FAO pumps K50 billion into agriculture, nutrition


The Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Malawi’s Ministry of Agriculture for two five-year projects aimed at addressing food security and nutrition.

According to FAO Deputy Director General Daniel Guftafson, the agreement has been signed to improve performance of the agriculture sector and the nutrition of the people in the country.


Atupele Muluzi
Atupele: This will help to scale up the Afikepo Project.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement in Lilongwe, Guftafson said the projects are worth 50-billion Kwacha.

He added that the organisation recognises Malawi’s commitment to develop the agriculture sector and address challenges affecting food and nutrition.

Guftafson said these aspirations are in line with FAO’s pledge to end hunger, eradicate malnutrition and reduce rural poverty hence the huge investment.

The Ministry of Health will handle the component of nutrition. Minister responsible Atupele Muluzi said this will help to scale up the Afikepo Project to ten districts from the two where the project is currently being implemented.



  1. Malawi inadala koz chithandizo sikhani kma amalawi kuba kwambr …othandiza amafna kmaona dziko lanthu likustha ..nde akaona kt sikusitha amanyanyala …

  2. What’s new now? a plant that can grow in two day with multiple insecticide defences? Pump billions for US pharma hitmen study on human,infesting this country with all new sort’s of cancers

  3. Nkhani iyi ikanakhala kut ikunena zokut Patricia Kaliati wachoka chipani cha DPP ndikulowa MCP mukanaona ma comment chuuuu….

    hy malawians lets appreciate pomwe zinthu zili bwino.

    1. What kind of kuyamika do you need? Did the FAO brought the food or money to the poor people directly plus the securiy? No tme for zikomo(imagwa munyanja) FAO was there is not anew thing no benefit for villagers (poor). Eat,Enjoy,musiscate ,FYONTHANI,NYUNG’UNYANI,MEMENANI,TAFUNANI,GAWANANI Ndalama don’t put it on public we are included. keep it as you will share it

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