The idiocy of MCP: An opposition party with no principle

Juliana needs to retain her seat.

Yesterday I was watching the Parliamentary proceedings as they were discussing the issue of inviting Scotland Yard to investigate the death of Issa Njauju and other related matters that unsurprisingly remain unresolved in this country.


While I agreed with the need for investigations, I was shocked with the zeal of opposition Malawi Congress Party MPs who were busy foaming trying to outsmart the other in convincing themselves why we need Scotland Yard to conduct the investigation.

When MP for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi whom I had always held in a greater esteem until Yesterday stood to say that the people of her area would really agree with the joke of inviting Scotland Yard to investigate the death of Mr Njauju, I switched off the television. I had enough of that nonsense.

Much as I am not familiar with the people of that area, I am very sceptical of their satisfaction with the neo-colonialism that she was lobbying for. I might think that they really wish to see the truth on Mr. Njauju’s death but in all honesty I do not think it is their pressing issue nor is the coming of some colonial hangover object to carry investigations. I am still convinced that there Juliana had left her brain for the brain of a party idiot, like those DPP boys who paint themselves blue and even defended Chaponda.

I should state: the death of Njauju still is a blot on this country’s memory, it is sad. But in all honesty it should not have us abandon and forget our independence.

It is a shame how much we want this independence, that we celebrate it every 6 July, that we keep pressuring the government to wean itself off the donors, that we tell government not to legalise homosexuality and abortion yet we forget about all this sovereignty once we want to score a political point. How idiotic!

To be clear, I am not against the MCP’s proposal to investigate some of the bizarre deaths and fires that have become trendy these days but I am against their argument that only white people from our colonial oppressors can do the job. There I have problem with the MCP and also the government that is agreeing to such nonsense.

What message are we sending to the world by going back to the white people who colonised us and have always had the lingering doubts that we cannot on our own do anything tangible?

I think that it would be better to write back London and ask them to recolonise us seeing that we have failed ourselves.

For a party aspiring to be in power someday, I think MCP has displayed an honourable level of idiocy and a lack of principle in their cries that Scotland Yard should come over and help us understand mysteries among ourselves. Their thinking by extension elevates the white man and is a force in the wrong direction. It is not what we wanted when we fought for independence. The martyrs that we will be commemorating on 3rd March did not lay down their lives for such nonsense.

The Police system in Malawi might not be trustworthy but we could even have had contracted investigators from neighbouring countries to assist. Why are we going back to colonialists, whom are we trying to impress?    



  1. May be you do not know Chinsinsi Muchitanji if at all that is your name. Its not only in Malawi where the Scotland yard and FBI have been asked to assist. This happens the world over. The problem with people like you is that you think you know everything. Leave some issues to the experts. I can see that you are a lay man in this field.

  2. it is a good idea indeed koma MCP shud make sure that these people do not just investigate the death of Issa only but o malawians that has brutally murdered since independence. Twaibu Sangala & his freinds

  3. White people will be investigating without interferrence,jeopardisation,Oppression,fear,suspections and they will be transparent and accountable to Malawian don’t forget this is very corruptive nation we do defend ourselves for our offences.Lets allow Interpol’s to investigate especially the death of Issa Njaudu which his death brought sadness and scramble everything in his own family which noone cares

  4. To Me Theres no probrem to hire investigators from scot land let them come So that Malawians should know the truth Concerning de issues We (malawians) Have failed to investigate

  5. A Malawi 24 ngati mupitilize chibwanachi sitigwirizana mukufun a ndalama zizipezeka mnyumba???? Mukunamatu abwere ifeyo tatopa ndi dpp

  6. The idiocy of Malawi24 is that this article is based on the opinion of the author rather than the facts on the ground. As such its not news

  7. One of the most banal arguements i have seen. Why do we have Mota Engil constructing our roads when we have engineers in Malawi? Why does APM go with Nyamakazi abroad when we have doctors in Malawi? so MCP has become idiotic because they have proposed an foreign investigator to unravel Njauju’s death? I know you are afraid DPP wil not escape from fate on Njauju, MeC fire, Escom fire etc. Baker Tilly did a good job which NAO couldn’t to expose cashgaters. You are dull with a chicken brain

  8. Its mean all country got no experts to investigate why should their depend outside,Scotland Yard so we are still under British colonies after 50 year independent. We got well educated and investigate whom can bring the curprit into justice and government now a and them don’t not waste Tax money to hire outside.

  9. Akufuna adzafufuze chani kodi. U know the results yet to want to spend money to get it. Choncho mwati mutukuka. You will never achieve independence if you continue to rely on other people to resolve the problems you caused alone. Scotland yard inakuotanipo kukasolva zao. Alibe nkhani zosatha iwowo. Kupusa kupose apa amalawi…

  10. It is rather unfortunate to align these investigations to particular political grouping other than the Malawi Government. We aught to feel bad as an Independent State fail to arrest these murderers and arsonists. We tend to take these cases political other than what they are, straight forward criminal cases. So whoever you are, the author, of this article please look at the relevance of the matter.

