Malawi in Africa’s best English speaking nations


Malawi remains in the top 10 best English speaking nations in Africa. This is according to a study conducted by the World Linguistic Society.

Malawi exams

Malawi is the sixth best English speaking nation in Africa.

Malawi is stuck on sixth position where it was after a similar study two years ago. However, Uganda which was not on the list then, comes first.

It is followed by Zambia, South Africa and Kenya. Zimbabwe comes on position five with Malawi sixth. Ghana, Botswana and Sudan complete the list.

In Malawi, the official language is English while major languages include Chichewa, a language spoken by over 57% of the population, Chinyanja (12.8%), Chiyao (10.1%), and Chitumbuka (9.5%), according to information from the internet.



  1. Guys its true, tmakakamila Chizungu kut tizipempha bwino from the Azungu’s, you go to countries like RSA or Botswana e.t.c they dont want to lose ther identity so they mix ther mother toungue with English, and that makes them not to be a best English speaking country

  2. Japan speak japanese, russia speak russian, china speak mandarine why force african to learn european language? Muchedwa nacho chilankhulocho chobwelacho ngakhale singano weni weni yo timaitanitsa kunja pomwe maiko anzathu apita patali ndizilankhulo zawozo. Ngat english ndi umboni ot munthuyo ndi ophunzila mchifukwa chan ku england kapena kwa US amatibe ku xool?

  3. Awa ndi Mayeso a zitsilu. Mpakana mpikisano O lankhula chizungu mu Africa?
    Nambala one walandila chiyani? Stupid. M wandikwiyitsa kwambiri.
    Kodi nanga Ma Britishwo akhala nambala yanji Po lankhula zilankhulo za mu Africa?

  4. so what?l dont know how significant of this ok we r good and expert of that but yet our country is poor again.our nation is full of corruption, poor political development and no job oppotunity eshhhhMalawi the flames indeed

  5. english z jus a language, we need proper leader dat can take Malawi on e Map, My Family ran away 4rm Malawi of Poor service Deliver to Zimbabwe, was Gud en till another Power Hungry Mugabe want a Corpes out of a State house, hanging in Power lyk a Goblin, Peter u have Failed Malawi Dismaly, Don’t talk of a Language talk of bringing Malawi back to life.

  6. I disagree on one reason when we travel to other countries our acsent is totally embarrassing and indeed it sounds very funny people struggle just here in South Africa especially western cape which is cape town where English comes first, bra dont be proud of astupid and the poorest country like that.if u may say we need wise leaders and not doctors and professors I might get your point because these people are only intelligent but they are not wise to lead the poor malawi .Am one of the people who is not educated but ido understand what Malawi is lucking hope you got my point

  7. Development countries speak their own languages,,if u focus on English,pple think malawi z stl under british rule,why can’t we do things which can achieve our country?through english,that z where u corrupt the illiterates.

  8. I remember sometime back I had my own analysis of evaluating well english speaking countries. Malawi was topping my list seconded by Zimbabwe. My assessment focused on pronounciation and not the number of those who speak the language. NB. I am a regular BBC Radio listener.

  9. Useless, what we gain then? Talandira mphaso yanji pokhala mu top 10?, ZAAAZIIIII! MU UMPHAWI TILI PA TOP 2, KUBA PA TOP 1, RRRRRUUUUBBBIIIISSSSHHHH!

  10. I disagree with this statement. I was recently in Lirangwe and Lunzu, it was difficult to communicate there. Even the receptionist at a hotel not that good in English. Please redo your assignment.

  11. Kutoka Tanzania napenda kuwashauri Waafrika wenzangu tutumie lugha zetu Asili kama Kichewa,Kiswahili na lugha zingine ili kuendeleza harakati za kuifanya afrika huru.Remember Africa for Africans and Europe for…….Thanks

  12. Ndichifukwa tili otsalira kutengeka ndi chizungu osatukula. Dziko lathu Japan . Chi na ndiena amalemekeza. Mtundu. Wao zilankhulo zao

  13. What hurts me dat there is no benefit in it b’se even the leadin nation in Africa, people a jobless so better concentrate on yo mother tongues minus exaggratin foreign langu’ges

  14. Is Britain Also In Top 10 Of European Countries Who R Good At Chichewa Or My Tumbuka? So I Cant Be Proud Of Ur Post Or Their Findings

  15. Speaking English and WRITING English are two different things. Most secondary and college students speak reasonable English but ask them to write…… Amaine

  16. Za ziii mmalo moti tipeze njila zutukulila dziko apa. Pali anthu ena chizungu sachiziwa koma ali ndinzelu zokuya zomwe zitha kuthandiza kutukula dziko Mxxxxxm

  17. ndizoona a Malawi ene adayamba kuphunzira chichewa from primary xool up to sec xool mkuyamba ntchito kwa achewa but no improve km uwauze zilakhulo za ma white people E.G Chinese, frech, Latin and English that’s why timakuonani ngati mtundu ozikonda

  18. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk zaboza basi, even a colledge professor doesn’t know how to pronounce some English words Kkkkkkk , secondary teachers it’s worse

