Internet reacts to Dalitso Sailesi’s MOTM interview

Dalitso Sailesi

Starlet Dalitso Sailesi was made Man of the Match (MOTM) in Malawi’s barren draw against Mauritius last night, but the internet bears miscellaneous points of views pertaining to his live television interview after the match at the ongoing Cosafa Castle Cup tournament in South Africa.

The Nyasa Big Bullets star was a marvel to watch throughout the encounter no wonder he was named man of the match.

Dalitso Sailesi embraces the MOTM trophy.

While he is trending on social media as having produced a stunning performance, Sailesi is also being mocked as well as being defended by a cross section of Malawians for switching to Chichewa during the interview run in English by a female SuperSport presenter.

Sailesi staggered in making to the initial two questions posed to him before he replied to the very last question in his vernacular language Chichewa.

Some posts on Facebook were so swift to brand the attacker an illiterate while others argued English is not a measure of intelligence and that it is not superior of other languages in the world.

Others however feel there should have been a provision of an interpreter during the interview just like what happened to Mauritius coach Joe Tshupula who followed to answer questions live.

As monitored on the television, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Competitions and Media Manager Gomezgani Zakazaka neared the board where the interview was taking place perhaps to help in interpreting for Sailesi but the player had moved a little away during the presentation of the miniature.

Others felt Sailesi needed to have asked for an interpreter.

A quick tap in on Google places both Chichewa and English as Malawi’s official languages.

But the social media has reacted differently to this issue.

Dalitso Sailesi
Dalitso Sailesi during the interview.

Staninho Juma posted on Facebook: ‘’Dalitso Sailesi reminds me of my secondary school days, we had people fluent in English but bad in class.

“English is just a language and not a measure of intelligence.

Other went to the extent of saying what matters is the player is talented and got money for the accolade.

TV personality Big Lu shared that view: ‘’Being man of the match, Dalitso Sailesi received more cash than the salary of 70% of the working class (including graduates) in Malawi.: “Inu odziwa chizungu turn your good English into cash,” he posted.

Musician Gwamba also picked his stand on the matter.
“Lionel Messi does not speak English during interviews and I have never seen even a single Malawian laugh about it or mock him. However, Messi was born in a country with lots of resources but people choose to respect and value his talent.
“When a Malawian player, (mind you Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world) speak Chichewa during an interview, Malawians choose to laugh and mock him. English is not a weapon used to measure someone’s success or intelligence. OPEN YOUR EYES. Big up Dalitso Sailesi and thank you for representing our country well,” said Gwamba

Mima Tammy Ossy wrote: “Plz for those who are criticizing Dalitso Sailesi for failing to speak English, criticize him in English, for us to know that you are better than him, why criticize in Chichewa? Clear indication that u r idiots”


Sailesi has lately been nicknamed Angello Di Maria after the Argentinian and Paris Saint German attacker for his tricks on the field of play.

Malawi next play Angola on Thursday.

They lost 0-2 in the opener against Tanzania.

The Flames must beat Angola at all costs if they are to progress to the next round and at the same time, hoping for Tanzania and Angola to drop points.

Only the group winner will make it to the quarterfinal stage where they will play host nation South Africa.



  1. Dalitso sanalakwe china chili chonse, ndipo anachita bwino kuyakha muchilanhkulo chake, English si chilakhulo chochokela kumwamba kuti ngati suchiliakhula bwino wachimwa, English ndichilakhulo ngati chichewa. Osewera mpira ambiri oziwikwa sayakhula english, chisazo Zidane simuzamumva pa interview akuyakhula english amayakhula chiyakhulo chake, a Mess, Novete anakhala kunja nthawi yayitali koma anabwerako osaziwako chiyakhula china chili chonse chakunjako, amanyadira kwambiri ndi chiyakhulo chake, ifeso ngati a Malawi tizinyadira ndichiyakhulo chathu, Nzungu akamakanika kulakhula chichewa palibe vuto, koma Dalitso ndiye pali vuto.

  2. Komabe he is man of the match, sanalakwitse pa Mozambique pompa bwanji anthu kuwalankhulitsa English amakuyankha chi Portuguese …

  3. Speaking your Language isn’t a problem, but the problem with Dalitso:
    1. He did not pre-arrange for an interpreter
    2. He was not only speaking to Malawians, the whole world was watching and listening.
    3. He started answering in English when he knew well that he could not last long.
    4. His action ended the interview pre-maturely as the interpreter could not understand our language.

  4. Hahahahaha if u a proud with your language,,,,, nanga bwanj apa mukungokamba chonkhachonkha chizungu,,,,enafe sitikuvatu apa kkkkkkkkkk,,,,,,Sailesi sanapale!!!!;

  5. be happy wth ur language even there in south African many white people are also speaking ISIZULU so ifeso we must be proud of our own language

  6. I am happy for him just bcoz his legs can speak to anyone better than his tongue can. If you want to understand him better in your language, don’t read his lips, just read his legs .

  7. Malawians always with issues instead of being proud with our goalkeeper . Sailed keep it up .And we encourage our coach keep it up even big teams they loose like Portugal ,Man U but we he never heard that coaches r fired. Malawi change ur mindset

  8. Timati mpira ndi umenewo koma m’kalasi ndi mofunikabe. Adatero aphunzitsi a Daliso thaw I imeneyo koma iye sadamvere. Tawonani tsopano kumene zikulowera. He has skills in football but problems in speaking English his chances remain very minimal for him to excel

  9. Kusayankhula English Isn’t A Loophole And Thats The Problem With We Malawians. English Matters Nothing But What Matters Most Is How Bright Your Destiny Is!!

  10. So you will even laugh and poke fun at your own parents cos they can’t speak eNglish .,,,,,,shame on us Malawian, we need to grow up if we expect other nations to take us seriously

  11. Tisapite kutali kokuno ku SA maplayer akawafutsa in English amayakha zilakhulo zawo ndiye chavuta mchani kwa kaswiliyu,

  12. Thus y Malawi will remain poor Coz of Msanje is taking over 99% idon’t see eny problem for someone to speak in his mother language komanso ine chibadwileni sindinamvepo kuti team ikufuna player woyakhula English..ndiponso FIFA article 35:11 ikunena momveka bwino kut player ali ndiufulu oyakhula language yomwe amaxiwa ndipo nditchito ya mtolakhani kupeza interplater… chavuta apa ndiumbuli

    1. Simungamvedi kuti team ikufuna player oyankhula English sinanga mwabadwira komanso kukulira ku Malawi komkuno. Nde mutatenga player oti language yanu samamva mungamukoche bwanji man?

  13. Ukhoza Kukhala Odziwa English Bt Kumangolankhula Pa Kachaso No Prft While This Guy Mukti Sakdziwa Bt Ali Ndilunso,amalawi Amzanga Nsanje Tikafka Nayo Kt? Dalitso Umatha Kwangali Problem Man.

  14. Eish komabe zochititsa manyazi,, somehow class ndimofunikabe,,, english is common everywhere so atleast u must learn otherwize ndiinayake….

    1. you are more that a fool,even your bro he cant be interviwd by international repoter cz he cant reach the level of Sailesi.thuts y u girls wen u speak english u think like u are on top of the world bt u are many Chinese and amwenye knows english,bt most of them are rich in our own English malawians.NDIWE OPEPELA KWAMBIRI!!!

  15. The issue is not that people are talking bad of Dalitso but he embarrassed himself by choosing to reply to the reporter in English yet he knew wasn’t eloquent, others never dare to attempt the foreign language to avoid what happened to Dalitso. Lesson to my fellow country men if you don’t know the language speak your mother tongue.

  16. Nkhani apa siyachingerezi koma sailes..analakwisa anayamba yekha kuyankha english then ataona kt zabvuta anathawira kuchichewa….yekha amadziona ngati ndi dolo..anamuona kakhobwe dzulo anamtenga gomezyani zakazaka..

  17. The talent that he has iz much much important not his English plz. Anachita bho kuyankhula mother langauge Dalitso

  18. Or if Dalitso was clever, should have admitted that he can’t speak English and should have arranged for an interpreter and we wouldn’t have been embarrassed but he pretended in answering the first and the second switched to chichewa… We love our Nation and in African countries like Malawi we are a British colony and one of the Commonwealth countries who are able to speak English and the reporter can not dream that sailesi can’t speak English… If you speak English in Malawi it shows that at least you went to school.Football players throught school is not important and jumped through the window and today Dalitso has met what he runaway from. His face shows and tells it all that he was equally embarrassed for failing to speak English. So you people want to paint him white….mmmm let the truth be amended

  19. When we argue about his failure to listen and speak English…. Doesn’t mean we have something against him. In Malawi yes English is a language but also a measure of education for if Sailesi had gone to school should have able to understand and speak English. What we saw and heard from him surprised all of us…we didn’t know that someone who is coached by an expatriate speaking English can fail to speak even answering in chichewa was contrary to the question. Did he get the questions? Let me be those you have accused that we have something against him but I suggest that FAM should organise some trainings for the football players and other athletes who go international to at least know elementary English so as to avoid future embarrassment. We have been embarrassed both his failure to speak English and crushed out of the tournament may communication with the coach is not good in terms of language. The coach doesn’t speak chichewa. Akweee we will still use it on social its an embarrassment whether you like or not.

