Malawi woos UK investors


Several United Kingdom investors and potential importers of Malawi export products have said they are planning to come to Malawi to explore further investment and business opportunities.

This is according to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa who was speaking in Lilongwe on his return from the UK.

Henry Mussa

Mussa: Investors are planning to come to Malawi.

Mussa left Malawi for UK weeks ago where he conducted a series of investment meetings with UK based investors to woo them to establish their businesses in Malawi.

The minister said among other key meetings in the UK, he met the Chief Executive Officer of Green Energy International, Lord Waverley from the House of Lords of the UK Parliament and leaders of Malawians in Diaspora.

The Minister further announced that the country will not host the Malawi Investment Forum this year.

He said this is to give Malawi Investment and Trade Center (Mitcham) enough time to follow through the implementation of the investment deals which were signed during the investment forums of 2015 and 2016.





  1. Musamanamize anthu, ife nzika Zanu tikulephela kut tizayambise mtima business tikumva mmene magesi akuvutila,zida zogwilila ntchito tilinazo koma tikuopa tizizangokhala coz of magesi,phunzilani kuza anthu zoona kut mlungu ukuchitileni chifundo timakonda Malawi

  2. Tired of these stories….we have over the past years hosted investors conferences here right here….maybe its time we were told about the fruits of those conferences…

  3. kkkkk anthu akufina tizivutika eti? do u, with yo chickhead, those investors will benefit apm? find other ways of campaigning than blocking investments into this country.yo “lazy bone”went bragging cladding in his black suit in uk and has just brought farts emanating from uk omlet.

  4. Bonya lake akuti “several Investors” choyamba ganizani za magetsi kuti akuyaka bwino nanga izi iwowo ma investor sakuonapo vuto pazinthu ngati izi kapena adzidzadalira ma generator okhaokha? Dzana mumati mugawa dzigayo lero yama Investors,wats NEXT?

  5. Bodza ili akudziwa kuti palibe chomwe akuchita and kampeni ikuyandikira anthu aphimbidwe m’maso poti amalawi saganiza mozama chingakhale salu yachipani imawasitha mtima ngakhale chipanicho chikulakwitsa nzambiri,thenda imeneyi ndiyayikulu pa malawi pano and akachita izo adzayambenso kudandaula za Dpp, kampni akayandikira zonena mbweeeeeeeee

  6. We still have a lot to fix to attract investors. Electricity, roads, hospitals, schools, sanitation, water supply and probably our Human Resources in terms of skill in different trades. Not forgetting Corruption. Can you imagine An investor arrives in a country and greeted with a prolonged blackout. He falls sick then…he is airlifted to South Africa. Who the hell would need to take such a risk.

  7. its put on record the potential investors would like to explore the opportunity for investing in MAlawi, unfortunately i dont see any investor risking their money in malawi the environment is simply hostile for investment talk of the roads, buildings, security, water, power you name it! unless we significantly improve in the enabling environment wooing investors to malawi will remain a far-fetched dream.