Chakwera accuses Mutharika of shielding Chaponda

Lazarus Chakwera

Leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera has accused President Peter Mutharika of publicly lying to Malawians that in his cabinet there is no minister involved in any sort of corruption activities.

Chakwera was speaking on Friday in the August House in response to the findings of joint parliamentary committee on the maize deal and the commission of inquiry that was led by Retired Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa.

 Lazarus Chakwera
Chakwera (R) says Mutharika (L) is shielding Chaponda (File)

The findings of the two inquiries established that former Minister of Agriculture Dr George Chaponda’s conduct raised suspicions of corruption in the process of procuring maize from Zambia.

Before the commission of inquiry findings were released, Mutharika said the maizegate issue was false and the inquiries useless.

But according to Chakwera, Mutharika through such rhetoric has nurtured, caressed, and promoted corruption in Malawi.

On Tuesday, agents of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) raided the home of Chaponda where they confiscated cash amounting to MK124 million and US$58,000 besides other currencies, and Chakwera suggested that the findings raised questions about the current administration.

“Mind you, this was not a raid on a suspected bank robber, but on the home of a sitting Government Minister. And not just any minister, but a man President Mutharika himself defended publicly as
clean, a man Mutharika himself entrusted to run the largest ministry in our country, and a man whom Mutharika still has as his party’s Vice-President to this day,” said Chakwera.

According to Chakwera, there is no sane Malawian who believes that Chaponda was a lone-actor, and the raid on his house has raised more questions than it has answered.

“If such a raid would result in recovery of about MK200 million what would have been recovered in a 3-hour raid? And how much would have been recovered had the raid been extended to other ministers, Mutharika’s aides and Mutharika himself,” the MCP leader said.



  1. Enafe tiyeni tibwerere ku Kachisi wa Mulungu . Hooo tinamva zoti kunavutanso kumeneko . If you have failed to rule your own party how about the nation ? it will be more….

  2. As much as we are busy talking the ill Chaponda committed, ESCOM is busy baptizing us in extensive laoding shelding programme making our income generating activitiies almost impossible. its high time we start looking and discussing productive issues seriously. Chaponda issue will not help many generate income for their survival let alone a few individuals through allowances.

  3. Everything kutsutsa? Mpaka chilima azalamulila Malawi inu mulibe kumangotsutsa! Go and ask JZU umvere life experience in politics u will no that sometimes ukuchepa nazo ndale bambo akulu – Powers!

  4. All the politicians are thieves and crooks+ Chakwela himself. None of them is good. If Chakwela is good, he would not leave God’s words to be a politician

    1. Aaaah if God never deal with John Tembo and other MCP top leaders womwe anazunza anthu kwambiri ndi nkhaza zawo, misonkho + makadi nde awa achita chani.

    2. There is nothing too hard for GOD & remember Pharaoh was too big for children of Israel but Jehovoh God finish Pharaoh.May God finish all wicked top goverment officials.

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  6. Its just like a Moslem turning into a Hindu, an Arsenal fan, starts supporting Man U,it’s not easy. DPP supporters are intact, I don’t think a DPP supporter now is MCP because of Chaponda issue, musazinamize DPP supporters r intact, the way u hate’ DPP ,we hate MCP even more

    1. Sizowona kuti somba imodzi ikaola zonse zaola, we wil continue suporting dpp until where it ends.for opposers plz keep on learning to become success.

    2. Should I now support MCP because of Chaponda issues? No way,its better ndizingokhara. Thats the cruelest party Malawian will never forgive. Unless u change the name and that tambala wakuda logo.

  7. if we can look all issue is that our presdent hav all trick to hide mwian what i mean is that He is akso involve in corruption and money launder.

  8. Or mutamunyoza chakwera koma ndi munthu wa mlungu basi moses sanatumidwe ndi mlungu kukaombola anthu mu igupto sanali tumiki maitanidwe ndiosiyana

    1. Popeza iwenso ndi munthu wamulungu, ndiye iwe zomwe ukunenazo ulonjeze apa kuti mawa Chakwera akazayamba kulamulira dziko lino sikuzakhala mavuto ai. Anthu sazamudandaula bambo wakoyo, wadzitengeratu pamgong’o zimaphweka akamayendetsa wina.

  9. whether true or not but malawi media has so many problems. Its high time to cover other important news than this. We have alot of uncovered stories to be informed than politics. Go to remotest areas and cover news of a woman who wants to be assited coz of martenal problems or a newly baby born from poverty family and wants our help….or old people wanted to be assisted coz they have nowhere to sleep…or somewhere load is needed to connect people.

    1. and that the money for assisting are being stolen by ministers. Unfortunately media cant stop writing this. The best is when they write, 4 those of us who dnt wnt such kind of news tisamawerenge. Tizisaka kumene tingawerenge zimene tikufuna.

    2. Ine monse ndinayambira kuwerenga nkhani from news 24 sindinawerengepo zaphindu. Every time against government eeee zopesa kwambiri.

    3. Ndie munapangilanji like ngati simuwelenga zaphindu and for your collection ,every time against Mbabva zopanda manyazi m’mene uphawi ulili pa MW wina ndikumapezeka ndi cash munyumba mwake yosowa nayo cocita Satanic ingapose pamenepo.Bravo MW 24!

  10. We r now getting sick with the same saga, lembani zina tiwelenge, even u can shout about chaponda don’t think kuti angakadye nyemba zosapya ndi nyambalo

    1. Usamayankhule Ngat Umakhala Kunja Kwa Dzko Lamalawi Wamva?Ukudztenga Nga Ozndkla Pakuyankhula Mbwelela Zakozo?Man Ngat Ndkupempha Mwapempha Molakwika Mwamva? Siungakhale Ozndkla Kuposa Ife Tonse Wamva ?So Be Careful When Comentng Ok?

  11. Amalawi 24 Basi Nkhani Tikhalire Ya Apm Ndi Chakwera Throught?Mukusowa Nkhani Kapena Tatopanawo Awiriwa,achakwera Nawo Akuwonjeza Tiwuzeni Zina Za Chapondanso Ayi Enough Is Enough Abale

  12. Chakwela this is ur tym to lead the country,bcoz udf,pp&dpp r fnshd,koma kungolephela simuzawinaso mpaka kale,lowan m’boma nanu mulamulire dead pple

  13. awa akungoona kuzivutisa kumanenanena cholinga choti atchuke athu azavotere koma akungochedwa azakhala owaperekeza apeter kunyumba yaboma chimozi mozi fumu imakhala ndioiperekeza kumowa dpp moto kuti buu 2019 palibe angatekese peter kuyambira kuchitipa paka kusaje boma ilo wakwiya ndi mfitii

  14. Mmmmm koma Chakwera ativuta,palibe cholauwiua ndi bwanawa coz at that time there wasnt any evidence and nobody found guilty of corruption….so what he’s tryna say?

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