  20. Kamstwiri wathuyu sanalakwisepo ayi.ndiponso waziwitsa kuti ziko lapasi kuli zilankhulo zosiyana.mulibe luso lanu koma kugwetsa munthu yemwe watiimirira .sizingathandize amkulu. Tifunire zabwino kamtswuriyu akhale ndi mtima olimbika nakafika kofikako.

  21. Pokhalila pañu mwanva??ndati machende añu ñkhani ikhale ya dalitso??vutolanu ncha???eeeeh???
    Vutolanu nchani àsayenda inuu???

  22. Dalitso Sailes speaking home language like Chichewa was right and is notable that other nationals do speak like Portuguese, Swahili French etc

  23. palibe vuto kuyakhula chilakhulo chakwanu, nanga muthu sukukwani chizungu utani ungokhala duu ngat bubu,sizoona man…… bola iye anapeza doller bas

  24. Please this shouldn’t be debated because we are failing to support our own youth let’s stop this please let’s encourage our youth when the are doing well stop this evil mentality ,we are promoting youth but look as Malawian we like to pull down each other English its just a language it doesn’t mean your well educated come to Nkhatabay you will find youth whom have not been even in secondary school but the speak nice English and the can even beat those whom the claim like the know better than others look about China the do great things but the don’t know English let’s support our youth plz plz

  25. Thats not a problem not to talk english we see many players from other countries they come wth interpreters but no one talks just bcz he is a malawian like u then u make it a big deal pliz leave this boy alone as long as he is playing gud football thats what matters,big up boy(Dalitso) tilipambuyo pako

  26. chimwemwe tembo sukunama ngakhale kuno south Africa alipo ambirimbiri samva olo dontho chizungu but they’re working for awhite man

  27. palibe zimenezo sanalakwise kathu a china mess aja ma players otchuka kwambir koma chizungu ndi zero nfana yii waitha next tym uzapangeso chimodzi modzi axe

  28. English is not a major weepon used to measure someone’s talent or interigence,I’ve seen best players in the world failing to speak very good English but we stil admire and consider them one of the players the world can offer,we’ve had enough of this,haters get a life and back off

  29. One of the officials could have accompanied the young man,,,,the Coach of Mauritius had an interpretor coz he was not speaking English,,,,when our man started to speak in Chichewa,,the journalist didn’t pause another question coz she knew it was no good to all the viewers who werewatchingfrom other nations that don’t understand our mother language

  30. Leave him alone am proud of him kusayakhula chingelexi sikupanda mzeru guyz go to France, China, DRC Vuto ndi msanje chabe enanu….

  31. Post again that many People deslike the Behaviour of Undespline Malawian Football Players who were Laughing at Him during His Interview,,,Achimimijawo wakombola Ung’asiwu wangatendaga yele, wewula Wusongolo,,,They Can’t laugh that Loudly,,,

  32. I don’t see it as a problem bcoz even if you can Check in some Leagues like La liga many stars,,Don’t speak English properly,,,some don’t even Knw hw to speak completely, ,,,I think nanu a Malawi24 Zakusowani zopanga Post ,,,,ndiinu amene mmapangitsa kuti Nkhani zochepa Zikule,,,I don’t like this Post,,,I think nanu kulibe ozitsata zampira kumeneko eeti,,,,Ngawa yambone yeleyo nombe jamanja nkatamila unamakweleko apa

  33. Congrates to Dalitso Saile!!ndi munthu amene wapangitsa anthu ochuluka kuti apeze nkhani,palibe vuto pa iyeyo poti funso lomwe anafutsidwa adalinkha mokomera azungu komanso amalawi poti anayankhu English ndi Chichewa!!

  34. But hey……before switching to Chichewa he even said “TO MY COUNTRY” then continued in chichewa which we all understand here …..I just dont understand what went wrong pamenepo eish

  35. Daliso congrats !!! Nzeru mdindalama komaso ndalama ndi nzeru. Nothing elso.

  36. vuto nd technico panel ya flames,, imadziwa xoti mwana satha english osampasa transleta bwanji? taonapo ma coach ndi ma player akulu akulu akukanika english koma amapita ndi munthu omasulira

  37. Its easy to speak english but being man of the match is hard. Congrats Dalitso, zizungu zisakudwalitse mutu

  38. This is bull shit to the maxmum

    if he wanted to b good in english h would hv gone to school and b a journalist…bt h chose football thats someones carreer…

    and stop this nonses of laughing abt him nt able to speak english…

    Amalawi ntima ofuna kutsitsana wina akamapanga progress inlife ndi ochuluka heavy…

    i was in German recently ..u hardly see people speaking sp called English..they value much their own langauge as Dalitso did ..valueing our own mother toung language Chichewa…

    Bravo Dalitso …Bravo…

    dont b discouraged by ill minded people …..Demet

    1. Hahahaha u can’t make a career from football playing in Malawi super league It should be a hobby, but he is a good player tho

  39. Guys zopanda ntchto English ndichan aaaaaaaaaaaaaa alipo ambiri salakhula ngende muleken dalitso akhale dalitso bas ok

  40. Hahaha silly critism if you watched ma game Ena pa supersport especially a joweni muzamva akumufunsa shabalala mu chi Zulu nde kuti English kwawoko kulibe?

  41. sailes chingende amava kma mwina tine kt kulankhula.nanga ngat sanva chizungu amaziwa bwanji kt akumufunsa zampira?bwanji sanayankhe zokhudzu ulimi watsabola kapena watanaposi?gaba ndiye anachta kunena kt gel ine ai bola mpila,mlindimapepala onse agel kma mungampose wothawa sukuloyo?mapanzi anu

  42. sailes chingende amava kma mwina tine kt kulankhula.nanga ngat sanva chizungu amaziwa bwanji kt akumufunsa zampira?bwanji sanayankhe zokhudzu ulimi watsabola kapena watanaposi?gaba ndiye anachta kunena kt gel ine ai bola mpila,mlindimapepala onse agel kma mungampose wothawa sukuloyo?mapanzi anu

  43. ” Ife ndifee…ayanikooooooo?
    Ife ndife Amalawiiii……….

    ~Maso alinawo koma akulephera
    kuonaa~makutu alipo koma
    anagonthaa~chimene chikutionga
    mphamvu paufulu………….

    ## I think Amalawi ufulu ali nao kwambiri nkuona zolakwika za anzawo, iweyo ndi m’malawi and ukuyenera kunyadira ndi m’mene iwe ulili, Ngati Sailesi amayankha mafunso mumchilakhulo chake palibe vuto liri lonse,kwa ena amene amaonera interview imeneyo adziwa kuti mnyamatayu amalemekeza dziko lake,ndi m’malawi akuyenera kupanga za chimalawi,chifukwa ankanfusa funsolo amayankha,anakakhala kuti sakumva zomwe zikufunsidwazo anakangokhala ngati gonthi koma amamva nayankha funso lirilonse. Palibe vuto, ife ndife Amalawi.
    Proud to be a Malawian.

    Big up Dalitso….

  44. I think penapake atolankhani athu muli ndi vuto,kaya mudaphunzira school yake iti kaya,inu moti munganene kuti sailesi the whole world ndi iye yekha amapanga zimenezo,muzakula liti???? Mesi,Ronaldo ambiri amalankhula language yakwawo muzikula munthu instead timupange encourage mukumubweza kumbuyo,that’s y timati amalawi sitimatukulana tokhatokha,kaduka basi nsanje shame on uuuuuuuuuuuu amene mukumakoka nkhani imeneyo shame,shame,xoxooooxoxox!!!!!!!!!,,

  45. Oh my malawi walakwitsa chiyan munthu kulankhula language yanu .mmalo momuyamikira kuti wapanga zonyaditsa muli bzy kukamba za english .bwanji simunena L messi akamalankhula zilankhulo zakwaooo

  46. Palibe nkhani apa a Malawi timadzitenga ngati ozindikila bwanji! Timawonela mipila yambili samakaniza kulankhula language yakwanu, it’s not a must Kuti aliyense adzilankhula english

  47. English ikuwavuta ma MP athu Ku parliament nde mulimbane ndi Sailesi? Even pa Malawi24 pomwepa timaona grammatical errors ngt kulibe editors

  48. There is no problem because chichewa is our language in Malawi.Dont waste time debating for nothing.Instead of appreciating that despite the draw we made but our player was chosen as man of the match u r discouraging the player.Tikhale ndi umunthu

  49. A Malawi ndife omvetsa chisoni sititha kuzikhulupilia pa zathu nthawi zonse koma kutsatila basi. Palimbepo choti Sailes anyozedwele monga tachitila anthu ena.or titachidziwa chizungu bwanji we will never b mzungu mMalawi basi.

