Cellphone thief rescued from angry mob


A man suspected of stealing a phone was rescued from an angry mob in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe on Tuesday.

The mob wanted to set the man on fire in Area 23 in the city but police arrived and rescued him.

According to an onlooker at the scene of the incident, the man stole a cellphone from his handicapped relative after the relative had asked the man to help him load airtime in the phone.

After stealing the phone, the man went to Area 23 market to sell it but the potential buyer got suspicious.

“When asked where he got the phone, the suspect had nothing to say which did not go well with the buyer and he later realised that it was a stolen phone,” he told Malawi24.

The prospective buyer alerted other people and they decided to set the thief ablaze.

Police came after the mob had poured petrol all over the suspect’s body.

The law enforcers took him to Area 23 police unit for further interrogations.

Full particulars of the suspected thief are yet to be established.



  1. Wakuba ukakumana naye koti kuli ziii amatha kukupanga chilichonse coz of 4n yako yomwe olo ndalama yako yomwe,,wakuba simunthu omunyengerela coz even akalowa mnyumba amapanga chilichonse chomwe akufuna ngakhale kupha kumene,,nde akagwidwa nkuotchedwa mudziti anthu alakwitsa yet amadziputa dala,,wakuba simunthu omusekerla coz they are heartless,,alibe chifundo akafuna kubera anthu,,nde olo ataba ka 4n ka mose they deserve punishment coz waba,,anzao amagwira maganyu kuopa kubako…

  2. Very bad only Courts are there to give us real recommended judgements.police is everywhere let’s take them to the police if we can just think of killing athief we are wrong because its not everything handling a stolen staff is athief noooo we need to investigate where?how?why?when?who stole the staff.Let’s just report and take them to the police.

  3. Why would someone find this funny?. What is the use of police force in Malawi? if you catch a thief there are people who are being paid to hundle these situation. you as a civilian have no right to sentence someone to death and nevertheless brutal death like this. This is horrible and if accepted then the whole system will become cracked into pieces.

  4. Apa pali nkhani ziwiri,wakuba uyu mawa adzapha munthu ndicholinga chakuba katundu wamunthuyo.pamene akuba m’boma sakutipha mwawumbanda,akumatipha munjila zomwe ambiri sadziwa.So any way ambanda aphedwe basi.Poti tsiku lobwela yesu palibe adziwa.

  5. Malawi stop killing human being thus y ur poor than other countries wat do you think if it is ur son or daughter being killed lk this? ey the blood of a person is dangerous watch out God is angry

  6. Our nation is so humiliating on some human rights issues!
    This is 2017 for God Sake!!
    We should know better how to treat others even when they are in the wrong don’t we?

  7. Aaaa doesn’t work like that wer working so hard to become where we ar to day and then some one from no where come with twisted minded of stealing what I workede for mony year I will not take evean second to destroye the one come with stupid idear of stealing from me No ways everything what u worked for is wealthy

    Find some one stealing for uu. punish him / her period and permanently

  8. Takapatseni punishment imeneyo ma Ministers anu amaba ma billion aboma aja!!
    Nonse ziiiii koma wakuba lamya ndiye mpaka tayala lamoto!
    Anthu inu musiye kupita ku Church ⛪ ndithu!!
    Manyazi mulibe ndithu!!

  9. Malawi as a nation is slowly losing respect for humanity. What is a phone compared to human life? It’s ironic to call ourselves God fearing people when we let big thieves loose in town and sentence to death those poor souls that simply steal just to fill their hungry stomachs. Cry my beloved country

  10. M’mmmmm!!!! Izi ndi nkhaza nthawi zina kumakhalako ndi umunthu wachibadwidwe ndi bwino. ndinakakhala ngati oberedwayo ndiine ndi kanangokhululuka cz zonsezi wapangisa ndi obeledwayu koma aziwe kuti pangatalike maka mwana wake kapenaso m’bale wake wina wake azafaso ifa ngati imeneyi.

  11. People who are saying ‘kumuotcha chifukwa cha phone’ are failing to reason logically. The thing is, he’s a thief….. So, thieves don’t choose what to steal. Thus, if he had a chance to steal a huge amount of money, he would do it. The reason he was about to face the mob justice isn’t that he stole the phone, but he is a thief.As such, he can still anything as long as it’s very useful n beneficial…… Jus wanted to clarify.I’m not on either side though………

  12. A phone is not worth dieing for these day people have put serial numbers,and id to allocate their phones, so don’t waste your life over small matter like a phone.

