some radical change in the way we do things ought to change and we would do well to accept that we need a leader who will steer this sinking ship to safety. STOP BLAMING THE PAST…. ASAAAH!!!!

  51. He has apparently been listening to Trump and took up this nonsense about fixing a “broken economy”. His speech writers are copy and paste amateurs, or maybe they don’t realize that Malawians are more sophisticated now than even a few years ago.

  52. Mr president your so stupid to say this, can’t you see malawians we’re suffered because of your readership? What kind of a leader are you? Leader for nothing what you know is just salcking our blood and be billionaire as you wish mulungu akuona man

  53. I forgot my phone at home, later I got back, found 10 missed calls from the house help, asked her why she was calling me? She told me she wanted to tell me I forgot my phone.

  54. Shared: ‘Let me start by quoting Mutharika’s speech at parliament today concerning electricity: “Let us admit that this country is suffering consequences of neglecting the energy sector for many years” and he continued, “We are doing what the nation could not do for 50 yrs.” What a lie! FACT: The last turbine at Nkula B which has 5 electricity generating machines producing a combined total of 100 megawatts was commissioned in 1992. FACT: The last of 3 phases making Kapichila Hydroelectric Power Station producing a combined 64 megawatts was commissioned by Joyce Banda on 17th January 2014. It’s sad that Mutharika thinks he is the only one who has ever invested in electricity. He continues to peddle lies that he is doing what nobody ever did in 50 yrs. ‘

  55. Tiwayamike povomeleza kut akupanga zomwe sizidachitike pa zaka 50.kutibweletsela 2000,kuvuta kwamagetsi pano kuli nkhani ya 5000,chizungu cha Cash get,maize get pazaka 50 kunalibe ,mwatikwezela ndalama zoti tizilipira pa msewu ndimakunyadilani achitsilu a Peter

  56. Galu wa munthu iwe wapanga chani,
    Mbuzi munthu opanda khalidwe pano amuna akuchindana okha okha azimayi aku kwatana okha okha chabwino wapanga ndi chiti.
    Magetsi kulibe
    Forex kulibe
    Madzi osakaniza ndi manyi
    Mitengi yatha ungonanga anthu osalakwa.
    Petulo akukwela dairly, pano mukukweza magetsi ntengo kaya magetsi ake ati. Poti anasiya kale kale kuyaka
    Passport wakweza wakwezanso

  57. Kkkkkk kale kunalibe opopa magazi kupha alubino apad mwabweretsa zachilendo zomwe zanachitepo anzanu kuzimazima kwamagetsi

  58. Sorry you are wrong to every thing nothing you even try you destroy malawi like he’ll now you doing law like zim your in law mgabe eish, WEWISH Dr H.K BANDA HI was ther not you no

  59. We need to have a mindset change as Malawians if you go in town a barber fails to work because there is no power if you go in the village a barber is on duty no power or power he uses inventor plus battery .Stop crying find a solution your self because you are living in poorest country in the word your government can not afford to buy machines to generate power because they are expensive

  60. Infact i give respect to your brother bingu wamthalika he did so many things during his time as president but as for you, you are a puppet master

  61. Galu iwe eti ukanene kuti ukuchita zithu zoti palibe yemwe anachitako mbuzi yamuthu iwe muthalika siweso Malawi kuti tikufufuze koma kumangotizuza basi mulungu adzayakha mapephelo athu agalu nose lidzakwana la 40 yandiwawa yoti ala baza akhale ndima layisesi

  62. Yes Mr President you are doing it.Malawi had electricity and no blackouts and you are bringing blackouts.You are doing it shame

  63. Forsake you what are you doing stealing peoples money what government can’t afford to buy police cars then you are claiming that you’re doing what others couldn’t do for 50years I think you gone mad

  64. It’s true what Peter Mutharika is saying because during Kamuzu Banda I did not heard that Kabaza must have license for bicycle just mention only one but mmmmmm may I asks grandfather another things right now!!!!!!

  65. yes its true ngati kuli president amene waonetsa kuti mwaiyeyo mulibe utsogoleri ndi APm,he must know that malawian is now tired with his readership,he must apply his green card again 2019 he must go to abroad for good!!we shall say something if our taxes is abused!respect people who voted u into power!we are tired with black out,5yrs is enough to u Mr President get ready to exile again in 2019!

