Wa Jeffrey bites hard on by-elections campaign: says MCP candidate is a rapist

Greselder Jeffrey

The road to 2019 will certainly not be for the faint-hearted if the by-elections are a preamble to the general elections in 2 years time.

DPP Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey has attacked Malawi Congress Party parliamentary candidate by calling him a rapist.

Greselder Jeffrey
Jeffrey wa Jeffrey: Msungama is a rapist.

Jeffrey made the remarks during a political rally that the ruling DPP conducted at Area 23 in Lilongwe .

Jeffrey told the people in the area that they must not vote for Msungama on 17 October by-elections claiming that he once raped his cousin.

According to the Nkhotakota south law maker, Msungama is not fit to be the law maker of the area since he is unmarried and he is currently staying in boys quarter.

She further asked people in Lilongwe city south east constituency to vote for DPP candidate Reuben Ngwenya claiming that he is mature and competent for the position .

Jeffrey told the gathering that people in the area should not rope in a person who will not speak the same language with president Peter Mutharika, meaning that being from oposition party.

Among other DPP senior officials who attended the political rally included Henry Mussa, Jappie Mhango and Samuel Tembenu.

Lilongwe south east constituency will have by-elections on 17 October following court ruling that the 2014 results that saw DPP candidate won was unfair .










  1. Zinangocita awa kukhala SG wa chipanichi cause sadziwa kuti ndale zolondana m ‘mapazi namanyozana zidatha kalekale!!!! a Malawi akufuna mfundo basi osati kuseleulana!!!

  2. Kusowa chowauza anthu ubwino womwe adzaone akadzavotera wanuyo eti?? Why losing time castigating the opponent instead of telling people the positives about your candidate. diphiphi ulendo uno simuiona voti yanga mukagwere. This is why Malawi is not developing. The ruling party has no agenda for the country apart from foul mouthing. Zachisoni.

  3. dear all whom u call urselves politians,uttering such stinking obscene remarks on the air is pathetic,stupit,madness;chamba kapena kudya cocaine or ubulutu?

  4. Us we know that wa jeffley and her coursin are all prostitute,even now wa jeffrey is still selling her body ,Hule ameneyu akapitiliza timuulula zomwe amachita kuti anthu amudziwe kuti sanasiyebe uhule

  5. alidere mkulinga utayendanaye,ndye kut adakugwirirapo?osabisa uhule uja umkachita ndi kaka aja,thats why achina magnas adatengera uhule wanu mayi.

  6. Iyeyo wayiwala uhule wake nthawi ya ulamuliro wa UDF uja? Iyeyo ankapeza ma contract omanga aja through what? Tiulule kapena? Akagwere ukoo!!! Hule la chabe chabe ili, mxieeeeeee!!!!

  7. ” the govt of Rome under Trojan castigated me ,called me all those names , imprisoned me, snatched my property ,but i became the most feard and respected leader of Rome – Claudius”

    one thing morden politics lacks is to appreciate that the same person you call him. all those adjectives nd verbs ..will one day become strong …and surely the castigation tend to multiply his fortune while reducing your half life…..if the so called Wa Jeffrey and DPP are wise enough….lest they just sell good agenda of the candidate than attacking opponent with those adjectives ……that is like increasing mcps molare @xpepense of demoralising DPP……

  8. Kodi iwe Jeffrey uli pa banja, nanga ambuye ako a Peter pamene amalowa u president anali pa banja.

  9. But this Jeffrey woman eish, if he is a rapist why does the police not arrest him? Is she not afraid of being sued in the absence of evidence?

    Does she as SG, not have the positives about DPP and their candidate to put across for the people to know how best their candidate is? Huh

    Zikuoneka kuti zuvutatu apa

  10. Wa Jeffrey watch out…!! You are a candidate of rape to MCP candidate. Put on a metal locked pant between your legs otherwise you will fall a victim.

  11. Wa Jeffrey watch out…!! You are a candidate of rape to MCP candidate. Put on a metal locked pant between your legs otherwise you will fall a victim.

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