Dedza stolen baby found

A baby who was stolen in Dedza district on Monday has been found alive and four people have been arrested.

Police have arrested Gladson Jacob Banda, 33, and his wife Saukira Saidi, 30 for stealing the child. The law enforcers have also arrested Emily Samalani, 59, who is a mother to Saukira Saidi and Evidence Jacob who is a sister to Gladson Jacob for aiding the couple to steal the child.

On April 3, Saukira went to Dauya village where she introduced herself as Eunice Msukwa from Karonga and said she runs an orphanage in Blantyre.

She told the village head that she had authority from the police to adopt a pregnant teenager and wanted to take her to Blantyre.

She was given a pregnant girl who later delivered the baby at Dedza hospital. But Saukira fled with the baby after dumping the mother around the boma.

Investigations were conducted and it was discovered that Saukira took the baby to her home village at Santhe in Kasungu.

By the time the police arrived at Santhe, Saukira who was welcomed in Lilongwe with the baby by her husband, was at Nkhamenya en route to Mzuzu with her mother and her sister in law.

The couple have been married for 7 years but they have no child together though each of the two have children from previous relations.

The four will appear in court soon to answer a case of child abduction contrary to section 78(1) of the Child Care Protection Act.

Saukira and her mother Emily, 59, comes from Chamkoma village in the area of traditional authority Santhe in Kasungu while her husband Gladson and his sister Evidence comes from Mankhokwe village in the area of Traditional Authority Msakambewa in Dowa.


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