IBAM wants indigenous friendly policies

Mike Mlombwa

The Indigenous Businesspersons Association of Malawi (IBAM) has asked government to introduce policies that are in favour of indigenous Malawians to boost the country’s economy.

This has been voiced out by the association’s president Mike Mlombwa.

Mlombwa said lack of policies is one of the issues hindering the growth of businesses owned by indigenous people which is in turn affecting the country’s economy.

Mike Mlombwa
Mike Mlombwa has made the call.

He therefore suggested that the idea of coming up with policies is ideal for the businesspeople to establish big businesses and boost the economy.

“We are lacking policies, you know in other countries they put some policies so that the indigenous businesspersons in those countries people should not be taken for granted as it is here in Malawi,” he explained.

Mlombwa  went on to say that some of the businesses that are being conducted by foreigners were  supposed to be run by indigenous Malawians but lack of power by the association is  hindering them to  go ahead with the idea.

He therefore asked government to intervene on the matter so that the indigenous businesspersons should be recognised.

“We are asking government to come in and come up with the policies otherwise we will be singing this song forever,” he said. “We have full hope that government’s action is going to change things before the situation goes out of hand,” he said.