Malawi 0-0 Mauritius: Flames yet to score at Cosafa


The Flames of Malawi played their second consecutive game without scoring a goal at the 2017 Cosafa Castle Cup to draw 0-0 against Mauritius to earn their first point at the tournament.

Head coach Ronny Van Geneudgen made four changes to the squad that lost 2-nil to Tanzania on Sunday, with Innocent Bokosi, Levison Maganizo, Mecium Mhone and Ian Chinyama all coming in to replace Simeon Singa, Francis Mulimbika, Yamikani Chester and Lucky Malata.

Flames have a little hope of progressing.

The first chance of the match fell through to Mhone who forced Mauritius’s goalkeeper Kelvin Jean-Louis into making an early save for a corner.

The Flames continued to win ball possession in the middle of the park as Dalitso Sailesi, Chikoti Chirwa and Maganizo outsmarted Langue, Bell and Ballison.

However, to unlock the visitor’s defence proved too difficult as Jabulani Linje and Bokosi lacked the cutting edge inside the penalty box.

Mhone’ free kick was well cleared by Mauritius’s defence before another waste from Linje and after 45 minutes of play, goalless it remained.

Come second half, RVG was forced into making a substitute when left back Chinyama was injured when hr collided with Saranandif in an aerial combat and he was replaced by Mulimbika.

When the play was resumed, Malawi almost scored from a free kick when Lanjesi’ header was well saved by Jean-Louis.

Moments later, Bokosi had his header again well saved by Jean-Louis, who was the busiest on the as to compared to Ernest Kakhobwe in goals for Malawi.

With the clock fast approaching, RVG brought in Chester for Mhone.

Mauritius’s realistic chance was blocked by Lanjesi as they tried to punish Malawi from counter attacks.

Lanjesi was then booked following his challenge on Perticots to officially miss Flames’s final group A match against Angola.

As chances were being swindled, Linje wasted another golden opportunity when he successfully beat Rasolofonirira only to fire wide off the goal mouth.

Chester then made his way into the penalty box only to see his pass well blocked by the visitor’s defence.

The Flames pressed harder in order to break the deadlock but Mauritius’s defence stood firm to deny RVG’ men from collecting maximum points at the competition.

The result is a massive blow to Malawi who are still anchoring the log table with one game to play.

The Flames must beat Angola at all cost if they are to progress to the next round and at the same time, hoping for Tanzania and Angola to drop points.

Only group winner will make it to the quarterfinal stage where they will play host nation South Africa.



  1. Iwe kale ngati unawonela coach wa Mauritius anayakhula chizungu pamene paja?koma mbuzi mbuzi zanthu Ku Malawi busy kuloza dzala munthu,iwe okutha English olo pazobwe pompa sunafikepo,ndiye mphindu lake ndi chiyani?osatha English pafupifupi wayenda koposa iwe,ndiye chanzeru ndi Chani?mbuzi!!!!!!

  2. Vuto simakochi ayi. We’ve tried changing and changing the coaches but still this doesn’t work at all. Kutanthauza kut this is how unique Malawian football is. Very shameful…

  3. Malawi played well and the coach indeed he is working. The remaining part is finishing and scoring. Coach has the duty to identify players who can score. With time, am sure things will be better on our side. Let’s all remember that building a team takes time therefore RVG must be given the time to train our boys. He has started well.

  4. Lets give the coach enough time. He is gradually assembling a good team.Remember other coaches have been sidelining this Sailesi, but RVG has given this lad a chance and he has proved to the whole world kuti ndiwampira.

  5. My opinion Is that lets try to burn national team for almost 6 years without competing in any trophy for us to build team let’s tha players just participating in our local league because they are just wasting government funds losing is their favourite color why forcing them to win while they like a lose name please stakeholders, gvmnt stop giving them funds we r tired of foolish results it is only Malawi in SADC Countries that is still behind in football why why why my Malawi ?????????!? Oshiiiiiiii

  6. I think the problem is not the coach but the players. We were quick in hiring an expatriate its like treating the symptoms & not the disease. Some are suggesting giving the coach time. Yes its a good idea but i still think the result won’t unless the calibre & mind set of our players is changed. Its high time we enjoyed good results in foot ball in Malawi

  7. Ngakhale atakhala kuti akupala komabe kusiya achina jk,fisher ndi ena akale mukumafoila pamenepo,amenewa ndimadolo a experience,awa ndi omwe amayinyamula timu ikamafooka anawa sanakhwime awa

  8. Draw it means they were trying to come up, to make things happen unfortunately they couldn’t! Lets not always just blaming our national team, lets start to encourage them, that they can do much better

  9. Wrong Team
    Wrong Tourney.
    Imagine a tennis team playin in a football tournament, can u expect a good result?
    aks your mzungu.
    iii sorry, ask your mzungu.

  10. If we will continue playing this way on our local plays aaaah malawi one day will be a g8t team. I dont blem nobody at this game mwayi tidalibe and with this coach kutsogoro kwabwino lets just give him a gud time

  11. patience guys.if our football is not developing,it’s because we demand instant results.soon we will hear the coach is useless,the players are not serious yet we keep disbanding squads.let the play together for atleast 10 serious games.let’s allow the coach to stay for atleast 2 seasons before making any conclusion.The results are not pleasing but the players are promising.let the team jel.

  12. Iwe coach penapake tazivako jabu sioyenela kumangomulowesa ayi mesa munatengaso katinji amenei ndye pulumusi wazigoli osat zinazo ,,,,,kod ndye munangomutengela mulalo munthuyi???

  13. team iyi ikufunika ma coach achizungu 6!!osati modzi saikwanisa,osatinso ma coach make ngati Wenger oti kawinidwe ka game anayiwala kale kale!!¡

    1. mwampatsa zingat ngat inuyo aniwake mwakoza comptition?ndimadabwa anthu ena tikafika pa national tim they stil tolking for the clubs, Sailesi is my favourite plyer at BB ilyk him, koma footbal yapamalawi Eeeee sankho too much ( Nyerere fun for ever)

    2. without 3 qaurter squad from BB nothing happen.Di maria sailes ndi katundu kuposa kavuluvulu walinawo Chester

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