BCC installing clocks across Blantyre


The Blantyre City Council (BCC) together with its partner Media Solutions is installing clocks across the city of Blantyre.

In an interview with Malawi24, Blantyre City Council publicist Anthony Kasunda said they are doing this to make the city more beautiful.

Blantyre City

Installation of the clocks is underway.

The publicist said beautification of the city takes different forms one of which is infrastructural and added that when a council is considering infrastructural developments, there is need to have a specific need that it should be addressing.

As a commercial capital, time management is important. Having seen what its partner Media Solutions has done somewhere else, BCC felt necessary to approach them to assist the council with the clocks.

“The clocks will not only add beauty to the city but also improve time management amongst the residents. Blantyre City Council is planning to install 14 clocks across the city which will be done in phases,” said Kasunda.

He added that currently the council has installed only at four ways presidential drive and continued by saying that by Sunday they will be done with the installation at Shoprite, Kandodo corner shop, Limbe and Mount Soche junction.

He has since appealed for total protection of these facilities claiming beautification of the city is in the hands of every member of the community.



  1. People are living in poverty and you are talking about clocks let them have pumping machines for irrigation and give them education. Every phone has a time on it.until we have our priorities right this is secondary. Sanitation health water better living conditions is what make a nation great

  2. Just a waste of money, making the city more beautiful meaning Blantyre, chonsecho isakufika pa u city? That’s just like a very poor township olo mutaphatikizapo Lilongwe ndi Mzuzu it’s still under zero to be come a city pokha pokha ngati pangazapezeke mtsogoleri wamasomphenya nkuzaphwasula nyasi zonse kuyambira manyumba miseu ndikuzayambilanso afresh yes Malawi angazakhaledi ndi ma cities.

  3. That it’s not make city beautiful.. You should talk about building flats for standard hotels in the city. Not that nonsense are you talking about. We need more buildings in Blantyre please I mean more flats so that we can say you develop the city. Not clocks what is clocks are you talking abou? Building more flats and more streets so that you can make city to be beautiful.. Do like how bingu wamutharika he were doing in capital city lilongwe city centre. He built 5 star hotel and stadium and many more. Why you people you don’t want to do like tha? And you going to talk about clocks? What kind of this nonsense issues?

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  6. Knowing Malawi, when any such things come up, there is someone somewhere waiting to pocket a fat Cheque. This spares no single human with the responsibility of handling money anywhere.

  7. I cant believe this!Wasting resources installing clocks for mere beauty of the city.Why not channelling funds for other local govt development programmes to the benefit of the entire society.Ok!

  8. Ameneyo ndiye m’malawi amangosusa chilichose enanu ma nyumba mwanu muli ma watch apakhoma tiziti mulibe ma 4ni????? Kapena kungokhala ndi katima kumangotsutsa zilizonse

  9. Ofcourse that’s a nice development but these clocks will look very dirty soon due to dusty roads, deep pot holes in most of the streets and carelessness drivers will nock them down due to luck of city robbots and lights.

    • That is true, but they mustn’t stop there rather than to be fulfilled. We need the city of Blantyre become one the high class cities in Southern Africa. As of now, it is far behind to be compared with our neighbouring countries.

  10. This is exactly the same as City Clocks in Kenya…possibly same.company and makes a lot of money through advertising. The clocks are very reliable and accurate and people loved these in Nairobi. I wish this would come to lilongwe.

  11. Its the waste of council’s money..coz I don’t see any importance of these clocks.The thing that I was expecting to see in the city of Blantyre..is a tower which shows the centre of the city.Apart from that, security cameras are also needed to monitor the daily activities on the roads of our city.

  12. Instead of kumanga anthu okuba cimanga ku zambia,ndalama zimenezo kapatsen anthu amene akuvutika,mapeto ake boma liziti lilibe ndalama,kwa munthu wakumudzi zimupindulira bwa

  13. I think Blantyre City stimuli serious honestly mulimbana ndi ma watch pamene mukanika kpanga upgrade ma sewer system mu for example mu Nkolokosa nde population doubled sewer system take yomwe ija ya Ngwazi what you are doing its like mkazi onukha osasamba ongoziwa kuziphoda…… mulimbana ndi watch mall moti mupange implement Ina Timati Polluter Pay principles kwa amene akuwononga Mudi River omwe ukunyasisa Blantyre City sikutitu ndalama a city sakutolera indigo muzilengeza kuti mwatorera ndalama zingati pamwezi inu a City mwamva

  14. Clock kkkk akapezeka ndirande pansika ma. Clock amenewo,, akamwela kachaso mafana okwiya mwapatsa mpamba,kkkk ikani ma security cameras ma tall buldings,,, osati ma clocks kwamuthu oti amayendela dzula kuti adziwe nyengo asaaa!!!

  15. mmmhu is jst waste of tym i dont see any significant of those clocks ppo haveee tym on their phones wrist watch why can u use such money to some crucial things lyk robots or security cameras ?

  16. Anthu inu musatizolowere mwamva Malawi mwaionelera Eti maphone ali mbwee munamva ndani akusowa nthawi ulendo uno ,mukulephera kukomza minsewu apa shupit…..

    • U mean apoliciation b coz of clocks? Man we r lucking a lot of stuff that can help in developing our city go in townships ull find kuti mulibe ma waste bins to throw the waste and ngati zilimo zinadzadza kale kale moti sizikunyamulidwa.. We huv a lot to look at.. When i wrote about wi-fi , i ment kuti it can help especially in education sector

  17. Instead of installing quality roads and musive biuldings to make more beautiful what is thos clock for? And thy are not beautiful enough as the clock we know