  66. And the next leader will say..”am working on dismantled Malawi economy “…you have eyes here,if you can’t help it just quit do not stand for presidency..no more choruses…yes the oldman has failed it,no wonder blaming others…prove us that you can…ife we won’t forgive you in 2019…

  67. Ndizowona apresdent kuti zomwe mukupanga sizinapangidweko mu 50 years, kuzimazima kwa magetsi komaso mmene madzi akumavutira, mmene munawonjezerela mtengo wa pasport from mk15,100,00 kufika pa mk 48,000,00 komaso kukhomera Driving lisence mmene zinakwerela komaso mmene mukukhapira nsonkho wa MRA komaso ndalamazo komwe zikupita sikukuwoneka bwino bwino ndizambiri zomwe amalawi tikukudandaulani zomwe sizimachitika mu last 50years ndthokoza kuti mwabwera poyera nokha abwana Mulungu akudalitseni ameen.

  68. Very true Mr President. Persistent blackouts, failing to manage economy, tax on everything, etc have never been worse as they are. Not only that you have been the most ugly president has had.

  69. Yes its true; Yes its true, Citizens living in darkness for the first time since independence in 1964.
    The worst Malawi President since independence is Peter Muthalika.
    He never tasted the life in Africa,
    Awa ndi matchona mabvuto anthu sawadziwa.
    Bingu was the best since multiparty democracy.

  70. I did like many pages on fb n i do enjoy reading different status,both sense n senseless. U knw wat guys, dis z d most senseless status i ever read since i created my fb account. Hw on earth can some1 so called Mr presdent talk in dis manner 2 hs pple?? Did u listen 2 yourself b4 vomitting these nosense words of yours?? Wat hv u done so dat u can stand on public n declare yourself d best presdent?? Killin’ of pple wit albinosm? blood_sucking?? Can’t u be ashamed of yourself n u can even say u r better dan yo late bro?? Oooh God! luk @ dis current-senseless he- Goat Malaw has got. God 4gimme 4 insultin’ Mr prezdent, bt never mind, i’ve only insulted Lucifer himself.

  71. Eeee komatu anthu mwalankhura mot chitsilu chimenechi chikadati chizimva zikadakhala bwno nd2 koma ichochi chingot kunja kulinji manyi ake amenei

  72. The president is very right. He is doing what nobody has done before sleeping on duty and has no direction at all. Being a professor sometimes is stupid because you speak as if you don’t know that people hear what u r talking. Peter is big failed leader of 5 decades of independence.

  73. Bingu is the only president anapangapo zaphindu the pa Malawi…… if not dead, Malawi would have been made better.!!!!! MHSRIP!!!

  74. Kwel zaman zakale kulikua naumeme, maji, pesa ilikua nanguvu pia ujambazi haukuwepo lakin wewe umekata umeme maji naujambazi upo mwing sana wewe nikiboko mzee hongera sana

    1. 5000 kwacha is not even equal to 100 rand but in South Africa we have 200 rand don’t undress your President mr how many note banks they can print to have the value of 200 rand Akulu dziko likuyenda ili don’t think kuti somba yomwe amagulisa a Semani 5 tambala lero ndi chimodzi modzi osamatichitisa manyadzi bro

  75. Dont worry mr president what these people are commenting for you, this is the essence of being a president. What these people should know mr president is that we are not in paradise where books say there shall not be any crying . In all what these people are saying is just a matter of being incosiderate because problems will never fail in every regime whether we want or not. My fellow Malawians let us be patient enough we have one leader let us give him a chance in collaboration with his cabinet so that they can solve these problems we are facing.pachichewa pali mawu amene amati mavuto amapatsa nzeru.Mr president I do have trust in you because we elected you to assist in finding solutions for this situation.

  76. True Mr president ,we had no electricity crisis, no high corruption rate, no namapopa during previous regimes, but we hv known it during your leadership

  77. What is it that you doing so than malawins can be pleased? Your brother anali deal iwe ungochita chotula pansi udindo tisadavote…. Fokofu

  78. and before we were buying 50kg of cement @5500 but know we are buying @10500.00mk your gorvening well mr presdent continue telling the truth of yourself shame

  79. thats true mr presdent before we had no black outs on electricity .but coming you eish thank Lord every day black out .vampires sucking our blood here in malawi .businesses colups due to financial probrems .indeed mr presdent your doing what malawians can not do

  80. Thunx Mr professor….Malawi is yours….there is no any other leader!! Only He- goats are opposing nonsense,!! The issue of blackouts isn’t your fault, it has been there for long!!! Malawi really needs leaders like you!!!! 2019 in power again!!