  11. Allow de experts to investigate de death of njauju,it was aplot from high pipo in government, and do u think de same pipo can investige them selves &come up with de clean results?

  12. It’s because same Malawian failing to tell the truth. Amagine chaponda issue our own leaders hiding him so this is the reason why


  14. This form of thinking exposes the amount of learning obtained during his quest for education. Can’t you perceive tricks to expose more than you see. Don’t you that ACB is made toothless while knowing some truth in all in here toy in here toy in here toy is atrocities so that they hand over information to foreigner to maintain their. safety? If a boss died in ACB, how do we expect the successor operate smoothpy?

    Lunguzi hails from Ntakataka, Dedza where a larger fraction are Yaos. If sentiments from leaders are inherent tribal is this tribal I stir tribal I stir together but I’m, has it spared this population?

    So, calling doctors from abroad does not demean your country, it’s only the we need specialists.

  15. I why did you hire the Chinese to build the stadium, Parliament building while you had experts here? Please asiyileni chitukuko akastwiri onse oyang’ana za chitukuko. After 53 years of independence we don’t even know how to make good roads. Your argument shows that you have no…..

  16. In the simplest language, i salute the writer of this piece for making effort to write something on this issue. The only problem z tht the article itself is so stupid and myopic, tht it reflects possibe stupidity in the wriiter

  17. Would you allow some people from Malawi to thoroughly investigate you when the truth of the matter is that you really killed somebody and you are still in power?

  18. You seem to be clever but you are missing the truth of the matter. What can you do if your family member is mudered by one of your relatives who you don’t know. You have asked the chief and the police of your area to investigate but they are failing to find the murder because they want to protect some one who else can you contact?

  19. if we need foreign expert to do the jobs that can b done by Malawians then we need a President from the UK to lead us since we can no longer move an ich in everything

  20. Bwana muchitanji,the reason why MCP want foreign investigators is that we don’t have competent ones here in Malawi.amene alipo ndiwoti sali independent amachita kudikira kuwauza kuti kafufuzeni wakuti ndi boma..ndipo mumumange za ziiii!!!!!!we need justice in Malawi bwana.

  21. wat piece of evidence will they use? is the same collected by our officers or there’s? the issue here is to make our law enforcement well equipped and well educated this issues can be handled with local investigators, local police and lawyers! for how long will we be in mental slavery thinking that white people will help us or will do a better job than us? MCP does nt believe in us as Malawians and professionals! shae

    1. Good advice brother. But I believe that our law enforcers are well equipped and educated. The problem is politics make their environment not good for them to do their job. They are told what to do and what not to do. They have all the truth on the issues but can’t reveal. That’s why the idea of hiring somebody from outside comes in now.

    2. hhahahahaha akulu ifeyo corruption inatifungatila!!!!!!!!! Lets hire ma guys akunjawo basi… Malawi sangatithandize kalikose… even Chaponda sangamangidwe ….we r very poor at this

  22. The problem is not that our organisations can’t investigate rather they are compromised so we need external investigators.

    Being independent doesn’t mean being naive

  23. Is this page for government? I did not know,,the owner is just RUBISH..waona ngat sitidziwka ku njaunju linakonza ndi boma,,,shut up fiti iwe

  24. The question is what is meant by independence? How can u be independent if u are powerless? Does celebration event symbolise independence? Its high time we change the way we think. Where has our capacity been all this time gone. Let them do for us so long as we get a positve result.

  25. Really, Malawians Are Good Investigators.Look At Our A C B Doing Gud Job.Why Hiring Out Siders?Just Provide Our Malawian Researchers With Adequate Resources,they Can Do Wonders.

    1. Austine Mbewe, would you allow someone to investigate you thoroughly when you surely know that you are the same person who killed somebody?, who set fire on ESCOM house? Surely you cant allow a thorough investigation and a matter of fact you would bribe local investigetor so that they doesnt expose you. We should always think positively about this country of our. Osati ndikubapo chani apa mkalowa NO! we pay huge tax to the government in the name of ” pay tax to build your country” but some stingy government officials think its their money. Thats bad!!!

  26. this page is ran by a kid i think… outsourcing is normal, regardless of whom u outsource, as long as u r sure of unbiased results…. pumbwa iwe!

  27. These causes has remained idlo for many years that means we have failed to handle it let other people do that (expert) who does not look the face on dealing with such causes….

  28. Kachikenanso Outquirygate,afufuzapo chani poti kunaphedwera munthu akunjawa akudziwa?mwatipusisa mokwana basi zatikwana.

  29. Hehehehe! so according to you its better to be colonised by a fellow African than a white man. Do i see any difference…. We are not yet free. To me its a question of a better colonist.

  30. Actually, we moved from dependence to independence and now we are talking of being in global village which needs interdependence regardless of who we are!