  50. English is a foreign language. The best language is our mother language. The stupid thing is to advertise others business yet you have your own to advertise. Let our mother language go beyond the continents so that even Europeans know there is Chichewa somewhere. Big Dali Sai..

  51. Chaphindu chomwe tapezako ku Cosafa ndi u man of the match ndiye kuti munthuyi anayesesa kulifera dziko lake ndie ife tasiya zimenezo kakaka pa chiyankhulo cha eni.Neba watiimilira

  52. KODI kulankhula chichewa ndi tchimo? Wachita bwino Dalitso. We must be proud of our heritage.chichewa is part of it .even in in the world of football famous players speak their cultural languages.speaking english will not make you professional . muzinyadila zillankhulo za makolo anu

  53. Otha chizungu tilikumudzi kuno pamene odziwa mpira alikunja

  54. Ronald wa Ku Brazil analankhula chilankhulo cha kwao pa mene anakhala osewera bwino Mpira padziko lonse lapasi tsopano chavuta ndichiyani Dalitso kulankhula chichewa pompa pa Joni komaso kachikho ka cosafa aaaaaa Malawi nsanje thoo zokamba mbwee umbuli basi

    1. Sukudziwa chomwe ukunena mkulu. Ronaldo amalankhula official or business language of Brazil which is taught in Brazillian schools. Our official or business language is English and it is also taught in schools. Sailesi anakanika kuyankhula this business language. That on its own is a problem.

  55. Mwachitsanzo Gaba anthu ankamuseka kuti adalakwa mayeso a JCE. Koma akudya ndalama amene akuti anaphunzirayo. enafe tizangofera kuphunzira koma palibe chimene tikuchita. Mulungu adapereka talent lakelake. please, leave Dalitso alone. just support him regardless of the club you support.

  56. Nde uchisiluo.inu a Malawi24…musamakhale ngat mwasegula kumene page yanui…ngat Shabalala anayankhula chizulu…chosecho akumpanga interview mchizungu.wats wrong with him speaking Chichewa…ngat akufuna amve zomwe ananena afufuze translation simple,just like we do wen gys from france speak french,sitimawinyai.timangoona translation..nde musamangoponya nkhani iliyose ndizopanda mutu apa..inu nde oziwa kwambili chizungu??inde ma dgree muli nao,,tiuzeni calculator mchichewa ndichan?(Zopusa bas)

  57. This is just alesson to upcoming footballers….zimanthandizanso znthuzi nanga inutu limeneli linalinso vuto?.

  58. Many stupid Malawians equate English speaking to intelligence. Whenever one tries to speak in broken chichewalised English, you also laugh. What’s your problem? Go to Nigeria where their English reflects their mother tongue, do you laugh?

  59. Just to be more precisely, that interview is so worth to cause shame, even Dalitso himself knows it. If it was for the love of his mother tongue language why then did he start with English in the first place? Bola akanayamba kuyankha in Chichewa right from the beginning of the interview, nobody could have raised eyebrows. Koma tawonani even his responses ndizomwe amafunsidwa so irrevant…..Amene ali ndikuthekera amthandize mnyamatayu basi, osati tinamizane kuti zinali bwinobwino pamenepaja…nobody is jealousy of his success koma tikonze pomwe sipali bwinopo basi….

  60. wat i can say z t congratulate sailesi t b man of much not zonyazisa mzanuzo y can’t u talk more abt Diamond amaimba chi Swahili. pot ndiku Tanzania bt it doesn’t mean dat he don’t know the English no! bt proud of his culture so y Malawian???

  61. kod apita ku cosafa kukalankhula chingerezi kapena kukasewera mpira???????? kwa inu amene simuonera mipira ya kunja khalan chete ,pamene imasewera nd Tanzania amene anali man of the match mesa anayankhula chilankhulo cha kwawo????? Messi,,Ronaldo bwanj amafusidwa mafuso achingerez km amayankha mu zilankhulo za kwao?? Mchiyan kod amalawi??

  62. kod apita ku cosafa kukalankhula chingerezi kapena kukasewera mpira???????? kwa inu amene simuonera mipira ya kunja khalan chete ,pamene imasewera nd Tanzania amene anali man of the match mesa anayankhula chilankhulo cha kwawo????? Messi,,Ronaldo bwanj amafusidwa mafuso achingerez km amayankha mu zilankhulo za kwao?? Mchiyan kod amalawi??

  63. Kodi inu simunaawone ena pompaja akuyankhulana ndi mtola nkhani kudzera mwa womasulira english. A malawi tisazikweze ndizachikunja kutaya chikhalidwe chathu. Lets not spoil others , stop negative comments but b proud of our player who derseved such a gift out of all 21 players in the pitch. inu mphatso yanu ndichani yomwe Mulungu anakupasani?

  64. if u watch football and hear what coaches speaks when r being intervied u can’t brem sailes guyz Ku Malawi munatan kod

  65. Our way foward is look if Flams can go ahead not to teach players how to speak proper English during interview.Dalitso Sailes he do good on his play prefomance thsts only point that All Malawian need not to talk discarriging things..Well done Dalitso

  66. Hahahaha I was going through all the comments but nobody has written his comment in CHICHEWA yet you are castigating the same language. CHILUNGAMO NCHAKUTI CHE SAILES chingerezi chinawapeta Whether he is earning money or what

  67. Mr Dalitso Sailesi dzulo zake zinayenda,anali man of the match.kulandiranso check cha ndalama.what about you stupid idiot busy kumangoseka for nothing.

  68. Go to school u learn how to speak English fluently and afterwards u remain poor without cash.Can u feed ur hungry kids English?In modern age people go for talent and skills.Speaking ones language is a sign of patriotism that u love and being proud of ur country.Muchedwa ndikulankhula zizungu muli mbuu kutuwa ndi umphawi while other r making cash using skills.

  69. While it is very true that Dalitso has every right to speak his mother’s language at international events like the one he is participating, it is also very true that it is important to send our wards to school coz it also helps in so many ways.

  70. Those talking shit dey dot know wat iz happening de world! Even messi I never see him speaking English! What’s up u guyz!

  71. Oshi,am Here In Maputo Mozambique,bt Many People Here Spks Portuquese,they Les Masambakuleti English,and Most Of Them Who Are Hr Are Malawian,zimbabwean,zambian,south African And Many More,bt Only Who Spks English Are Foreigner,so Thumb Up Dalitso Sailesi,he Was Made A Certain Histroy Whch Even Whte Pple Wr Proud Cause He Didnt Shw Arrogant Bt Fnny Wth Hs Maza Toung.Be Forward….

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  72. Zazii kunyoza mzanu atapanga K180 000 pa 90 min yokha.inuyo muyankhule english yanuyo tione ngati mupeze olo 50 bar after 90 min.mapazi anu onyoza nonse

  73. Even if it was me, ndikanalankhula chichewa kuti a kumudzi amveko. Silence ndidolo. Amatha mpira , that’s why sanatenge akutha chizungunu.

  74. In Africa we have countries which use French ,some Swahili some Portuguese . I don’t even remember Chichewa on the map of African languages, so teach your players English as a means of communication nothing more or less.

  75. Every moment every move he made was marvelous he is a gem. To spice up his talent he is proud of his motherland language(Chichewa) Big up Lito lad you got a very bright future I enjoyed watching you dribbling, you made made me feel dizzy every time you had the ball on your foot. can’t wait to watch you again in the next game. Even on your passport kumapetoko kuli mawu a Chichewa.