  81. I really enjoy supporting Dpp bt what this man called Peter Munthalika doing is disgusting how can he say that. This man must be emotionally sick

  82. Kma Gyz musaone zofooka zakezokha udindowo ndiwaukulu munthu suma kwanilisa zonse.. Chabwino zikuoneka kutimwakwiya naye kwabasi chabwino zavoteleni omwe mukuwaziwao muzaone ngatiangaza nkhale perfect. Kodi atalamulilre ndianthu angati? for a countly to develope sizifunika kusintha sintha

  83. Mr oresident with due respect remember you have been part and parcel of some previous governments and in some cases even advisiory positions why should you today shamelessly utter such ststements. Dont you think you are rendering yourself even more redandant? Plz hire better advisors it will asist you greatly.

  84. Ur ass mr president u cant compair ur stinking govt and our current president ngwanzi k banda he was here for malawians economic was good everything was fantastin oniy nkhanza so if machende akulemera kuli bwino kusiya pansi udindo kuti mupange history bt if sit there and talk nonsense mr p cadiac arrest is waitin for u

  85. That’s a proof of true madiac person. That’s why my country is totally gone to satanism. Yes Mr President what you have done to our beloved country no one would have done especially the foreigner. But to the one who born and who loves his country , He can’t do. Thanks very much Mr President .

  86. Mr president I hope you are just brainwashed n you need an immediate medical attention,I have never see a failed president like you in the past fifty yrs,you have never delivered any good service to malawians lather than anamapopa,blackouts,massive cashgate,may God judge you for you cheap propaganda.God will never leave us alone.

  87. Sure he is right. For none of those previous leaders allowed their people spend a whole day without electricity. Mutharika has broken a record for sure

  88. In no time the country will be like Zimbabwe those people they are stealing alot than worthy countries do widening the gap between the poor and rich they will never make it Wright.

    1. Koma uyu waonjeza Ali minster of education ananyachula Kongot phee over 6 months xool closed a second yr kukumana and a first he is a professor but to me he don’t have leader ship skills chaponda waba umbon ulipo Ali duuu

  89. Empty promises!! Some generators and money from WorldBank are not going to solve Malawi’s energy problem…I hope Malawians understand

  90. So he knows that no previous president has ever done this rubbish he is doing? He has accepted failure so he shod move out let others do it

  91. Mutharika Amachokera Boma La Must Ndiye Zikutheka Bwanj Munthu Waku~Must Kukalamulira Malawi? A Acb Afufudze Za Nkhaniyi……, Iiiii Taonanitson Ati Battery Low Abale!

  92. Peter is ranked the worthless leader, he never listens to others , he likes being flattered. Whatever he could say to defend his lame adminstration is nothing to us , what is he doing that could have taken Malawians fifty yrs , his regime has bn the worst of late , his brother though had a deaf ear was a gud person only that his stubbornness paid him dearly . The killings of Albinism, laddie breast being chopped off in chiradzulu , the hunt of the Baldheaded men, the blood sucking melody are all the signs of his failed regime, the really intelligent man like him cant such a speech like that

  93. hahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahaahah sanawadziwe mavuto uyu wakulira pachinyezi, anthu akamati akuvutika amyerekeza nnimavuto omwe amkumana nawo iyeyo koma MALAWI iweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  94. ZOONA COZ MALAWI SANAKHALEPO NDI K2000 imozi and after 3 mouth kutulusa K 5000 ndichamuna man muthalikas lool

  95. The Opposite Is True,pa Kamuzu Pokhapo Axanene Uja Anali Captain Malawi Pazinthu 4 Example Capital City Development(Ccdc) Plans Which Has Sheltered,N0 More Beautful Design In City Now

  96. this is a cheap propaganda,a mockery to Malawians mr president.what is happening now is the worst Malawi had never experienced in 50 years today /ago

  97. Apa Ndiye Munthu Wamkulu Waishoshatu, Kkkkk A Malawi Mitima Yakalaluka Pano Akubweza Moto Simasewera, SimMalawi Wakale Uja Amangozolika Uja. Honeymoon Its Over Now..!