  19. I disagree with u malawians most of u guyz dosent know english they struggle a lot here i south africa .Your prounauncation is very poor ,the word with ”r” you put ”L” and ”L” you put ”R” ,,,is that english gyz

  20. OK! gud at language, not science. that’s why we can import even a toothpick from China. Externalising forex pa za zii. Ok

  21. Obvious olo mukanati 3 coz maiko ena olo kusukulu alibe chizungu saphunzitsa Alibe subject ya English only those countrys cronised by British can speak English palibe zonyasisa kuti Malawi Ali pa number six kudziwa English

    Mbuli ndi ma research apa internet wo
    Mukundiuza kuti Ku Egypt akayankhure English Angola English,

    Mukambe za corruption tigwirizana

  22. Its because of dynamic leadership of DPP government that’s why Malawi is second best. The whole world is aware that we have a verbal barbaric minister of information honourable Nicolas dausi who is second in command of queen of england in the articulation of malady of Elizabethan semantics and phonology in linguistic pan tantra. Who are we to say no!!! Hayi

  23. They are good in English and also good in stealing things from poor people especialy politicians lyk Peter and Chaponda thy are lucifers

  24. Those against de post can u do any bussiness today minus knowing.English..may b those small weird businesses in village……English is an international Language…where can ur fek mother language tek u…!¿<3

  25. Yo English Malawi Is Boring…..U Can,t Pronouce Simple Words……..Why Do U Say(kolite) For Quality…. I Think Quality Is(kwaliti) .The Worst Ignorance Is When You Don,t Realize How Stupid And Foolish You Are..And I Think Malawi Is Jst So Ignorant To Accept….Big Up Mbava Zathu Zonse Achina Peter,george Etc.

  26. congratulations Malawian for being on position 6 in africa . but my question is what have you gained with your position 6 in English language? May be it’s this English which is teaching us to be full of gates , maizegate, tractorgate,cash gate, un gate, fire gate. next time be on position 100 and let you improve on these malpractice.

  27. Yine ngati m’phunjitsi nkhaniyi yandikomera maningi. Koma kukuoneka kuti ambiri a inu chimene mukufuna ndi chitukuko osati kulonga Nyanglish mwadidi. Inu phe t

  28. nde phindu lake ndichani? zopanda ntchito! olo tilankhule zizunguzo we r the poorest nation,corruption still rampant, hunger still looming. what mo can i say!

  29. malawi is also one of the nation that is leading in killing of albino,cashget as well as maizegetscandles,instead of making good plans of raising up our econmy ur busy in bousting of language do we eat english “stupid’

  30. Many Malawians struggle in their studies because of English, its a barrier to many. The British deliberately made it hard for us to Master their language. why is it that in areas once colonised by the French and Portuguese the language of their colonial Masters is spoken fluently by almost everyone. The British didn’t want our eyes to be opened, they wanted Malawians to be in deep darkness for generations in order to prolong their mandate on us. Being in the top 10 in as far as spoken English is concerned do not have any significance so long as we remain in the top10 of the world’s poorest countries.

    • De thing is dat British was ruling malawi indirect nd had it bn dat dey were doing like de french n other masters dey colonise some countries it wud b possible for us to speak it mosavutika

  31. ZACHAMBA BAS ENGLISH YAKE YOMABA CHIMANGA ? Kapena CASHGATE? Olo kulankhula English yabo bola kukhala ndi Economy yabwino bas

  32. Where? When? On who? How was the study conducted? Secondary sc. students, university students are struggling to speak good English. I doubt the authenticity of the study report.

  33. Ndifedi mbuli nkoona tikukamba nkhaniyi mchingerezi chinenero cha eni ake ndipo poona zimenezi ku England akukongotiseka . Zamanyazi kuti wosayankhula chingelezi sangasankhidwe ku nyumba ya malamulo yathu kapena kukhala mtsogoleri. Ndife akapolo a chikhalidwe cha antbu ena

  34. Haha so number 1 pronounces fast instead of first? Just saying that I know what the nation is. Poor research. Anyway, none of my business

  35. So the country that pronounces ‘first’ as ‘fast’ is number one? Very unfortunate. I would go for Zambia on number one. However this will never positively change our economic woes. We still remain the poorest country in this blessed continent.

  36. Malawi are Best In Chichewa Not English….So,doest It Mean the malawians have made it in life…..come on dont fool people who ever is searching this !

  37. Th”s None Of my Bussines Men!!! Kkkk And Alxo Th”s The Problem 2 Be Good English Speakerz Cz Had It Been We Are Good At Mathematics Mmmh I Thnk We Cou”d Have Done Someting Better Thn Hiding Thoz Dolarz Kkkkk Malawi Adafelaa Kutuloo …Dzuka Malwi Iwee Dzukaa!

  38. I lik ur point #Phiri . Am just proud to b a Malawian bt our government mmmmmmm full of educated thieves including that guy so called APM.

  39. The problem is even our education system makes us believe that intelligence is measured by English leaves behind brilliant scientific brains because they have poor grades in English.

