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By October 22, 2017

A human rights activist has expressed concern over an incident in Lilongwe where some women stripped naked and urinated on another woman.

A video clip and pictures which have gone viral on social media show a group of women stripping naked and harassing a woman whom they accused of revealing one of the attacker’s HIV  status.


The abusers laughing at their victim

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, activist Lucky Mbewe who is the executive director of Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE) said the act is shocking since it involves women attacking another woman.

“Too bad coming at a time we are advancing initiatives to end Gender Based Violence which is perpetrated by men on women and now it’s women against women,” Mbewe told Malawi24.

Police so far have arrested three women in connection to the incident and the suspects will appear in court soon.

Mbewe has appealed to authorities to punish the women so that others should learn a lesson.

“We appeal for stiff punishment to set example for would be offenders on the same cases,” he said.

According to Mbewe, CYECE conducts awareness campaigns on ills of both gender based violence (GBV). The organisation also organises dialogue sessions on GBV with key policy makers at all levels.

“We engage chiefs, religious leaders and women on how best to how best to reduce such cases, training men and young boys as champions in their communities to fight GBV,” he told Malawi24.


  1. What a shame

  2. Mahule Awa

  3. Mwafikapo2 amalawi

  4. Kikiki, fools

  5. It was writen in Bible ndipang’ono pamenepo tizioona mpakana kukhumbira kumvara magogi amatabwa kuti tisaone kkkk

  6. even South Africa have nerva reached this level and under APM Malawi has achieved No1 position the whole world let’s crap hands for being No 1 poorest country in the whole universe

  7. Mmm atsikana atatuwo ndi ma hule omenyedwayo wakonzeredwa cos ati amawanena atatuwa kuti amamwa ma ARV tu nde nkhani zake Moti izozo zimachikira kusiwa ya malilo

  8. last of last year we held that Lucius Banda hd a show at zitherepano club Maldeco in Mangochi district,while in the there he said that””he was seen two gentlemen Hugging one another””the band stopped their and he set up a scene and mouthing that those guys were #gay**looking the place was at the bar where sobastic people,beer ng’ambes were there,but NGO’s resembled money,now woman to another Lucius Banda where are you???? this is not at beer place or those women were drunken no BT just moving naked and littering on another women this is not stupit?My eyes at you LUCIUS BANDA,MUNANYANYA ZAKUZITHERE DECEMBER 24-SHOW 2015

  9. Azimayi oterewa ndkumawasangalalira pa 15 October mmmmm shame

  10. Where are the protests and demos for women on women violence? If this had involved a man, facebook posts would be lighting up in masses, and demos with placards about how proud they are of their pussies would be everywhere. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, let’s see how loud their silence is gonna be on this matter.

  11. Ku Lilongwe eish, mahule too much. Tabwerani kuno ku mzimba tizakupatseni zochita

  12. its too much

  13. I have previously found women serving jail term in Prison because of taking law into their hands domestic civil matter turning criminal.These women regretted to me and I was told the man out of anger married the beaten girls as full wives

  14. akadakhala amuna bwa?

  15. Foolish girls

  16. Hahahaaa koma zinafikapo ndithu…

  17. all NGOs are quiet if it was a man all media houses all NGOs would have been on him koma apa mpaka ku bibilana

  18. Mzimayi ndi munthu owuma mtima kwambiri. …..afiti ambiri ndi akazi.

  19. NGO kukhosi kuti mbee mh

  20. Video ilipo halla me pa +243975037843

  21. Ma plain ameñewo!

  22. I have the vid n the full story ,zachitika mmu hood yathu ,zochititsa mmanyazi heavy

  23. Mahule business, complicated business no wander HIV is still spreading everyday.

  24. How shock that’s how women behaviour

  25. Typical bitch behaviour

  26. Mahule

  27. Thats gud at least men’s reputation has equalized

  28. Ufiti @ its best

  29. Malawi where are going????

  30. This behaviour is making or promoting same sex marriages to avoid being butchered

  31. The women went too far as if men are their household equipment Offside.

  32. Wickedness

  33. this is something else

  34. I can encourage that,coz if could have been a man doing that 2 a woman it could have lyk,NGO’s this & that

  35. dil with them

  36. osamayikila ku mbuyo zilizonse azimayi zachamba basi

  37. last days will shock us indeed

  38. Women eh? Can’t live without them. Can’t shoot them either.

  39. where is Malawi going?

  40. ukal umeneo

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