  98. kkkkk! i think mr president is out of his mind, how can he say that with a lot of problems the country is facing due to his poor management.

  99. Bravo Mr President …As a nation we neglected this problem for along time ..How can a country of 17million depend on 350W of electricity ..and you expect this country to develop …????…don’t just criticise here ..we need to invest more if our country is develop…we need long term solution s to most of our problems be it water..sanitation ..roads ..electricity etc ….

    1. Buying generator s is short time solution ..long time …unbundling of Escom …bringing in independent power producers ..upragrading wovye mini hydro power station to double the capacity ….connecting solar power to the grid for Likoma islands ..building kamwamba coal power station which can produce additional 100MW of electricity …etc…

    2. Failure can b measured when children steal ndiwo and the parent just watches them…money is stollen at Macra but ur boss is watching,Money is stollen at ESCOM,Waterboards and councils and these parastatals are failling to deliver but ur sleepy leader is just watching…do want more…???Mwina kwanu magetsi ndi madzi sizikuvutatu iwe…kkkkkk Handcrapers are not needed at this age in civilized politics…

    3. Akuluwa akuti ndowophunzira Koma kwayine inewo zipatso zawo sindikuziwona ayi amangokamba zakere kuti kamuzu sadapange invest mokwanira. Mchifukwa chake tidasitha boma ndikubweretsa zipani zina kuti zisithe zithu. Ndiye iwowo angovomereza kuti zalephera paja amati potha kwazaka zochepa Malawi idzakhala itasithilatu Koma lero ndinkhani yina yovetsi chisoni kuba ndikuwotcha ma wofesi aboma.

    4. People has been stealing money since kamuzu era ….The first thing this gov did was to imbark on reforms to avoid looting of gov coffers as we saw in Cash gate …those reforms have started giving us positive results even world bank ..your donor countries akuvomeleza hence they are slowly coming back…that doesnt mean corruption which was entrenched in our systems for 30 yrs will just stop in one day no..no ..Rome was never built in a day …even Chakwela can not promise that its a process in the right direction we are taking ….The quality of our Education went down becz some one declared free free primary education overnight without considering the number of Teachers which will be needed for the increase of pupils all in the name scoring cheap political points…hence they started employing untrained teachers to teach our children in schools ….Those things are not done overnight they need time ….you can never expect a fruit which is not waterd to produce a fruit overnight…

    5. Kkkkkk ur head is no right. This escom in not giving people electricity for free, we r paying for it. If u r doing business u make sure not to eat profit b4 u get more things accoding to the demand. Where is the money they collect from pple

    6. Man makoma kamuzu adaluza zisankho mchifukwa adali wolephera. Ndiye Peter amangoti kuti dziko lino likumana mchifukwa tukumana ndipo iyeyo akuyila kuti athu adasankha iye kuti athetsa mavuto amene alipo. Ndiye Iweyo uyesetse kumuteteza muthu wakoyu. Kwayine inewo amtsgoreri wose amene zithu zamuvuta kwambiri nakuluwa.

  100. He is right, killing people with albinism, having 25 hrs of blackouts per day, (K5000, K2000 and K1000) bank notes, 5-1 in by-election, questionable road accidents, fruitless commissions of inquiries, feaces coming from taps, are some of the things Malawi could not do in 50 yrs!

    1. Daniel if you have a negative mind in your brain you will never prosper in life have positive mind all ways for your things to go on we used to buy a phone for 4000 kwacha in 2001 today a good phone is a bout 800,000 this CAT phone dziko likuyenda ili bro

    2. Semani palibe chanzeru chimene wanenapo apa. Bola ukanangosiya, munthu wanuyu is a complete failure olo mumubakire palibe chimene akuchita. Atleast mkulu wake anapangako zanzeru.

    3. some people cannot understand what I mean by 25 hrs per day kkkkkk, do you mean I do not know that a day has 24 hrs? Think outside the box my friend, no spoon feeding here!