  76. A person 4m malawi should speak malawian language eg chichewa.. why 4cng someone 2speak the language he doesn’t like?? be proud of ur malawi.. pala mkumanya kuyowoya chizungu ndiko kuti ndimwe bazeru yayi, chala nadi

  77. Ndipo inu mumazimva kuti mmatha chizingu simuzakhalako man of the match ndie bola iye wakhalapo despite chizungu chamulaka iye anaona chanzeru kuti aziphwetekerenji ndi chizungu nde bwezi mipira kulibetu hiya tazingolembani tizizungu zanuzo mmakalata muziponya mma companymu pozakuitanana Ku ma interview iiiii sipano pamene iye ena amuona ndipo azapezeka akupita nazo Patali inu muli bizy kumakamba za chizungu chake hiiii amalawi simuzatheka atah

  78. He didn’t go there for Teaching interviews. He is there for football representing Malawi national what’s wrong with him ?inu monga simunanve zomwe analankhula? Naneso ndiesekeni.some of you didn’t even got the question the interviewer asked.congrats Sailesi 4 being man of the match kwa eni

  79. tsano ndemangazi mululembaso chizungu kkkk….nchilakhulo ngati chiyawo chilomwe,muvutikiranji ndichilakhulo Malawi is still a colony.

  80. Wise pple appreciate wen others do well. Am nt surprised to see D, Sailesi bng criticised by fellow Malawians, it’s a clear indicatn of hw jelousy & unwise Malawians r. Congrats Dalitso kip it up watiimilira, we sent u to play football nt to b a journalist

  81. He’s only a football player not a linguist or in grammar school. There are professors out there who don’t speak English what’s wrong with the lad?

  82. Ine ndine sapota wa noma koma zomwe wapanga sailesi sizolakwika kusaziwa chizungu simlandu woti mpakana ikhale nkhani…amalawi tinangozilowela kunyoza basi ndipake sitikutukuka… I hate to be Malawian!!!!!

  83. Man of the match btwn zim n Mauritius which has just ended cud not speak English as well so what get lost with ur so called English

  84. iiiiii kma atora khan akumaraw muli ndi mvuto,m’malo moti muzikamb za ma straker kt akulephera kuchinya inu muli bizy kukamb za sailes,musiyen mwana apume

  85. Tili busy kukamba zamunthu oti zake zikuyenda… Kuyankhula bwino chizungu Kaya kusayankhula bwino iye alibe nazo problem bola akuphaka money… Enafe tingoseka Koma palibe chimene timapanga kwachera kumangoona ma mistake aanzanu basi mukhala choncho mzanu akuphaka dhola kkkk… Big up dalitso sailesi osaopa.. Zako zikutheka basi

  86. Nothing wrong with Dalitso Sailesi punching in some chichewa in that interview.. After all he was addressin that statement to his fellow malawian citizens who speak and hear chichewa

  87. If u have been in South Africa nd ask black people direction in English they say to u simuzungu ini they need black language what’s wrong Malawian always u make urself salvage,English is language not school be proud of ur mother language,am here in South Africa nd know each language but I speak my Malawian language am proud to Malawian

  88. Don’t forget Education is a key kkkkkkkkkk ngati zili choncho sailes sapita patali ndi lunso lake chifukwa ngati apita kunja communication yikakhala yovuto koma eish nothing to say

  89. English is not a measure of how educated one is. english is just like any other language. Sailesi did not make any mistake, he did what he knows best.

  90. He represented us and our nation, I wonder why should not be proud of him.

    1. Kkkkkkk. A name tsopano! English is not a ‘world language,’ but an official language in some countries just like Portuguese, French, Arabic are official in other countries. Listen to Messi or Ronaldo being interviewed: they are not conversant with English, but that does not mean they did not go to school. Even Muamar Gaddafi himself never made his speeches in English at UN or AU summits. Will you tell us he was not educated? Speaking good English does not mean being more educated, just as failure to communicate in the same does not mean being uneducated. Bwahahahahah!!

  91. Next Game,amene Mumatha Chizungu Inu Go Thea And Speak English Tikaone Ngat Akakupasan Ndalama.English Is A Language And Futbol A Sport.Not All Can B Gud At Both!

  92. Ine monga mphunzitsi Wa chichewa ndampatsa kale 100% mnyamatayu aneni ndi afotokozi anawayala bwino zinangosoweka Ndi sinjiro za chiyankhulo mikuluwiko Ndi zining’a basi. Azungu akabwera kuno sayankhula chichewa amalankhula chizungu ife kumatanthauza lero nawo atanthauze chichewa cha Silesi

  93. Amalawi timafuna kukhala ozindikila pazinthu zomwe sizili mbali yathu palibe chifukwa chomunyonzela ,Star ,wathuyu ,mpila ndi sukulu sipachibale ndiluso yochokela kwamulungu,enanu chimene mumaziwa ndi ufiti ndikuba musamale nonse!!

  94. It doesn’t matter speaking our mother’s language,istead of congulaturating him,we r busy spiting bad languages,this won’t help us! I am happy that he has put mw on the map,well done Daliso,let them talk.keep forwad ever

  95. Mungotaya Nthawi Yanu Pachabe SAILESI Akudya Makobili And Mulankhula Mutopa But SAILESI Will Remain Sailesi Come Rain Or Sun…

  96. Being picked as a MOTM at such tournaments it might come with emotions and excitements. Therefore there is a possibility of language irregularities that Dalitso avoided or might have avoided. He started with English and ended up with Chichewa which to me doesn’t mean he doesn’t speak English. No. No. No.
    On the other hand failing to speak English for a Malawian can’t be something of a surprise. Malawi is not Zimbabwe or South Africa.
    In Zimbabwe going to school was a compulsory thing while in RSA Whites are everywhere so English must learnt at a cheaper price. To me there is no big deal.

  97. Theres nothing wrong For Sailesi to speak chichewa on tv coz Drogba, Rolnado of Brazil and other prayers w hav seen them on tv speaking Local languages nobody in Malawi feel wrongly about them.

  98. Umboni tili nao kuti anyamata athu osewera mpira chidwi chawo pa nkhani ya maphunziro amachitaya , ngakhale anthu kapena dziko limawachondelera kuti maphunziro patsogolo. Dziko lathu limadziwika kuti limalankula chingerezi chifukwa tidalandira ufulu kuchokera kwa angeleziwo . Alipo ambiri omwe salankula chingerezi ngakhale amasewera ku England bola iwo akupeza chakudya cha lero. Gaba adanyozeka kuno atalephera JCE koma lero sitingafanane naye. Tiyeni timulimbikitse Sailesi kuti ukaipa dziwa nyimbo limbikira mpira omweo basi mawa uzalandira ulemu. Mtolankhani akadamufunsa mu Chichewa panalibe nkhani , akanatenganso omutanthauzira inali nkhani inanso . Chilankhulo cha mu mpira ndi chimodzi mzungu amamvana naye basi. Sanchez ndamuona akulankhula cha kwao ndi mtolankhani ku Russia ku Confederation Cup. Nsanje bwanji amangwetu ?

  99. Those interviewers they can’t even speak one or 2 chichewa better Dalitso showed how multtallentend he is

  100. Kuli anthu ambila samatha kayankhula English ngati osewela wa team ya Manchester city Gabriel Jesus samatha kunyankhula English amangoyankhula chiyankhulo cha kwawo ku BRAZIL

  101. May be the problem is he started responding in English, may b he shud av asked for an interplator, but the idea of beafing him is not fair

  102. Dalitso brought this on himself he started something which he was not able to finish, if he could’ve just answered in chichewa at the outset he could have been vindicated. #mytake

  103. Lets be proud he was man of the match than concentrating on English subject which most of us are not even better.Tpical Malawian thinking always fault finding.

  104. Basi konseko kusadziimila panokha koma mudzitamabe British pena pake osamanyadilako chikhalidwe chanu bwanji ngakhale iyeyu kunali kumuvuta koma umoyo wake ukuposanso otha kuyankhula English wo tiyeni tikhale anthu okonda chikhalidwe chathu nthawi zina ngakhale ma paliament anzathu maiko ena samalimbana ndi English muinenayotu koma ndi maiko otukukanso.

  105. Absolutely nothing wrong with speaking our beautiful Chichewa! Malawi24 give us news with substance, iyi si nkhani yoposita ayi, kaya chiyawo, chitumbuka akanatha kulankhula, congrats Dalitso, thumbs up, umatha!

  106. The only mistake I saw was kuponyamo kachizungu in his speech. Adakangoyankhula Chichewa chokha. Sanaone nzake wa ku Tanzania uja? Anyway, I salute Dalitso.

  107. Be busy with ur education so that u shud speak good English while ur friends are making money. Gaba did not go far with his education but he is richer than some professors, Dalitso spoke chichewa but he obtained more money big up Dalitso for showing that ur a Malawian and ur language is chichewa. This also shud be a lesson to MPs mumangokakamira tizizungu tanuno Ku Parliament chonsecho those who voted for u are getting nothing.

