NICE promotes reading culture in Phalombe

students Malawi

The National Initiative for Civic education has urged people of Phalombe district to invest their time in reading in order accumulate knowledge for the betterment of their lives.

Deputy District Civic Education Officer for Phalombe, Chifundo Sangaya called on the people during a football bonanza that was held at Thambe primary school ground over the weekend in a bid to woo people for the National Registration exercise that is due next month in the district and to promote reading culture.

students Malawi

Addressing various people who attended the sports event, Sangaya said the Public Trust is doing its best to provide reading material such as newspapers, magazines and books in all its rural libraries in order to provide equal opportunities for people in the district to attain knowledge.

“Our aim in providing these materials is for our people to be able to know things that are happening around them and also to acquire knowledge concerning various aspects of their lives such as health, education and religion so that they live happy lives,” said Sangaya adding that however it was sad to note that many people do not take such reading facilities seriously.

The National Initiative for Civic Education has over 10 Libraries located in various corners of Phalombe district with an aim of reaching out to rural masses.

Commenting on issues of registration, Sangaya reminded the people of the importance of registering for the National Identity saying government will be able to plan better for development endeavours in the presence of the national identities.

He added that due to lack of national IDs a lot of resources have been lost to foreigners who abuse the country’s social services.

He said that people from neighbouring countries such as Mozambique have been depleting Malawian resources due to the absence of these identity cards as it has been difficult to recognise them.

“Since our district is bordering Mozambique, a lot of people flock into our country to access medical services, education opportunities and many other needs at the expense of the people who pay taxes for these services to keep running,” added Sangaya.

One boy who took part in the sporting activities, David Khaula commented on how a rural library in his area assists him to follow sports news and say updated.

“As someone who takes sports seriously, I manage to follow all sports on-goings through reading newspapers that come to this library, and while reading the newspapers sometimes I also read about nutrition and HIV/AIDS because I want to stay healthy in preparation for my future because I want to play in the National Football team one day,” said Khaula who sounded optimistic about it.

The K25 thousand bonanza aimed at informing the community about the Library which the organization has at Siyamanda Community Based Organisation (CBO) in the area.

During the bonanza, finalists Wowo Rangers defeated Misomali football club 2-1 to go away with MWK15 000, prize money.





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