10 years for attempted rape, theft


A court in Liwonde has sentenced a man to 10 years in jail for attempted rape, burglary and theft.

Confirming the development to Malawi24 was Machinga police publicist Constable Davie Sulumba who identified the convict as Symon Chapani. Rape

According to Sulumba, on October 1 the convict attempted to rape a 30-year-old woman at Ndaje Village, Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga.

Sulumba said the victim was on her way to a hill to fetch firewood in the early hours of the day. Whilst passing a banana plantation she saw two men and since it was still dark she switched on her cellphone and identified one of the men.

One the men snatched the cellphone and demanded sex from the woman.

The convict Chapani then held the woman’s legs and she fell down. The other man who wore a mask grabbed both hands of the victim and told her not to shout.

While Chapani was trying to rape the woman, she freed her left hand and grabbed his penis.

She then overpowered him and managed to escape from the hands of the criminals.

From there she informed the community policing team who apprehended Chapani and took him to Machinga Police Station.

It was later discovered that during the same morning before the two men met the woman, they broke into a house in the same village and stole one expand containing clothes, K2000 cash and six tablets of soap.

In court Chapani pleaded not guilty to the charges of attempted rape, theft and burglary but was found guilty after prosecutor Rodrick Kamuona paraded four witnesses.

Liwonde First Grade Magistrate Jones Masula them sentenced Chapani to 10 years for attempted rape, 8 years for burglary and two years in jail for theft. He said the sentences should run concurrently.

Symon Chapani hails from George village, Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga District.



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