Malawi Banks fight as NB mocks Standard: We don’t close banks when upgrading


It might be considered an honest advert but tongues have already started wagging over an advert by the National Bank which appears to take a swipe at Standard Bank.

Malawi Banks


An announcement on system upgrade which is going viral seems to be a direct attack on Standard Bank, especially that it is coming from a rival bank.

The National Bank advert has two cartoons conversing in which one asks another the difference between a mechanic and a doctor.

A character named Einstein responds that while an engineer kills off the engine to repair a vehicle, doctors work on a person while the person is alive. National Bank then promises its customers that it will not shut down its branches or system as it is doing upgrade.

From last Friday to Sunday, Standard Bank was on a total shutdown owing to what they said was a system upgrade.

The advert appears to hint that Standard Bank are like mechanics who can’t work on a car while it’s engine is alive.

Some quarters have faulted the line of advertising as undermining engineers. However, others have welcomed it.



  1. Guys, the same advert happened when Celtel went in flames and Telecom Networks Malawi placed their advert successively always with you… No hurdles and so so so. And they reached to the extent of having a megafon… Pointing to the map of Malawi


  3. Koma kumeneko!!! ndi wokonza magalimotowo.banki ya fake.What you,re good at is stealing from people with your so called BUNDLE CHARGES which are just too high STUPID BANK .NO professionalism AT ALL.

  4. Za m’dziko izi zotsala taona anthu achuma ife ka bank kanuko inali sefa chabe ATM kukaika ku pa sitti g room mnyumba mwawo so what r u saying?Aneba kumadzagogo kufuna kutapa ndalama so shut up b 4 u the whites call u ignorant.Umbuli sayanika ngati zovala. Bank sichipulumutso.

  5. Oh but look who has done it earlier?NBM kuchedwa. You imitate Standard . credit cards , Building innovations , Loans etc…. You should lead other Banks chifukwa Malawi ndi homeground yanu.

  6. Before I illustrate yet another case of NB’s condensanding attitude towards other local banks, enlighten me on the difference in substance between a cheque issued by a bank and a bank certified cheque

  7. Standard Bank is really getting worse. Especially Limbe branch where they only have 3 cashiers. And gets clouded like Limbe market.

  8. NB is comparing unlike things, like tomatoes with oranges. Std Bank was changing from the core banking system, Bankmaster to Pinacle, while NB was upgrading the existing core banking system from T24 R9 to T24 R15. The scope was different and should not be compared.

  9. There is nothing which can be regulated here.
    No any sensible marketer can point out flaws in the advert.
    Where is the legal proof that the advert is targeting Standard bank?
    The marketer has just capitalised on the competitors weakness.
    SWOT analysis at its best..

    • And would you please point out where the advert creator has stated that NB is better than Standard bank?
      You will see that we are just assuming because of the experience,,,that is the what a professional marketer has to do,,,playing with a customer’s mind so that they should make their own judgement,,,

    • hehehe he is just explaining how markets operate baba hehehe you capitalize on weaknesses of your rivals if at at all your sensitive to prevailing market condition

  10. There is nothing wrong with the advert.
    Business is a competition and marketers are supposed to make a lot of noise on their strengths.
    This happens everywhere in the world.
    “MBC states that their TV reach out to more than 50% of total viewers while others broadcast to their friends and families”.
    “TNM states that network samakwelela muntengo”.
    “Butex states that sop INA imangokula koma ilibe thobvu”.

    It is ethical for marketers to make noise on their strengths. That’s the only way to convince customers that their products are better than competitors.
    You communicate on the benefits which customers can get from your products.
    In this case NB is saying that while they are updating the system,,customers will not be affected.

    There is nothing childish in the advert as the marketer has not mentioned any other bank apart from NB.

  11. ine phee ndikabox kanga ka bank mkhonde …no network shutdown.. maluzi akavuta chikwanje kuphwasula basi kkkkkkkk

  12. Std bank does things on froze my friend’s account within a short period of time for failing to have his account updated.FDH,the bank that cares its customers!

  13. Truth pains!! As 4 me,am in de view of de advert.In fact,some of de services reindered by Standard bank leave alot to be desired.It can’t even withstand wth de services provided by OBM.With OBM,customers are able to pay utility bills,buy airtime,send & receive money etc using phone while Standard bank fails.Its high time Standard bank make their services “standard.”

  14. This is very interesting: does it mean that when a car is “switched off” then it is “dead”? Or how does “live” apply in cars?

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