Govt cheated in Malawi-Rwanda extradition treaty

Samuel Tembenu

The Malawi government is said to have acted dishonestly in an extradition treaty with Rwanda.

Lawyer for Rwandan genocide suspect Vincent Murekezi has faulted the Malawi’s executive arm for bypassing Members of Parliament (MPs) in extradition treaty.

Samuel Tembenu
Tembenu: The Constitution gives the president powers to handle such cases.

Murekezi’s lawyer Gift Katundu argued that the treaty was supposed to be approved by members in Parliament and not two ministers of Rwanda and Malawi.

“The extradition treaty was made between two ministers of the two countries, without the approval of Parliament, any law has to pass the test of Parliament” said Katundu.

But government through the minister of justice and constitutional affairs Samuel Tembenu to have followed all the procedures in the signing of the treaty.

Tembenu cited section 89 subsection (1) paragraph (f) that gives the president powers to handle such cases without the approval of lawmakers in the national assembly.

Katundu applied for judicial review of Murekezi’s case who is to be extradited to Rwanda for his role in the 1994 genocide in the country.

Murekezi was not extradited as there was no treaty to have him sent to serve his jail term.



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