  13. Please this is a bad behaviour why you kill him because of 1200 4n so let’s go to the bible mkazi wachigololo uja anthu amkati amponye miyala yesu anati amene akudziwa kuti sanachimwepo amuphe munthuyu ndimodzi yemwe sanapezekepo ndiye iweyo osamukhululukira bwanji nzakoyo kpena kumuwuza kuti akugulire ina nayenso aphedwe akapezeka basi

  14. Mukamuphe Munthu Chifukwa Cha Phone? Bwanji Simunayambe Ndi Chaponda, Nanga Amayi Aja Mukuwawopa? Guyz You’ve To Be Fair To Your Fellow Poor Brothers, Muyambe Kuthana Ndi Mbava Zimakubela Ma Million Kaye

  15. in South Africa if we catch a thief we dont hit him anywhere else but we just hit the ankles only with a hammer until he cant walk after we open his legs apart and use a whip to hit his balls!!!

    • Akadakhala kuti mulungu kumwambako amapha wina aliyense yemwe wachimwa bwenzi tilipo ? Palibe olungama padziko lapansi tonse timalakwa koma ngati mulungu amatikhululukira pa dzonse zolakwa zathu posaganizira kuti wapanga tchimo lalikulu kapena laling’ono wy ifeyo tisiye kukhululukira muzathu monga malemba anena mukhululukire mzako 70 times 7, you guys must learn to forgive thas not a proper punishment , God will punish you too

    • Inu mutakanena zimenezi kwa ma Ministers anu a kuba aja osati wakuba lamya yeni yeni yi!!
      Anthu olemera kale amabanso ndalama ma Million zothandizira anthu ngati inu,
      Mmachitapo chani?? Ziiiii koma munthu osauka abe lamya ndiye mukuti chilango chake aphedwe koma anthu inu!

    • Lloyd F Nkhoma
      Crime is rising every day chifukwa choti
      There is no enough jobs for people.
      Poverty is increasing instead of decreasing.
      Economy of 🇲🇼 is worse than its ever been.
      People are starving, people get paid lower salaries than 🇲🇼 inflation.
      There is no hope for the poor and the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer!
      In the most poorest countries crime increases.
      The same in the most richest countries, in cities where people are poor crime is always high

    • Don’t forget this is a Christian based kind of nation, so sharia law can not be entertained. Two wrongs don’t make things right and as christians we have been taught that no one is perfect in the eyes of God. Only God can judge us.

    • So you are encouraging this thieves to keep on stealing from their fellow poor of the poorest instead of working hard or engaging into small businesses that can earn them a living by the end of the day

    • @Lloyd F Nkhoma you have a point, however I disagree with some of your points.
      I think there is massive unfairness in Malawi 🇲🇼.
      When rich people steal money from the poor taxes (Ministers) cash gate etc you people do nothing.
      Koma when a poor girl the other day did shoplifting, she was walked naked even in front of people even with the presence of police.
      Because no one cares when a poor person steal something coz , their lives don’t mean anything.
      Koma olemera akaba ma Million, their lives are worthy saving coz they mean alot. Ndiye anthu ngati inu mumakhala ziiiii!

    • The problem is that most people don’t even consider the root cause of some of these things. If our government was efficient and sufficient enough in jobs creation especially for the youth, most of these crimes especially minor ones would have been reduced but we live in a nation where harsh laws are made only for the poor and justice for the rich

    • Lloyd F Nkhoma that’s not the issue aise!
      Kuba sikwabwino koma
      Munthu akaba akamugwira apite naye ku police. People should not take matters in their own hands.
      They have no right to do that!
      That’s a crime on its own.

      Otherwise my point is that
      is we give freedom of stealing to our government officials without punishment, why should poor people who steal suffer a crucifying attack and being burnt to death?
      That’s unfair don’t you think?

    • I read a comment that states that this is a Christian country(majority) so “sharia law cannot be entertained” I found the comment quite stupid and inaccurate because under sharia law he would not be set ablaze or sentenced to death so next time before u comment think a little bit do u know what ur commenting about or are u just offending a religion u don’t know about…i say this because I’m a Muslim.. Islam under shariah law will not punish by death for such a crime let alone burning chisilamu chake kapena chinatu…

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