Man killed at a wedding party in Lilongwe


A 40-year-year-old man has died after being beaten at a wedding eve party in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

Kanengo police publicist Salome Zgambo Chibwana has identified the deceased as Thokozani Katuma.

According Chibwana, Geoffrey Katuma who is the father to the victim told police that the victim was staying alone at Area 25C in the city.

It is reported that on Friday night, the victim went to attend wedding eve celebrations within the area.

Whilst at the party, there were misunderstandings between the victim and other people which resulted into a fight.

Later the victim left the place only to be found close to his house lying unconscious on Saturday, July 29.

He was taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital where he died on Sunday while receiving treatment.

Postmortem results done at Kamuzu central hospital shows that death was due to head injuries and loss of blood.

Police are investigating the issue in order to arrest the suspects who will likely answer charges of murder.

The law enforcers have since pleaded with members of the general public to avoid taking laws into their own hands whenever they have any misunderstandings.

The deceased hailed from Jekete village in the area of Traditional Authority Mpama in Chiradzulu district.




  1. I hope police men have arrested the ones who have done this devilish thing .Even if u are wronged ,murdering a human being is terrible thing .Its better to find a way of ending an argument .Some people have no conscience.

  2. Basi kuteroku ena amakuwilira ali.mmenyeni ameneyo…. mnzawo akuphedw. Anthufe ndife zinyama ndithu

  3. Very sad news. What was supposed to be wedding party becomes mourning gathering. This is lesson to us all. One called Namakhwa band produced one song with lyrics like: “Ngati ulibe ndalama usapite ku mowa” Wedding party is same. When one choses a path of being alone, lonely life, never disturb others in community. Always be alone and do own things to achieve your goal. When alone you never quarrel. Be alone. Drink alone. Drink alone. Eat alone and be silent. However let us not kill. Bible says no to killing. Public law says no to killing. We shall always be on right path.

  4. Why so cruel to our fellow humans? He is gone now,what have you gained? Mudzasowa mtendere mmoyo wanu wonse! MHSRP

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