EGENCO insists blackouts will not be worse than last year


The country’s Electricity Generation Company Limited (EGENCO) has insisted that people in the country should not be afraid of load shedding claiming they will not go as bad as last year.

This is according to EGENCO Chief Executive Officer William Liabunya.

William Liabunya: Things will not get worse.

Liabunya said this as the country’s minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Aggrey Masi, visited Kapichira power station in Chikwawa district.

The CEO said although EGENCO is facing challenges in as far as the production of electricity is concerned, things will not get worse.

Liabunya further said Kapichira power station is running only two machines out of the available four due to lowering of the water level in Shire river and said that the two machines are making 64 Megawatts out of the needed 129 Megawatts.

He continued by saying the machines are using 145 cubic meters of water per second out of the needed 180 cubic meters per second and said this is at least better compared to 115 cubic meters per second the same period last year.

“The only challenge that we have at the moment is insufficient water to run all the machines and we have since stopped two machines due to reduced pond levels but we are still working tirelessly to minimize the impact.

“The same period last year our machines were using 115 cubic meters and this year they are using 145 cubic meters per second and they won’t go down to last year’s figures,” said Liabunya.

This is coming barely days after Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) told the general public the same news through reporters at a press conference in Blantyre.