CSOs threaten demos over blue night donations


Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have threatened to take action to force the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) pay back the money it received from councils and parastatals during the blue night fundraising dinner held at Kamuzu Palace.

According to reports, DPP solicited money from Blantyre City Council (BCC), Mzuzu City Council (MCC) and Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) totalling K13.5 million.

Gift Trapence

Gift Trapence : DPP must return the money.

The reports sparked anger among CSOs who demanded that DPP must pay back the money it got from the institutions.

But the DPP disclosed that the party is not paying back the money arguing it did not force the institutions to donate the money for the blue night dinner.

DPP Secretary General Greselder wa Jeffrey is on record to have branded the calls to have the money returned as “Zachamba” (nonsense).

Reacting on the issue, Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) Executive Director Gift Trapence has insisted that the ruling party must return the money arguing they are to mobilize the citizenry for action if the money is not paid back.

“As Civil Society Organizations we are not going to allow having that impunity and we are warning the ruling party it will return that money come rain come sunshine,” said Trapence.

He further urged President Peter Mutharika not to allow party members to be “insulting” the citizenry when they demand answers on issues of national interest.



  1. CSOs..Get out…dont lead us to stupit Demostration……wats wrong with Donation /wat u call fundraising??…or u just hav badmind with dpp??…..

  2. do not blame a person you have a responsibility to change your nation but you can not change the nation noise and noise each and every day you have to think big Malawian

  3. Aaaaagh guys let’s be honest here ,,what does the word “fundraising” means??they donated the money in the name of fundraising so why should DPP retains the money?? inu a CSO musanatipase busy a Malawi everyday tizimva demonstration ndi zausiru zomwe,,muli mabvuto mu dziko muno ofunika kuwapanga handle not zanu mukukamba apazi,,get lost,, I hope a Malawi ozindikira sazabwerako Ku ma demo anuwo

    • who is dpp cadet??were u there when dpp were collecting money by force??ulibe umboni just as i am kuti chinachitika nchani so dont talk as if u know something idiot

    • Ndifunsireko Alli, Bvuto la a malawi ambiri tikakhala ndi negative altitude ndi anthu ena pakangochitika chilichonse timathamangira cricitism osaona bottom of the story,am not partizan ndikuyankhula ngati nzika.boma likalakwisa tilizuzule si mulandu koma not ndizopanda mitu zomwe

  4. Malawi’s CSOs why were are you silence about late bingu’story that he left billions of Malawi kwacha in foreign banks where is that isseu.Add them so that it can be two.

  5. Inu amene mumadzitamandila kuti DPP ndiyabwinonu nanga nyansi yapanga apazi muziti chani? Uyunso wakukamphatayu uyu ukalamba wamupweteka, zoona anthu akudandaula iye amvekele mukulankhula zopanda nzeru iyeyo kubako nde nzeru? Manyazi kumakhala nawo .

  6. DPP what you go was our money. We are virtially saying give ot back because we cannot aford to give to all political parties. In fact you used your ego and underground threats to gey it. This is evil and devisive.

  7. This stupid dpp has also misused 50million kwacha through office of vice president in fuel dues only. Their secretary general G.Jeffrey has not retired as some new are speculated she is still there as their gs and warned that she will sue anyone who will continue broadcasting this false news.Akutinso dpp 2019 boma, Sangatule pansi udindo mai jefule atero.Catch Zbs for news now.

  8. A voter is crying now while the one who was voted to change things is enjoying with his / her family. I will never vote again, I will only register for me to obtain that ID because it is important in other things but I won’t use that for voting, I rest my case!

  9. Democracy allows some non governmental Organizations to balance up leadership. I’m very grateful for their roles. But the way these CSOs perform their duties raise many questions than answers. You may recall that four years ago,we had leadership that didn’t work very well.They allowed plundering of public coffers and some leaders were directly involved in malpractice. What surprises me therefore is that these so called CSOs were there watching and they never demanded accountability from that previous government on the issue. Billions of money lost in that way.The same CSOs which were silent on that big issue four years down the line are up now for small issues. Should we say DPP led government is real Democratic one than that of Joyce Banda? It seems to me that these CSOs were totally afraid to demand stolen huge money back but now with the coins donated to DPP blue night by these government institutions are now making noise. If you have power enough demand that Joyce Banda be arrested and bring back the money. It was clear that She plundered government coffers and her counterparts are mentioning her in their cases.Talk about that big money not coins as you’re doing now.

  10. Mcp ,udf ,pp hv been doing the same were ,were u ? All this tym hahaha malawi sudzanva anthu nomwenu kuti mulowe m,boma u will do the same kikiki were do you think all this party get their funds from kikiki .

  11. Poverty materity ndiye vuto lakula Ku Malawi tazidziwa mochedwa kuti boma limagwilitsa tchito ndalama za mi sonkho, ndiye chilichose our taxes kkkkkkk, olo maiko olemela like USA,China chilichose chomwe amapanga olo tima donations amakupatsani tija ndima taxes azanu Ku amelica ko, sikuti zimagwa kumwamba kapena ndi miracle money ayi

  12. umfiti suposa apa ndalamazo mmoti zigwire ntchito yotukura miyoyo yanthu mukapangira zinthu zaziii mulungu akukantheni uipa mtima ngati imfa mulungu akuona simungakhale pamtendere anthu akulira usana ndiusi chitsimikizo tilinacho mulungu adzayankha

  13. Our country is taken for granted by politicians. So sad to see the state of our country. Nanga zikuchitika ku 18 zi ndi zinthu? Do we really have constitution in Malawi? Coz it seems politicians in high positions do whatever they please. Cry my country. Civil servants angoba ndalama and we expect to develop. Tinalakwanji a Malawi?

    • amalawi tinachulutsa umbuli ndikufatsa mopusa,the way other people trying to make malawi to be the best place to liv dzina dzili busy kuombera mmanja zopusaaa!! sitingatukuke,chondiwawa ine dsimaombera mmanjadzo akuti ndidzachinyamata,kkkkkk

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