Power blackout in Parliament excites Malawians


The blackout which disturbed proceedings at the Malawi Parliament on Thursday has excited Malawians.

The power cut which came just after the House had passed the 2016/17 revised midyear budget, nearly forced deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje to suspend the House.

However, despite the fact that Parliamentarians were discussing issues of public concern, the story about the blackout seems to have pleased Malawians as proven by comments on a story published by this publication.

Many of the commenters hoped for more power cuts at Parliament so that Members of Parliament should also feel the pain of blackouts.

Malawi Parliament

Was faced with a power failure.

Nyozani Evance said: “That’s good news at least they are now aware of what we’re going through.”

Watson Chifipa Manyera said: “Nanga zizingokhudza ife tokha Nawoso azionako mdima. Mwina minister of energy azitsikimiza (We should not be the only ones affected, MPs should also experience blackouts. Maybe the minister of energy will notice),”

“Tikamanena kuti blackout mumawona ngati nthano, zilibwino musova (When we lament over blackouts you think we are joking, this is good),” chipped in Tasowana Zex Kulauzione Nkhoma.

Other commenters wanted Escom to also cut power at State House.

“[The president] needs to taste it otherwise he won’t understand what is the meaning of load shedding,” commented Donton Tchale.

While Comred Mayamiko said:   “Izi zinafunika zikadachitika komwe ku State House uko at least for 3 days, kuti ndoda ija iwone umo ziwawila kukhala opanda magetsi. [The power cut should have happened at State House at least for three days for the president to know how it’s like to have no power].”