‘NOT FOR SALE’ learning materials on the market, Ministry worried

Malawi school

The Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST) has condemned vendors and private schools selling and using free teaching and learning material meant for public schools only.

In a press statement issued over the weekend, the ministry says selling and buying of these materials is illegal and anyone caught doing so is liable to prosecution.

“It has been noted with great concern that some vendors and private learning institutions are in possession of teaching and learning materials meant for use in public schools. The materials are further marked ‘NOT FOR SALE’ and are meant for use by students enrolled in public schools,” reads the statement in part.

Malawi school
Schoolchildren at Nkasaulo Primary School in Machinga District of Malawi, read their textbooks.(Image credit- World Bank).

The ministry also pleads with the general public to help them end the malpractice by reporting people involved in the malpractice to the nearest police.

“We would like to further advise head teachers, school management committees, parents and guardians that teaching and learning materials supplied to public schools are clearly branded with the Malawi Government Emblem and Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) logos,” stipulates MoEST in the statement.

The ministry urged private entities using the National Primary Curriculum to purchase designated materials that are not marked ‘NOT FOR SALE’.

“These materials are available at MIE Bookshop and other designated bookshops,” stipulates the ministry.



  1. did the minister ask himself why do they sell the materials? unfortunately his saying will not end the practice. and it doesn’t even need tough laws to end this.. the minister should use his brain to think……

  2. Its Too Much Now, Even In Chiradzulu, A Head Teacher Who Is Now At St Tereza In Cz Sold Desks To A Near By Private Sch! Is It Fair? Ana Akukhala Pansi Pamene Ma Desk Anali Nawo! Do Something Plz

  3. Tikamat MALAWI wa moto nde ut? chinachilichonse nd ndalama kuyambila Chashgate,Chimangagate,nde sopano tili pa Bookgate kod ndichiyan chikutichitikirachi ? mmmmmm MALAWI wamoto sazatheka bas.

  4. If #ARVs and #LA are on sale what more education materials?each and every department in this government is full of corruption mainly from top,what do you expect from junior workers?when ur in rome du what romans do.

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