Educate your children, Muslim cleric urges parents

Malawi muslim

A Muslim cleric has asked parents to encourage their children to go to school and madrasahs so that when they grow up they will be self-reliant and positive players to socio-economic development of Malawi.

The call was made in Lilongwe during under 12 Muslim youth gathering organised by Muslims clergy in the district.

Speaking at the function, Sheikh Umar told parents the best time to mould their kids into better citizens when they are still young.

Malawi muslim
Parents get drilled.

Umar said the only way of shaping their kids into responsible citizens is by encouraging them to work hard both at secular school and Islamic teachings.

“The only investment that you can give your children is education. You can give them millions but if they are not educated they will fail to manage them and they will regret throughout their lifetime.

“You have to be encouraging your children at this level before they are exposed to the world. Educate them in both secular and Islamic studies so that they will not regret when they will be independent,” Umar said.

He further asked children at the gathering to be working hard in their studies to be seeds of Islam and Malawi.

“You are the ones who will succeed us in leading Islam and also various positions in the country either in government or private sector are waiting for you. You will be able to run such positions if you are equipped well in both areas, I mean secular and Islamic studies,” he said.

“Malawi and Islam will need you to be innovators and people who bring difference in every sector that you will be working or doing various entrepreneurial activities.”

Speaking with Malawi24, one of the parents Mrs Malovu commended the gathering saying it has motivated them to be encouraging their children in education.

Malovu said she was thinking that people only achieve with secular studies but the gathering has made her realise that balancing education is significant.

“I have realised that we parents must be urging our children to work hard in both secular and Islamic studies. This idea is really important because I have seen people becoming successful with both secular and Islamic studies. This is a great move,” she said.

One of the students Shakira Majaza said from on onwards she will be working hard both at school and Madrasah because she does not know what will make her happy in the future. She said balancing both sides will make her an intellectually civilised citizen who will contribute positively to Islam and Malawi.

The gathering that was under the theme “The best investment to give children is education” brought together more than 300 under 12 children from Lilongwe.



  1. Koma Atumbuka mwauza zauthengau ngati poti iwotu zasukulu ayi koma kutchela nkazi akuti wina asamusewelese kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Sure they need to be educated in madrassa. Otherwise Islam is being diluted from without. Let’s protect our kids from conventional education. It’s evil.

  3. As long as religion and religious creeps are kept far away from children, then that freak has a good idea.
    Teaching children enables them to become functioning adults.Religion teaches nothing but hate and intolerance and has no place in any decent or moral society.

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