DPP gang up against DC for refusing corruption

DPP panga wielding cadets

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has petitioned the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to remove Chiradzulu District Commissioner (DC) Memory Kaleso because she turned down the party’s request to release public funds to be used for political rallies.

According to published reports, the DC refused to dish out transport allowances to allow DPP councillors to attend political meetings organised by powerful political dignitaries in the district.

The councillors have so far issued an ultimatum to have the DC transferred.

dpp youth
DPP officials accused of pushing CZ DC.

“The councillors have put their foot down, saying they are expecting nothing short of a transfer for Kaleso by close of business this Wednesday or else they will force the DC out of the office themselves,” claimed the Nation newspaper.

“We want her [the DC] out of the office by close of business on Wednesday [today]. We are not compromising; we are accepting nothing less than her leaving office. If not, on Thursday we are dragging her out of the office,” Chiradzulu District Council chairperson Emmanuel Kamwendo has been quoted as saying.

The councillors have also been outraged by the DC’s refusal to release a government vehicle with ‘MG’ registration so they could attend a political rally.

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development spokesperson Muhlabase Mughogho confirmed to the paper of the councillors’ ultimatum saying the ministry sent delegates to broker peace.



  1. At least there is one can stand against corruption. You loss nothing DC but you could loss alot if you accepted it. It could be you not them who authorized it and leave you alone in cold

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