Albert Harawa returns as Mzuni chair


Albert Mtungambera Harawa is back as Mzuni chairperson after he was elected to the position on Friday.

Harawa run Mzuni the season they were promoted from Simama League to Super League. But he later lost the position to Dr Bello who resigned a day before the club’s general meeting last week.

The club went to polls on Friday to replace Bello and his vice who resigned before ending their terms.

Harawa: New Mzuni chair

Harawa, who will manage the club for one year before the club’s executive elections next year, won the seat unopposed.

New vice chairperson Golden Msosa, and two students Tenson Msosa and Mc Bin Simweliwa also faced no challengers.

Speaking to Malawi24, Harawa said he want to take the club to another level.

“Am happy that I return in executive and it’s time now to fulfil my vision as chairperson. We want the team to find other ways to source funds. We want to have a restaurant and bar inside the campus, also to have Mzuni Jerseys, cups and other things to sell in order to source funds for the team.

“My duty now is to organise a trip to Mbeya, I am in contact with former Flames coach Kinnah Phiri to make it happen, but before that next week I want to go on a country tour to meet all former Mzuni students to help the club financially because its them who started the team,” said Harawa.

The new chairperson added that the club will target a top five finish in the 2017 Super League season.



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