MISA asks for support

Teresa Ndanga

The Malawi Chapter of Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA Malawi) has asked its members to support the organisation purchase an office building.

This has been said in a statement issued by the chapter and signed by its chairperson Teresa Ndanga.

Teresa Ndanga
Teresa Ndanga: Asking for support.

In a statement, MISA Malawi has called upon all paid up and prospective members to support the idea of seeing the chapter having its own building.

“Since its establishment in 1997, MISA Malawi has been operating from rented premises, which is unsustainable considering the organisation’s current financial position.

“We are appealing to organisations and individuals, including all paid and prospective members, to support this initiative. As a MISA Malawi member, you are one of a few committed supporters of media freedom of expression and we have all the reason to believe that you will support the chapter to have its own office,” says the statement.

MISA Malawi has said that it has a target of MK30 million and for matters of transparency, the support will be publicised.

The funding can be made through NAMISA Fundraising Committee Account,
Account Number 1004071103,
National Bank, Lilongwe Branch.

Alternatively, the money can also be sent to Mpamba and Airtel Money using 0886852851 and 0993711037 respectively.