Kawale community builds police station

Kawale Police

Community members at Kawale in Lilongwe on Thursday donated a K16 million office block to Kawale Police Sub Station.

Speaking after receiving the donation, commissioner responsible for community policing, Willie Mwaluka, said it was a huge step in assisting the day to day operations of the police.

Kawale Police
Kawale Police opened.

He further described the donation as exclusive and timely.

However, Mwaluka urged the community to desist from perpetrating violence and damaging police structures whenever misunderstandings arise between the police and the community.

“Burning police structures won’t do you any good as you will only end up the biggest losers since police will be failing to serve you effectively due to challenges,” Mwaluka said.

In his remarks, officer in charge for Kawale Police Sub Station, deputy commissioner Mavuto M’bobo said the old police station is small hence officers faced serious hurdles when handling cases.

“We used to record statements while under the trees. The situation was dire especially during rains as we had no choice but cram ourselves into the tiny counter,” lamented M’bobo.

Chairman for the Project Committee, Jonathan Patrick revealed that the project was solely funded by the community themselves.

“Part of the funds came from our own son based in USA who is a lecturer there. We initiated the project which has cost K16 million,” said Patrick.

He further pledged staff houses, stressing the need to foster a mutual relationship between the community and the police.



  1. Meaning government has failed to do t while it still waiting for tax from the same people….This government s proud of donations I guess. Poor service delivery in every sector…. shame

    1. I think the people of kawele do realise that they are the government itself, lets move on, not to wait for D. Trump to build structures for us. This is our home APM can not do all.

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