    4. Bolanso 25 hrs koma mulilongwemu akumakhala mpakana 48 hrs ndipo palibe vuto munthu kulemba kuti 25 hrs kapena 72 hrs, those who’s laughs means that they must go back to standard 7 or 8 as well

  101. Guys please this is too much I have been going through these comments but uhuuu I just wish the big boss could see for himself that malawians are really frustrated with his style of governing Malawi.

    1. So what are the short term plans and the long term plans for this electricity problems cause the generators will need 1500 litres of Diseal per hour which I feel will be costly.

    2. Thermal power stations are the worst, lower efficiency, high load factor, it takes a long time to erect and commission,,,Malawi should open up for independent Power Producers, am telling u within a period of 6 months u can see the change, ofcoz tariffs will have to be raised to be attractive to investors

  102. Whats a point of voting into office the so called exiled, if they don’t show us what they brought back from where they were? Atcheya ndinutu zonsezi.

  103. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bambo osavomereza,zoti ana akuonetsa matako iye amakana.sorry Mr przt your time is over n over.Malawi wakula mwina pitani Ku must komwe kuri anthu ochepa.

  104. Ife kale time ya Ngwazi original timkasirira kukhala mtown coZ mumkawala all night n all day long koma lero mmangokhala ziii ngat muli maliro isa madalawa awa ationjeza

  105. Am here to read comments. I will comment when we have electricity here in Falls (pakati pa town) because it’s been 2 days. Anyway, APM has good sense of humor. Daliso Chaponda is an amateur in stand-up comedy compared to the big man…. #2019_kuchedwa

  106. Apa Bigman mwanama chifukwa anzanu monga Bakili ,komaso a chimwene anu anapanga zazikulu ngakhale timavu muzambiri koma inu boss a kkkkkkk

  107. 100% true Mr president yo uniqueness has made you famous. Ur the source of All kinds of problems this country is facing anyway when ur good ur good wen ur bad ur bad My boss you started veri well from no were thingz started to change till today ur the worst Thanx God loves you my President.

  108. Kamuzu analimbana ndi azungu,Bakili analimbikitsa malonda,Bingu analimbikitsa umodzi,Joyce anathesa mavuto akuthimathima kwa magesi,nanga Peter tinene kut chani?

  109. This President his head is like an empty backet and he is there like a statue. Did we malawians really vote for this person? Peter mutharika is a worst President malawians have ever had since 1994. What did he do in his leadership so far? Nothing, nothing, nothing he is there just to protect 7 roten Cabinet minister and his friend Chaponda. If this guy can win again 2019 then by 2023 we are going to cry beyond our capacity. Shame on him

  110. In his dream he thinks malawians are fools. And being a professor does not mean you have sense to rule the people. It just shows you went to school.

  111. Your brother Bingu did what you are failing in fact even the white people were jelousy of him. Yeah, are you jelousy too?

  112. As far as am concerned, Malawi was the third poorest country in the world during Kamuzu Banda’s regime. And now?The poorest country in the world.So the question is:Are we moving forward or backwards?

  113. He is absolutely right. He is doing nosense things and forgetting that the palace he is sleeping in was built by visionary leader. It’s better to keep quiet than making noise. To me I see no leadership skills in him, if he was failing to manage a ministry, how can he manage the nation? Shame on you

  114. Always the truth pains and he has said the truth if it wasn’t for him Malawi could have not been in these mess situations . Malawi was indeed malawi in those yrs not this what we have now

  115. yea,as usual talking using his mouth without the function of the brain,,,he is a A FAILURE in everything maybe that’s why he don’t want to be compared

  116. Paribe cholakwika akuchiona akuluwa nanga akazavoteledwamso 2019 ndiye Malawi azafika pati ukuona ngati a Malawi ndi atulo kuti sakuona nyasi zakezi

  117. WANAMA ZA DADA DR.H.KAMUZU BANDA. DR.H.K.BANDA ndi amene adapanga kuti malawi liwonekeko ngati dziko.

  118. Pathological liar at it again. So you want to tell us Mr president that when you were being elected as president in 2014 there was no electricity in Malawi? By the way your predecessors were doing a good job with almost the same population not this type of shit you are giving us. Mumudziwe yesu che mutharika mabodza akukuchedwetsani.

