50 children raped in Mangochi


There is a long way to go in protecting children in Malawi if the reports from the lake district of Mangochi are to go by.

Fifty children have suffered sexual abuse in Mangochi this year alone.

According to a report released by Mangochi Police through its public relations officer Amina Tepani Daudi, reported cases of defilement have risen in the district from 30 in the first half of 2016 to 50 during the same period this year.

Daudi said there has also been an increase in sexual abuse in general.

However, Daudi said there has been a 10 percent decrease in reported cases of crime in the district in the first half of 2017 when compared with the same period last year.

“In the year of 2016 we registered 1795 cases against 1142 recorded this year,โ€ she said.

She attributed the reduction to cooperation between police and other district stakeholders.

According to Daudi, police will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that crime rate continues to drop.

Police in Mangochi have since thanked members of the general public for working hand in hand with the police in decreasing crime in the district.



  1. One needs to look beyond what has happened or is happening in Mangochi to understand the underlying causes of this. These actions are a sign of a decay in some deep rooted cause.

  2. I just want to know the people that reacted with the laughing emoji smh stupid and senseless on srnsitive matters …how would u feel if they were ur kids or little sisters

  3. Many people in mangochi don’t take care of their families as it is also in Salina small girls wondering around at night selling things like masau,chinangwa and you expect them not to get raped.imagine the whole basin of masau can cost 2000 and someone is offering her 5000 just to sleep with her salandira?

  4. What happened is evil and the perpetrators should be delt with but we shoul not be mean and pull that race thing here as if the other districts kids are safe.let the report come for the whole districts and see what will the figures be like..you dont have to run naked here and show your stupidity,we all have these perpetrators in our area just the victims are scared to come out.

  5. And many children will keep being abused…. as long as you keep giving these rapist not enough stiff punishment…. sereously only seven years…..is that apunishment.

    • Aah iwe ndi mbuli bwanji..have you ever head of defilement?? ukawerengeso malamulo bwinobwino,rape is done against someone’s wish even wamkulu not only wachichepele,

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    • And who told you kuti ndi anthu obwera? You introduced kudzigulira malo to tarnish the image of these areas. Go northern region a lot of space in there but you target mangochi, machinga and balaka where space is already limited