  108. This guy is a genius! I like him. Why struggling with a language that you are not familiar with?

  109. Should he excels with his career, all these mouth will shut for good, just like what happened to Frank Mhango
    But to all parents who have kids with extra talent, please encourage them to pursue with education just in case.

  110. Its sad that people are laughing at him what funny is that when a white man speaks broken we only smile at him and some even say its not his language at least he tried.

    If that’s the case what the difference with dali??is failing to express himself in a foreign language wrong?

    Don’t judge him according to this.

  111. He has really proven that he’s a malawian coz of the languge! dont cheat urself dat u r inteligent coz of bng able to speak English coz some r just fluent but r empty in their upstairs so nothng wrong with him! ‘yanjiru siiswa mazira`learn to apreaciate wat u r.

  112. Dalitso Sailesi is Dalitso Sailesi no matter what! Mzungu akayankhula chichewa nde kuombera m’manja eeeee amatha man koma m’malawi akati ayankhulenso English nomwenu mumayamba mmmm matama atitidziwekut amatha chizungu ayankhulenso chichewa walakwisa mumafuna atani? Of all the countries worldwide is only Malawi munthu akalakwitsa English timamseka ndikumweruza koma kwamzungu zimenezo alibenazontchito kwaiye zot ukulakwisa salabada chomwe amafuna ndikumvanabasi. Big up Dali

  113. Why so stupid and corrupt minded malawians you think speaking English is being on top of everything. No sense ku cosafa akusewera mpira si ku grammar school ayi. I salute Dali. Ndichizungu chanu cho mukumvetsa mukukhala momvetsa chisoni even pa mozambique simudziwapo. Is it your first time kumva munthu akuyankhula chiyankhulo chawo pa interview. Aaa shame on you.

  114. There is no way of braming the KING indd he is a king that’swhy he used his mother tongue,he was the manager to say wat he wants

    You are the same pple downgrading our nation.If you know English why have you failed to change the name MALAWI into English (WHY?).Each nation is known with its name like Malawi is it English,China, Zambia. Sailes be patriotic like that am proud of you keep on burning.Shame to Malawi and STOP.

    1. u r ryt bra, if they can go to my Neighbour, TZ, and interview players. they will find that 98% of the players can’t spk English. So Y Sailes amusiye mwana

  115. Kumenya Moira ndi kuphunzira ndi zinthu ziwiri zisiyana , English is just a language ,mpira is another talent even bubu atha kukhala man of the match

  116. if it was a mtumbuka…..with such grammatical errors …….pakanakhala ma comment eeeee mtumbuka chimiz …..heeeee chani chain uko………………..kaya nde atumbuka analakwanji kaya

  117. let me ask…..what iz the reaction of Supersport after they realize that walankhula chichewa???umpezele vuto ndiwe???ndiwe ndaniiweyo???kuphunzira kwambiri or what (((((((((( foolish)))))))))))

  118. Eric mathoho , andile jali ndi ena ambili sadziwa chizungu koma sudzava akuwanena koma ife amalawi mmmmm tili ndi vuto larikulu ndithu

  119. Nanga ma komenti tikuwalembanso mu chizungu chifukwa chani??? alembereninso mu chichewa kuti adziwedi kuti nafe timanyadira chiyankhulo chathu kaya… Sanalakwe mwanayu iwowo ngat akufuna azikhala ndiowatanthauzira palibepo nkhani apa

  120. NO SENSE WAY OF THINKING COULD THAT BE A PROBLEM NO DALITSO YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING GOOD BECAUSE IT WAS NOT A COMMAND and also as we are malawian people we had our language so there is no way stupid person can say no sense thing and own your information better him he has started in english but if he were you you could not say anything so umakwana DALITSO phunzitsi akulephela kunkhula english how special is him manyazi bwanji

  121. Kkkkkk Eeee! Ihave Seen That Being Acelebrity Is Asin Own Its Own, Instead Of Sending Best Wishes To Him People Are Busy Disgracing, Insulting Daliso Sailesi Malawians Why, Nooo! This Kind Of Behaviour Must Stop Now Please Goverment Create More Job Opportunities So That People Can Have Something To Do

  122. What’s wrong doing the interview in the language he is comfortable to himself. There are lots of great players and managers in bigger leagues or competitions in Europe who speak in their language. Shame to the interviewer for not doing her work professionally.

  123. The sooner they learn to speak their native languages the better ngati muzungu sakumva apeze womasulila this is our african and our own languages are important chizungu kumbuyo
    Pepani angelezi ndangonena

  124. First of all am really embarrassed… Embrassed with Malawi24 for thinking this is something ppo need to talk or debate about. You mean the whole game this is what u could come up as a story? Do you guys study hw ur friends in other countries handle these kinda issues? U r way behind if u thinking this is a story to run….n u should really be ashamed, big time ngati mukusowa nkhani mukanayiuza tizikupasani. Everyone is entitled to speak in which ever language thy r comfortable with and its no against FIFA’s rules.

  125. Guyz even my kids roughed at him when he started our chichewa.The point here is that people weren’t expect to fail that interview being astar.May b my kids were loughing at him because they wished to b footballers but since he failed,its when they started loughing.

  126. Anthu enanu ndinu ofuntha anamufusa mu chizungu iye anamva ndichifukwa chake anayankha muchichewa cholinga choti amziwe kuti ndiwakumalawi koma enanu kosaziwa ndi umbuli mkufasa kumamuchitisa manyazi mzanu poti wa onekako pa t.v. koma inu chibadwileni basi mtima biiii aaa inu funani xochita amwenye akufuna okolopa mmashop mwawo mwina mkafuseko mwayi.

    What’s all this fuss about Dalitso Sailesi, the Flames attacker who put up a sterling performance against the island nation of Mauritius yesterday earning him a man of the match accolade?
    So much has been said about why he abandoned English settling for Chichewa during a post match interview.
    My views are that the lad is a hero and should only be treated as such.
    1, Football is not played in English, the boy was not recognized for shining in an English class but his exploits on the soccer field earned him the award.
    2. English is only a language and has never been a measure of intelligence. That is why lots of people whose proficiency in the queens language is above average are there languishing on the bottom of the social ladder.
    3.English is not in any way superior to our local languages, tumbuka, yao, sena, chewa, tonga, lhomwe etc are equally mediums of communication and should never be underrated
    4. When Bob Marley sang ’emancipate yourselves from mental slavery’ he meant that there are attempts by the west to in plant an inferiority complex into us[Africans] to regard what is from the west as superior to ours. Dalitso showed great character by embracing Chichewa which is equally an international language spoken in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and [parts of Tanzania otherwise called chinyanja.
    5. As a football player being interviewed it was within his rights to use any language of his choice and he simply switched to Chichewa to communicate to his people. Similary the Tanzanian player chosen for the same award in the next game used Kiswahili without hussles. In the same vein many international soccer stars have problems with English including Kun Aguero of Argentina, Brazilian Neymar Junior, Alexis Sanchez of Chile just to mention a few.
    6. Time has come for us as Malawians to refuse being brain washed that speaking English is a sign of civilization. The other day it was Gabadinho Mhango who was vilified for failing JC exams. The lad is now swimming in money while those boasting of an a kingsize English vocabulary are kissing the canvass of pauperhood. Sorry guys but to me, Dalitso Sailesi is a hero who has not only showed the world that Malawi also has football gems who can dazzle at international stage but also can be confident enough to place his native language on the map.
    I beg to move.

  128. hey! stupid to those who are accussing sailes’s interview, english is not a messure of intelligent, it is just a foreign language, congrax dalitso big up

  129. Speaking English isn’t a tool for measuring how intelligent someone is.English is just a language like any other language therefore I see nothing to fuss about

  130. Nyamata wa team ya fuko ndakunyadira, ife ndife amalawi timadziwika ndi chichewa basi, usapeze wina aliyense oti adzikuphunzitsa english angakubele ndalama, Mulungu akudalitse.

  131. Amalawi timachenjela pa m’Malawi mzathu,timatenga azungu ngat Mulungu wathu kut chlichonse chomwe amachta ndchamzeru,moti homosexual ija adakayambitsa m’Malawi bwenz titamupha kalekale,uchtsru bas.

  132. Good English doesn’t put food on his table bt his skills & tactics. And he is very much proud to be a Malawian thus why he felt it was necessary & comfortable to answer the questions in his motherland language. Am very much proud of him. Whoever is condemning him shud go to hell akapale moto…….

    1. Wa Arsenal, these guys they really need english. they really have to learn to speak. if they cant speak means they can understand what coach tells them. despite that, they also suffer after there career is over. they can’t get another work at age of 35. soccer is a very short career…………N/B.

