Kaliati urges teen mothers to return to school

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

Minister of civic education and community development Patricia Kaliati has stressed the importance of alleviating poverty among teen mothers by encouraging them to go back to school.

Kaliati made the remarks in United States of America (USA) during an international forum organized by The Journalists and Writers Foundation in New York City.

In her remarks, Kaliati shed more light on the topic “Breaking the Cycle of poverty Through Helping Teen Mothers to Succeed in Life”.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati:Drills teen mothers.

She emphasized the point that concerted effort must be applied in addressing poverty, early marriages and pregnancies and of course increased school dropout.

“My ultimate message is let’s join hands in helping teen mothers to return to school when they have met any obstacle that may have a negative impact on their preparation for a better future,” Kaliati said.

“These teen mothers could be our sisters, cousins, in-laws or girlfriends,” she added.

Later on, the minister tackled the topic ‘The Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in The Economic Empowerment of Women.’

On this, Kaliati explained that CSOs must dwell on advocacy, monitoring and awareness to see that women are economically empowered.

“Most importantly I emphasized that Civil Society Organizations have a vital role of formulating policies,” Kaliati said.


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