  40. Malawi ziko lambuli zokha zokha tulo liliphwi kukanika kupanga alphabet yachilankhulo chathu,china chilichose copywrght nosense bwanji osangochosapo chichewachi pasylubus ngati chichewa chili choboowa ,upeza amipandamu angolankhula vizungu ndiana ao chichewa akuti ayi ndie mukumawa vutisilanji ana mmasukulumu vima subject mbwee lncluding chichewa for what?

  41. English ikumukanika mpunzitsi weniweni waku primary do u expect mwana kuyankhula English ya bwino,aaaaaaaaa a research wo alakwitsa ,we deserve to be on position 30 in Africa

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  43. I dont agree. We r good at writing not speaking.our accent is terrible. Even those on top positions, the Chapondas. But bcz you hv mentioned that we r among top 10. We might be on position 10.

  44. Malawi is best with only two things.And I give respect on these two.1st::English 2nd atsogoleri akuba pa dziko lonseli lapansi,palibenso dziko longa lathuli abale ndi alongo,big up Malawi!!!mmanja mwao atsogoleri ,”:;phwa!!phwa!!phwa!!

  45. Was expecting to hear that Malawi is number 6 on Economy hahahaha English…. is just a language like any other languages. Zulu,Tumbuka,swahili, shona etc….

  46. top ten good english speaking country and top 1 famine,corrupte,and poorest country whch is good?people in india cant even speak good english bt they’re dvelopd so what matters,speaking good english bt sleeping with empty stomach or speak brocken english and get dveloped?stupid leadership

  47. GOd cured me from HIV/aids through Dr Abuu i was positive for more than 5yrs,i thank God for the good work of dr Abuu in life.if you are having a similar problem kindly email him on [email protected] or you can whatsapp his mobile number 2348066454364

  48. Those who did this useless research are among those in deep slumber today. Time will come for them to wake up and realise that English is just a language, not a measure of intelligence!

    • Bro, English is a foreign language, but problem with Africans is that they point their lame fingers at fellow African who is trying to learn this language, they expect of him to speak like is his mother’s tongue, yet we have Europeans in Africa who were born here but can’t speak African languages, even those they do speak, but they will never speak like Africans even if you give them 70years, but these were supposed to be their mothers’ tongue since they were born here. So why expecting an African to speak like a European yet we don’t expect a European to speak like an African, why???

    • English is evrywhere in the world.Go to The Islamic Republic of Iran a typical moslem nation on the land, the govmnt officials speak english.

    • You missed the point Jester! I never said English is in Africa and Europe only, come on people! Although I never went to school nor travelled, but who doesn’t know that there is English in all continents??
      The point is why comparing how Africans speak English in their countries?? Tell me any language that doesn’t change its dialect from one place to another?
      In UK there are more than 15 English dialects but I have never heard them researching for the areas speaking better dialects. Look how small UK is but they have many more dialects and you expect the whole Africa to have just one dialect!! Are you for real?
      Wake up people, wake up!! Why nurturing and cherishing something that promotes pride, attitude and haughtiness in people??? Can’t you give yourself a small brain??

    • Don’t be silly bro. Learning English is not a shot at anyone. If so there would be 2 billion angry people who speak Hindi and Mandarin who agree with you. It’s just a fact that business is done in English.

    • research z research…..they ddnt talk of intelligent to those whose speaks..No!!!…They r just talkn of t0p ten.!!!!!!!!…….
      internationally Engilish helps#Communication/Bussiness😊😆

  49. English is a language just like any other language and so i dont give a fucker on what position Malawi is on english ndimbakomelwa pyanga nakulonga chinenelo changa ndinabasa tayi na enhlish yaaa

  50. Nthawi zonse kukhalira kudzitsitsa,kodi tidakhala bwanji a Malawi? Mudamva koma mmene amalankhulila English maiko ena?kapena kusayenda, a Malawi amalankhula bwino English. Koma zilibe ntchito izi.

  51. Even if Malawi is amongst the best 10 Countries that speaks good English, but still we are world number 1 poorest Country. This Country we needs Minds that can take this country into another high level not these so called professors and Doctors who are nothing but MaizeGaterz and ArmyGaterz.

  52. Zandivuta kubva zimenezi chifukwa m’mene amalankhulira english anthu aku south africa komaso zambia ineyo ndimawapatsa ulemu, sindikudziwa kuti kodi maiko amenewa ali pa number chani? Ku south africa kamwana kakuti xool kangoyamba kumene koma kalankhule english apa aaaaa

  53. Guys amene wamvelako munthu akugulisa Galimoto any colour price from k2 million to k1.7million, in good condition Musiyeni agulitse ndilibe ndalama….thanks for your help

  54. As if that is helping in any way…very useless things being focused on…and we are proud of other pipos language…cant even start on the economy..smh

  55. Not agree with that kafukufu maybe angofuna kutisangalatsa nanga tizingtsalila zonse pakuti amapanga research imeneyo ndi ophuzila bwino kuposa ine ndingoti zabwino zonse tidzingoyankhulila mudzi uku tutafuna chimanga chokazinga

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