  133. Palibe vuto kulephera kuyankhula chingelezi kwathu kuni ku Malawi tiyenera kumanyadiraso chiyankhulo chathu za eni zitisokoneza

  134. Amalawi,aMalawi,moti alendo aku Morocco aja anafika Ku Fam ankayankhula chi French simunawaone kuti mukalimbane ndi Sailesi poti anayankhula chichewa Ku joz

  135. Koma muzindikile kuti English sichiyakhulo chathu amene mukusekanu mulibeso kalikonse koti mungapange dziko kukuziwani Ngati mulibe Mau bola mukhale chete

  136. This player has sbown our Identity,those who opose this player dont value our languege and have never traveled abroad,even in united nation sumit there are interpriators who interpriate various langueges into english ,did you see any article which write on that,malawians be civilized,lets be aproud of our player of being man of the match that insulting him in any circumstance

  137. You mawian guys are big headache problem in our country nowonder u cant even pronoun England words properly go bak to ur country u goats and donkies

  138. Ine ndi sapota Noma komaso Flames.Koma ndikufuna ndiyamike ndikuthokoza chifukwa cha ntchito yabwino yomwe Dalitso wayigwira.AMalawi tiyeni tiphunzire kuyamika pamene wina wachita bwino.Kulankhula ndikumva chizungu zingapindulenji ngati ulibe luso?Lemekezani luso ndi ntchito za ena. Dalitso pitilizani kudzipeleka kuti Africa ikuwoneni ngakhalenso Europe


    Let’s be honest, we can’t compare Messi with Silesi or Tanzanian man of the match who also did in his language. these people they learn all in their language, while we learn all in english. Mesi country is not english nation, Malawi is english Nation. would you really see it as not a problem? if he can’t speak can he communicate with his Coach? can he have a future after soccer career is over? hence we all knows better that Soccer is short career.

    This problem should be solve once and for all. FAM should introduce english classes for soccer players. That will help us foreing coach not insulting us that we don’t understand them. They don’t apply what they have been advised to after halft time or game plan. That’s the reason they just play with their talents.

    1. 🙂 Lottie Mwembi being spoken and being english colonized country is two different things. how do you learned your alphabet, in english or chichewa? and how do they learn theirs? Perhaps you u don’t understand the difference of it. eg. malawians with Tanzanians or Malawians with Mozambicans.

  140. Palibeso nkhani APA,eni Ake akuno Ku SouthAFrica amalankhula chilankhulo chawo pa interview, ena amaphatikixa kumene,komaso for yr information kuno Ku South Africa anthu kumawalankhula English amadanazo,amakuwuuza kuti iwowo sazungu kapena iweyo simzungu kuti udziwavutitsa ndi English,enanu simunayende that’s why mukuona za chilendo,APA ingomunyadirani mwanayu for being man of the match.

  141. WHATS WRONG with us ” Malawians” ??? I can’t see any big issue here. We are not born to speak other peoples lounges. Messi has a white skin and play a top class soccer but fail to speak frequent English, no one Is taking Fosse of that. Try to ask Rooney a question in chichewa and see if he can understand.

  142. amalawi amalawi, ndati amalawi! sikake lija munkamunyoza gaba kut walephera mayeso a JCE pano inuyo ama degree oziwa kuyankhula chizungu muli bzy kuvala ma jezy ake, anzanu anaphula pano ndi umbuli wake , musiyeni Dalitso sailesi apeze mtendere , inu okutha chizungunu munapangako cholozeka ku maso kwa anthu ndi english yanuyo, musatibowe apa za ziiiiiii mukhalila yomweyo yomanena anzanu uku mukusauka za ziiik

  143. tamvabe chichewa pa supersport,interview iliyonse kumeko, chonde chamakolo chilankhulo chilowepo kupatula chamakolo cha RVG chitidutsa kowopsya

  144. Kkkkkkkk komabe tasekatu after flames kutikhumudwitsa iye ndikuzabwela ndiyovutilapo ya chiyankhulo mpaka nkhawa chipele.

  145. i dont see anything wrong with that we are proud of our language as malwians how come outside coaches do talk in thir languages and no one blames them.lets be proud of this guy

  146. Shame on us haters, instead of appreciating what our own son of Malawi has achieved we are busy giving it a blind eye!!!! Bravo Sailesi for making it big during the ongoing tournament, some and majority of us and our ancestors l will never have that chance…

  147. Ndikuiona ine apa yakula ndi nsanje a Malawi. Mmafuna Sailesi azingokanda ,zamanyazi kumangoti english english ndiye chani, kuyankhula english ndimmapemphero momwe pomwe ndinu achewa, alomwe, atumbuka enieni zamanyazi, yakwisya soni, vyakukoska soni a Malawi. Go Sailesi go.

  148. NOTHING wrong he addressed both audience international and home supporters by combining colonial masters language of English for international viewers and he said to Malawi then he spoke beloved official mother language of chichewa .Mind you the most spoken language on earth is mandalay chinese ENGLISH is spoken by less than 10% of world population . In Europe SPAIN spanish DENMARK danish ITALY italano latin GERMANY chi germany . KODI KACHIZUNGUKA nkachaninso INDIA billions of people speaks hindu

  149. Kkkkkkkk!!! Inu…inu!! , 4tball iz born talanted whle 2 know hw 2 speak English iz schooled talanted,so ngat dalitso sakuziwa hw 2 takul English akanatan,Meb mmafuna kut akhale ngat Chzete( Deaf) one osalakhulaaa???? Aaaah!! Amalawi azanga pliz learn 2 be mistake ov adder ppo.., Ndee mkabwela kuno ku Tz mzafa nd mphwetee nd ma players a national aTeam.

  150. There are so many top players in this world who are nt speeking english in their intervievs, so i dont see any problem to dalitso, we have to change our mindset believing that english is everything

  151. But to say the honest Dali has done nothing long wangofuna kuonesa kuti dziko lake amalikonda. More over ngati munaonela Angola ndi Tanzania you can bare me a witness kuti prayer wa Tanzania anayankhula chi Swahili chokhachokha why not blaming him. Tiyeni tikondane a Malawi. Lets give a very big hand ✋ for sailesi anagwila ntchito yotamandika

  152. Everyone has his or her own language. This is Africa not Europe. Even messi or CR7 doesn’t speak English in interviews. They have their language. Amangwetu mwatani kodi?

  153. kkkkk nchifukwa chake tidakali osaukabe Malawi ngati dziko! nanga kusatha english nchifukwaa? how many prominent footballers can speak english huh? weak minded people, so you associate english with success? Shame on you!

    1. anthu ambiri amakhala ndi mindset yopoila kwabasi, mentality iyiyi sitingapite patsogolo ndithu! tizingobwelerabe mmbuyo.. akanakhala mzungu nde mukanaona akuombera mmanja, success is not about english komaa…..

  154. 53 years of independence and still we think english is the best language on earth, shame on us. This guy is the hero and he deserve our respect

  155. i didn’t see any thing wrong in that interview. If you’re very careful you will notice that he Say’s “to my country” and proceed in our mother language. Koma poti ndife amalawi timayembekeza nthawi zonse wina alakwise basi. Mudziwe yesu mwina mtima umenewu uchoke pakati pathu

  156. Walakwanji munthu? Kapena chichewa amayankhulacho sichimayankha mafunso achingereziwo? Kapena panali yemwe amam’masulira mchichewa funso likaperekedwa kwa iye mchingerezicho? Pepani anthu odana ndi chiyankhulo chomwe munayamba kuyankhula muli ana.

  157. a malawi ndi choncho munalimbana ndi Gaba mapeto ake anakuchitisani manyazi pano mukulimbanaso ndi munthu wa luso,dikirani muyalukeso.big up Di Maria sailes akakamba azatopa

  158. This reminds of something and it was my first time to saw this…Its was PSL game between Baroka FC and Polokwane City..Both teams come from the same city and it was a derby…I cant remember the results but at the end of the game the captain for Baroka Fc was interviewed by a female SABC reporter…To my suprise He was responding in Tso’nga…It is unpopular language in SA but its the langauge they use in Polokwane and some ereas around

    The captain spoke in his mother tongue the whole interview….
    Even some coaches in the PSL they mix English and their respective mother tongue langauges

    I feel sad that it seems like Mpanje is still in the colonised regime

  159. in so many developed countries like China, korea, they do not bother spaking English,,, even many of their movies they do them in their own languages ,, koma si amalawi,, MMalawi mmakamaka iwe umpexere vuto sailes uli NAchilonda

  160. Speaking English fluent does not judge ones intelligence….. ask Messi, he does his interviews in his local language… leave him alone…

  161. gys ndixowona mayiko Ambiri salankhula chizungu ….evn kut upite kuchipatala doctor chizungu osachidxiwa or kupita ku bank kumene ose ogwira mmenemo only chilamkhulo chawo bas …nde inu mit chan mmmm tixinyadira chilakhulo chanthu gys

  162. We can say whatever we want to say, but my question is did the presenter understand what Sailesi was saying when he switched from English to Chichewa? coz for a conversation or an interview to go ahead there must be an understanding between two individuals. I watched the interview and in my opinion speaking his mother tongue wasn’t a bad idea it was awesome. But why English first then switching the language to you mother tongue knowing that there’s no interpreter and the presenter doesn’t know Chichewa? that’s why people are laughing.

