K480,000 fine for driving without licence


The Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Court has ordered a 30-year-old man to pay K480,000 fine or to serve 21 months in prison with hard labour for driving an un-roadworthy vehicle without driver’s license.

The convict who has been identified as Julius Pofera committed the crime on 3rd July, 2017.

According to police prosecutor superintendent Basmeal    Azaonenji, a traffic officer stopped Pofera in Lilongwe where he was driving a minibus which had 20 passengers on board.

“The road traffic police found the convict with four offences to answer which included driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s license and driving a vehicle that had no certificate of fitness and insurance,” he said.

After he was found guilty, the convict asked the court to be lenient with him as he was a first offender and breadwinner for his family.

But Azaonenji told the court to give the convict a stiff punishment for putting people’s lives in danger.

He added that people like him are the ones fuelling road accidents in the country.

Later, the driver was told to pay K480,000 fine or he will be imprisoned for 21 months.

Pofera comes from Mzuza village in the area of Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza district.



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  2. Ku Mozambique its three years and imakhala 1 million… anthu amangoba magalimoto akwawo nkumaendetsa kuthawa driving school

  3. Manyi chann??? Malamulo azingogwira ntchito pa osauka??? Osayamba mwathana ndi wachimanga uja bwanji?? Mukuti 480 000 aitenge kut??? Zopusa zimenezo

  4. These are some of the factors leading to prolonged dependence of many malawians.This driver has done no wrong,punish the owner of the minbus if you want to abolish the act other than a driver whose main role is to work in submision of the owner who wait for more money by the day. A police athu izizi nchimodzimodzi kumenya mkazi kamba kosaphika nsima chosecho ndiwo sunagule.Please change your ill treatment for the betterment of your poor,developing and aspiring 54th year of self help life.

  5. 4,8000 00, mm apa sitingaikile kumbuyo ai kuyendesa galimoto opanda d l mchibwana chachikulu, zimaoneka zokhweka ukamayenda koma ukangochita tsoka kugunda munthu aaaa basi mpomwe umaonekela mkuti mkului akangooneka ngati solo, analibe kanthu. tiyeni tikamayenda pa nseu tiziike pa skell tokha ngati takwanila.

  6. Thats bullshit where he can find that money,to pay that judge is asshole ‘m angry with it thats y us malawian we stil poor coz of this shit other country they gv u fine bt nat 2 much like that damn with dis bulshit law

  7. apo nde mwanyanya bola mudakati akapeleka ndalayo amupatsa licence nanga pamenepa adzakhala ni licence? zinazi umaganiza amalawi.

  8. That’s nonsense judgment. Malawi will never change.Why can’t he be charged fair fine or punishment. Yet the leaders fluke gvt money.Deal with those corruptionists first since they are the great thieves.

    1. Hahaha auze Luck, u may have gone to school but you’re not gud at English pliz just write chichewa and everyone will get your point

    2. thanks mr samson. I’m Angolan people my official language is portugues. so I like a lot english language, in this moment iam student english cource. Why don’t you laugh me?

    3. If you know you are not a malawian then dont comment here with your english… Go and comment at your country’s page…

  9. koma munthuyu anaonjeza.. galimoto no COF, Insurance, mateyala akuntha, capacity nyanyi without drivers licence aaaaaaaaah wabwino atani! akaseweze basi

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