  31. Zikungowonetseratu Kuti Aphunguwa Mngosaganiza Bwino Pankhaniyi.Azunguwo Akabwela Adzangolota?,mesa Azizafusa Kwaiwo Amene Akuziziwa Bwino Nkhanizi.A Phungu Maka A MCP Dziwani Lero Kuti Nkhani Zose Zokhudza Boma Nthambi Zose Zitatu,zikamalembedwa Mmanyuzi Paper Anthuo Amazidziwa Ndi Amalawi Ena Amene Amayang’anitsitsa Chilichose.Ndipo Mzovetsa Chisoni Kuti Anthu Ngati Amenewa Saonedwaso Ngati Anthu.Anthu Ameneo Mukuti A Zunguo Adzachoka Ndindalama Zochuluka Pomwe Ntchitoyo Titha Kugwira Tokha Amalawi Mopandaso Nkhawa Ndi Vuto, Bola Kutsekula Khomo.Dziwani Kuti “Mtsogoleri Sangagwe Kuchokera Kumwamba”adzayenera Kapena Ayenera Kuchoka Pakati Pathu Ngati Malawi.

  32. Here you miss a point too,because,we have tried many times in different cases but no good results have been yield ever for people.

    Now if they have send to write this go to hell demon

  33. Unali utadya mkute wosasa pamene umalemba nkhaniyi all
    in all Our political leaders too much greedy selfishness! Kenaka tizayamba kuti tipwanyanepo! Aaaaalahhhhhhhh muwona komwe mukagule chimanga poti kwanuko mvula siyikubwera tizakhapana ambuyanuwo azakudyeseni chimanga anabacho!!!

  34. You Malawi 24 can you tell me who said these words?. There is nothing wrong to invite foreign investigators to do their work here in Malawi. If the current local investigators are being interfered with those in power, what do you think must be done for justice to prevail. The meaning of indipendence does not mean that you cannot seek wisdom from others. No country can run in isolation, even Japan when it was hit by a tsunami it sought assitance from other countries to came to rescue. The argument from the author is based on hatred, I don’t know why…..

  35. I Can See How Ignorance Exist On You(malawi24) You Should Know That To Be Independent Doesn’t Mean That You Should Do Things On Your Own. But Only Plans Can Be Made. So I Think That The Plan To Hire That White Man Its Ours.

  36. If we as Malawi can do better, why have we failed to move even an inch all this while. How many commission of inquiries have been commissioned whose results we have failed to use.? After all up to now we still depend on the white even to feed us, why not doing it ourselves? Nonsense

  37. Yes the white man can do the job better than our useless. Officers….
    How long has it been since the death of issa njauju…?what have these police officers of our done about chasowa’s murder…?what have they done about the escom fire…?
    Truth be told…our police has done nothing….
    I am not afraid to admit that the white man is better than us whn it comes to dealing with issues like the ones we’re inviting scotland yard for…
    Being independent does not mean your capable of everything….seeking help won’t take away our independence….

    1. Pamene Tikuti Tingathe Sitikunena Aja Amasankhidwa Ndi President Ngati Kagulu Koti Kazingofusa Ayi,koma Anthu Amene Angadzipeleke Okha Mkugwiradi Ntchitoyo.Abale Chimene Chili Chovuta Ndikuphako Osati Kufufuza Nkhaniyi.Kuchokera Pasi Pamtima Pakanakhala Kuti Pali Mpikisano Azunguo Sangadziwe Zambiri Kuposa Amalawi Opanda Mainawa Pa Nkhani Yofufuza Nkhani Zapakati Pathu Ngati Imfa Zophedwazi Komaso Moto Otcherau,MULUNGU DALITSANI MALAWI.

  38. This has really shows that we don’t have confidence in ourself how can hire some outside country while we have our own people who can able to do that ,malawians are we not tired of lossing resource anyhow and hw dollars did this guys charge us sharm

    1. Mr Msiyambiri, before opposing the brilliant point of hiring foreign investigator you should have considered the nature of the issues that to be investigated and how related are they to these greedy government officials of today. If you are a real malawian you should thing on that.

  39. Ndikufuna ndibwerezenso inu a Malawi 24 if you have been given money to castigate MCP leave that to DPP Voice musatinyase mwamva

  40. News24 is now a political party now bwanji zipan zina zonse kuphatikiza dpp zimayitana a zungu kudzafufuza nkhan monga ya cashgate,jetgate ndi zina ngat kuphedwa kwa Albino bwanji simunazineneko “Idiot” U r now fuckn’around u wil disclose who u are

  41. YOU ARE NOT LOGICAL…… It just means you are opps to it! Why is the Heading contrary with what you are saying on your last paragraph? CAN YOU RE-BAKE YOUR IDEA PLS? MUPEZE EDITOR!

  42. Good article! But what is independence to you when people are being murdered mysteriously and no truth is known? What is independence when next time you write something that crosses paths with somebody you get murdered and the whole country leaves it to your constituency alone? What is independence to you when the Internal security in your country does not prioritise civilian life and is not concerned with deaths of those who act on public interest? Does engaging a firm from a neighbouring country show that we have capacity? What is the difference between engaging Scotland yard or the neighbouring country? Shouldn’t we go to study in the UK, buy stuff in UK bcoz we want to conceal colonial history?

    1. When a country hires a national football team coach from outside, does it mean it is not independent? Fellow Malawians let us put development of our country first and politics behind. I don’t see any reason to block foreign investigators come and help us to investigate these issues.

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