  163. I think nkhani yeniyeni sikuti to speak English you need to be educated or intelligent. Thus Saileisi guy his issue is in two fold. He couldn’t understand English from the interviewer and also he cudnt continue talking in English hence his switch to Chichewa. We don’t blame the lad per say but let’s just encourage him to find someone to be his Trainer in English becaz even if we are comparing him to international players lack of fluency in English, they do not speak their mother or local language. They speak first languages which are also spoken somewhere internationally. Let the lad not speak Chichewa bcz it is not spoken elsewhere except Zambia our neighbours.

    1. Wrong man the guy understood the interviewer perfectly only problem was how to respond as far as am concerned let the supersport guys akamapanga interview communicate with a Malawian translator aah tech yonsey they cnt fail

    2. Hey mr and mrs stupid, u mean u want sailesi to find someone to help him with english? Hihihi why cnt you find someone to help feed yo poor relatives in the village? Amanu amatha chizungu inu? Iyeyu kufika potengedwa ku national team ndekuti hez gud at what he does en sakufunikanso chizungu nde awilinu ngati ili nyere go fuck already

  164. Amalawi dzakulani tsopano; mmalo molankhula kudzifunsa mafunso kuti nchifukwa chani team yathu masiku onse tikati tawina game ndi draw basi,
    nkumalimbikira zoti dalitso alephera kumaliza interview mchingerezi,zoona zimenezo???. Zilibe chithandizo chilichonse zimenezo, nanunso a 24,kodi bungwe lanulo lilibe malamulo ogwiritsa ntchito polemba nkhani?, tazilembani zinthu zogwira moyo, angati osewera anali m’ game yo oziwa bwino chingerezi, bwanji sadaithandize team kugoletsa zigoli ndi chingerezi chanucho???. Sinthani

  165. The issue is not that he failed to speak English but rather he failed to speak the official language of the country which is taught in our local schools. And this is a big shame for our youngster. It is true that people like Messi, Ronaldinho, Sergio Ramos etc cannot produce an English sentence but they are able to speak the official language of their countries which is also taught in their schools. If students in Brazilian schools learn in Portuguese then Messi should speak in Portuguese; if students in Cameroonian schools learn in French then Samuel Eto’o should speak in French, and if students in Spain learn in Spanish then Sergio Ramos should speak in Spanish. It therefore follows that if students in Malawian schools learn in English, Dalitso Sailesi should speak in English.

    Some are arguing that the ability to speak intelligence is not a measure of intelligence which is wrong. Intelligent people know the importance of communication. Man is very intelligent as compared to other animals because of his ability to communicate. Tell me an intelligent person who was unable to communicate and he was still regarded as intelligent if you can find one. Intelligent people master the art of communication. This is the very reason why players learn the language of the countries they are going to first before clinching a deal. The case of Mourinho, Guardiola, Eto’o, Ibrahimovic etc are very good example. Whether one likes it or not, Dalitso Sailesi is by all measures an illiterate boy who needs to improve his language skills if he is to succeed in the world of soccer.

  166. thats nOSENSE kumamunena,,, He did well, Mbuli za mbiri zili ku Parliament,, zimaimilila amphawi akumudzi omwee amawasankha,, koma akapita kuparliament amakagundinga kumangoyangula english ku parliament,, ncholinga anthu ammamidzi anawavotera aja , omwee samvetsetsa english asamave kalikonse,,, #SAiles ndi akatundu , ndamufeela,

  167. thats NOSENSE kumamunena,,, He did well, Mbuli za mbiri zili ku Parliament,, zimaimilila amphawi akumudzi omwee amawasankha,, koma akapita kuparliament amakagundinga kumangoyangula english ku parliament,, ncholinga anthu ammamidzi anawavotera aja , omwee samvetsetsa english asamave kalikonse,,, #SAiles ndi akatundu ,,

  168. Kuzolowera kulamulidwa ndi atsamunda kodi amalawi nsanje bwanji? ife kuno timalankhula chizungu mmidzi mwathumu? nanga amene akunyoza chichewayo kwao nkuti? kodi CR7 kaya mmati Ronaldo amayankhula chizungu akamufunsa za mpira? ngati muli nayo clip ya CR7 kaya mmati Ronaldo ya chizungu ponyani timve nawo. chonsecho ma team akunja mumasapotawo ena ma coach ake samathanso nchizungu chanuchop mukuchifunacho koma chonsecho mumati ndi supporter wa Real Madrid, ndi ma team ena aja….omwe ma player ake samalankukula chizungu pa interview aja. Tatiyeni a Malawi tichepetse mtima wa Nsanjewu

    1. You can say that again John!! The movie “Ronald” Rinaldoyo amayankhula chiyankhulo chake chokha choka osati chizungu!!! Messi ndiye sinamvepo atanena olo hallo!! Thumbs up Dalitso Sailesi I am so proud of you.. I celebrate your God given talent

  169. I hate Malawians, why are you against your own language? Most well known players who have billions in their pockets have never spoken English in life and you are here manhandling Sailesi for his tongue. Gaba ndiuja munkamuseka lero he is doing well without English. Sailesi, jealousy people are all over but never mind English is another kind of slave, it’s an improved slave style that’s what most Malawians don’t know.

    1. I remember patrick mabedi ankavutikaso kwambiri ndi English at his peak ngati player, Pano wapanga improve may be with practice

  170. I was very happy to hear some one of my mother language (chichewa) speaking Live on that TV.Dali big up,Kwathu kuno ndipo timalankhula Chichewa.

  171. Onse omwe akunena za Sailesi ndiye coach ngakhale maplayer ambiri otchuka pazikoli amayankhula chiyankhulo chawo bwanji samawanena?,ndipo ndikanakonda ife amalawi kulikonse tiziyankhula chichewa.Zachamba English yachani?.Leronso maplayer anthu akamafuna kuti ayankhule,ayankhule CHICHEWA.Iyeyo akampanga Sailesi intrw yo ndi mzungu?.Mapazi awo.

  172. Eee Its Too Much! Angotenga Aliense Bola Luso Bas? From Today, Any Player Need To Be A Holder Ov Msce, With Aggregate Ov Not More Than 15 Points! Amenewa Ndie Azilandira Salary? Kkkkk He Z Not Qualifying Even To Be A Cleaner Pa Stadium!

  173. Inu a Malawi 24, dont U’v some other things to concetrate on? Chukukhudzani nchani pa Sailesi? Taonapo fanz yochuluka yotchuka koma simva or kulankhula english koma zao zimatheka heavy. Munatani anthuni nsanje chonchi?

  174. English ikanakhala kuti ndi chuma.
    Bwezi MALAWI ali wolemera, coz timayitsata
    ndithu grammar yonse.
    Komanso English ikanakhala chuma, bwezi
    # South_Africa lili dziko losaukisitsa, coz
    timangophwanyilira olo grammar isagwire, but
    still popanda oseka mzakenso.
    Even ma player amu ABSA PREMIERE LEAGUE
    ena amapangidwa interview in English but
    kuyankha mu language yawo popanda
    Koma ife eeeeeeh eeeeeeh utsamunda
    udakalithooooo mmitumu hahahaaaaaaaaaa
    Ngati ndikunama sutsani ndithu kkkkkkk….
    English is just a language, you choose to
    speak or not…
    TANGOGANIZANI, ” University ya ku SOWETO
    inapangapo ma demo kamba kofuna kuti
    aziphunzila muchiyankhulo chawo osatinso
    chizungu”. Nanga UNIMA ingapange
    zimenezi ?, komatu HONESTLY, ena mpaka
    amapanga graduate, koma kuti ayankhule
    ENGLISH the whole day mayoooooo……..!!!
    Akhaliratu chete, sayankhula mpaka tsiku
    kkkkkkk kkkkkkk

  175. Palibe nkhani apa! Vuto timalemekeza chizungu kuposa chiyankhulo chathu. Taonapo maplayer akuyankhula ziyankhulo zakwawo. Wts wrong with him.