  119. Esh peter bng a professer isn’t indeed having knowledge to run things step down Mr president u’ve failed malawians u r d worst president we av eva had

  120. Winawe tsiku likatha usanatukwane sumaona bwino. Pena kukhala chete ndi nzeru abale wanga more than kumakhala ngat u r very wise person. Check ur side before u look to another’s side

  121. Yes Indeed Sir ! U r Not Wrong But Ur Mounth.Remember During Ur Compaign U Said That U Want To Improve Lives Of Civil Servants By Giving Them Full Salarly:luk Now U r Dedacting Salaries Which Z Opposite , Hving Alot Of Salarly Arrears,too Much Tax . Then Cmng & Syng This Nosense Ok.But know This Failing To Change U r Lossing Ur Own Votes.

  122. I Dont Know How Can He Deffend Himself Vividly With Related Example Of What He Has Done As If Malawians Are Blind And Deaf.

  123. This guy is doing the impossibility, for example if you can send your journalist in Mzimba you will see what development he is doing there. Where there was roads, schools, clinics, etc now it’s a shame, the country is going back to where people had no cars, so because of his leadership the country is going backwards. If you disagree with me go to the place mentioned above.

  124. Yes we totally agree
    26 -32 consecutive hours of blackouts has never happened in Malawi for 50+ yrs
    And yes Blood Sucking , Pathetic Road traffic fines and absolutely terrible facilities and services at government offices , Ministries and MRA/Customs.
    What total Bullshit way of running a government
    My Watchman could do better

  125. kkkk kma ths full fool eish misala ilimo ndithu kodi akamana amawona ngati tinatchona ngat iyeyo zaka zambuyomu we hav been raised here timatsatila ndalezi kuchokera pachyambi!!!

  126. Your right Mr president.. We have never experienced before things like Albino killings, Blood suckers, These black outs are first of their kind that failed to happen in 50 years time

  127. Akuluwa adakuladi eti ? In every speech produced by this guy called ‘M’melekana’ is full of old -stupidity -nonsese ! Why?

    Ndiye kt akamadya misonkho yathuyo thnk MW is in a good condition??

  128. i agree with him, we are far behind in evrything. we have poor midst, we blame the government for our failure…. 2019 i will vote for MCP only to prove to people that the problem is not the government but us people as citizens of malawi.

  129. Zitinyozani , kutipatsa mau achipongwe chonsecho ife tikuvutika inu mukudya ma sausage amisonkho yathu, m’dima wa ndiweyani magetsi tinayiwala kalekale mmmmh, chauta imvani kulira kwathu, zikomo poumitsa mtima wa farao cholinga ana a Israel apulumuke, God is watching mark my words !!!!!

  130. Kuno Kumulanje Kwa Mthiramanja Tinaiwala Ku Charger Phone Pa Magets Pa Solar Basi!! Kukhala Kuchigayo Anthu Abwerera Mchikale Mwa Dezilo Plus Mitondo!!! Eish Malawi!! Kukhala Mmalawi Ndikulimba Mtima Ndaziwa… Can Someone Fast Forward These Remaining Years,we Reach Where 2019 Is..

  131. what kind of development does this stupid president do to malawian nation? only stolen money corruption kiling albino is the most develop that dpp government has done during 2014 4

    1. Mr Speaker, Sir, let us admit that this country is suffering consequences of neglecting the energy sector for many years. Let us be honest to admit that we did not invest to expand our energy generation. For fifty years, we kept thinking as if Malawi would remain what it was in the 1960s.

  132. I’ve been respecting this president for long time. And why is he embarrassing himself now? Look, my friends are now laughing at me for what he’s saying. Damn!

  133. I agree with the President on this one. 1 big example of what he’s doing what his predecessors failed to do is having none stop blackout. You’ve passed loadsheding subject with distinction sir

  134. Let me start by quoting Mutharika’s speech at parliament today concerning electricity: “Let us admit that this country is suffering consequences of neglecting the energy sector for many years” and he continued, “We are doing what the nation could not do for 50 yrs.” What a lie! FACT: The last turbine at Nkula B which has 5 electricity generating machines producing a combined total of 100 megawatts was commissioned in 1992. FACT: The last of 3 phases making Kapichila Hydroelectric Power Station producing a combined 64 megawatts was commissioned by Joyce Banda on 17th January 2014. It’s sad that Mutharika thinks he is the only one who has ever invested in electricity. He continues to peddle lies that he is doing what nobody ever did in 50 yrs. #2019ikuchedwa