  176. People people wanthu wanthu. Pangani zanu za Dalitso zisiyeni lingalirani time u are westing. Coz simuzaipezaso nzanu mukumunenayo akudya tofewa kufewa inu ndine pano milomo chituwileni cha last week coz of bonya. Think guyz. Ena mwainu mukulimbikila inu nde mbuli zopanda nambala mukuyesa mubisalilla pa D, sailesi. Yayayayay umphawi ndichilombo cholusa

  177. Akulu ena ake anayimba kuti sukulu is mathero ndipo kuyankhula chizungu sikhuzira big up dalitso dimalia sailes bola iwe zako zikuyenda

  178. I watched the interview & what made happy is that he praised God 4 being man of the match unlike others who praise both the their girlfriends and wives,I don’t mean to undermine them though,but they have to come second

  179. Kkkkkk eish I really love what sailesi did, but anyway we can’t really blame him according to our English level. And it happens every where in Spain, England and even here in South Africa we have been watching many players speak zulu on interview. So its not a problem that he spoke chichewa the only mistake I saw is that he started speaking English while he knew that he is not good at it. He should just speak chichewa from the beginning. But anyway well done for brilliant performance.

  180. Sergio Ramos, munthu wandalama kuposa anthu amene mukuzitcha okutha English kma iye samatha… Gaba pano amalandila one million ndi kma wina umazitcha kti unapita ku college n u have the so called degree but u can’t find any job in town. but u dare open ur mouth n talk shit about our talelented brother. just imagine walking aimlessly in the streets hoping to find a job.but he has one. God gave him a something special. he will surely join Gaba n he will make money. you issue will coming on Facebook to correct his errors in English instead of finding ways of correcting money. my beloved Henrick of Manchester United doesn’t know English that much he is just like a stand one pupil but he has a beautiful mansion. English is nothing to be proud of. only poor useless Africans mind about that. all we want is to be successful in life. cheap n useless pipo are the ones talking shit. enemies of progress. these unsightly noma fans claim to be educated but they r the most stupid . u even don’t have an MSCE certificate … uchitsiru.. mukatha kachizungu nde mundikwane…. noma fans r wasted sperms. so pathetic with their jealousy life. the overrated Chester flopped against tanzania …

    1. foolish jerous pipo are the ones busy criticizing, while mzawo akupanga millions everyday, iwo they don’t c anything else to talk about than ku yankhula ma mistake amzawo, let them go to hell, he still won, zamunyasa aziphe!!!

  181. There nothing to take in this issue , he didn’t do anything wrong why criticizing your fellow Malawian have ever see white people failure to speak English amalawi basi kukhalira kunyoza

    1. Anatelo ndani a tionge ,musamazipusitse ,,,even achina messi ,,ronaldihno ,,diego maradona ,,,samayankhula chizungu ,,,,its not a must 4 a player to speak english ,,rather its a must 4 a player to have two legs

  182. Zazii,,,mfela english azanu akupanga ndalama monga Ronaldo,mess and Neymar,,they don’t even know single word in english.leave our man alone.

  183. Don’t worry dali even gaba zidayamba nd matukutuku chochi ,,onyoza ananyoza kom pano ati ziiiiiiiii,,kungot bullents ili ndi adan ochuluka kom akunama zako zili pafupi kuyela

  184. Fufuzani amene akudzudzula Dalitso ambiri ndi anthu amene samaikonda team ya Nyasa big bullets thats why pali nsanje amafuna akanakhala player wochokera ku team yawo imene amasapota ku Malawiko.

  185. One of indicators of culture is language so whats the problem when somebody speaks mothers tongue? Malawians let’s learn to appreciate what we are English is meant for Britons not us we speak Chichewa as our vernacular language

  186. Kkk Zampira izi musayiwale paja masapota amene ama hater Club ya Sailes ndamene akunyoza.Buanj Coach waku CHINA atabwera kno amalakhula ch Chinese Cha kwawo kma simumaseka,,, Nsanje Malawi sizatha.

  187. Am very proud with Daliso sailes bcoz he is proud too to speak his language in public, so what ? speaking yr language in public when it has come a crime? just leave a young man alone plz i beg u

  188. Why do we always want to act all English when we are just fucken Malawians from a poor country that has poverty beyond imagination and yet you are here criticising this fellow for speaking chichewa ,have you seen the sports news before when they interview footballers from Argentina or Asia do they speak English?

  189. kosi Vito ndi chani amalawi sanje yakula timawona Ronaldo ndi messie or zidane amalephera kuyakhula English komaso waku Tz uja amayakhula kishwaili nanga sailes walakwisa chani sanje amalawi

  190. Diego Costa, David Luiz ndi ena ambiri salankhula chizungu, sasekedwa bwa, palibe nkhani apa..conglats Daliso for being man of the match

  191. Palibe chomwe akudziwa anthuwa ngakhale ma player otchuka amalakhula chilakhulo chawo bwanji kodi amalawi . Osangoyamikirako kuti Daliyso ndiyemwe wasewela bwino kuposa onse. komaso english simasewela mpira koma luso lomwe ulinalo zabwino zonse dali

  192. He has the talent and I enjoyed seeing him play marvelously. Ambiri amene mukumpanga criticise simungathe kuyankhula chizungu for 30 seconds malovu atadzadza mkamva ngati mwadya poison.Munene za kabudula muneneso za chiyankhulo!!!!!

  193. Koma coach RVG amamumva? agent wake amuuze apite Ku open akayambe school basi komabe ndi mwana wabwino ndipo tipeleke ulemu, out of 22 players kusankhidwa iye uja its a big up

    1. Ya unena zoona ine atangotha kumupanga interview ija dzulo ndinamuuza mzanga kuti uona malawi 24 mawa ikhara nkhani, iiiiiiii amalawi 24 mumasowa zochita ndithu

  194. Even most southAfrican players when being interviewed in english they respond in their own languages bt we malawians eish tinatenga chizungu ngati kaya ndichani kaya feel pity kwambiri they dont even know that in other countries english is not allowed

  195. Game ikubwerayi azaopatu kukhala man of the match kuopa chizungu. Kkkkkk bola iye amaphwanya chichewa chake koma dollar ili mthumba. winawe ndi chizungu chako chabwinocho wangolowesa dzanja lonse mu panti mwako ukungokanda! big up mwana wa neba!

  196. ngakhale coach wa Angola analephela kuyankhula English koma palibe anapanga react to him, why you are busy to blame Daliso? akanayankhula english amalawi ambili sakanamva apo anathandiza amalawi onse

  197. Am in Kuwait (an Arabic speaking country) but even though I have been here for more than 1 year, I still can’t speak Arabic fluently.

    The good thing with the people in Kuwait is that, they don’t force you to speak their language.. If you can’t understand them, you simply tell them -shwee Arabic- meaning little Arabic or I hardly understand you……then they switch on to English…

    I love Kuwait.

    1. Joshua Chikoti, do you know that even Americans don’t know how to speak the so called good English?

      Do you laugh at them?

      Do you know that the biggest weapon the whites used to control the minds of the blacks was teaching them English?
      Go back to history n relate this.

      There are people who know English quiet well but vowed Never to speak it… When you ask them a question in English, they respond in their local language.

    2. its different my Man, you never learnt Arabic since from standard one to college level, you learned in english that’s is what helped you to be found in Kuwait.

    3. By that time, I couldn’t know the impact of learning English….
      What was behind being forced to learn English, now I know….

      The same applies with religious beliefs….
      Anthu amatha kubadwira mu Chikatolika koma nkudzasintha atakura nkulowa chisiramu or chi Adventist….

    4. Mbuzi Ku Malawi konkunoso Nsena sanganvane ndi mtumbuka pafuna ngende basi ufune usafune pita ukampeze muyao satha chichewa ada nzungu ataithaima anaona kuti amalawi akuenela kulankhula ngende basi kuti anvane usova ngati mulibe nZelu mutumo

    1. eti eti kodi Bennie Styllus T Phiri ndi ndani I wish nditamuziwa nditengetsane naye bwino kikk.. kodi mwina naye ndi player tu kkkkk?? Koma wapa bench kkkk

  198. Its a shame to Malawians. English is just like any other language. Being able to speak English language is not a measure of intelligence or education level. Its only in Malawi we still have this backward mentality those who have ever visit other countries can agree with me that English is not spoken as it is the case in Malawi. Go to Egypt, DRc, Sudan, Jordan, Mozambique just to mention few countries you will not find English dominating as the case in Malawi. Leave Dalitso alone, he has made Malawi proud, he emerged to be the man of the match which is important.