Where is Peter Mutharika in all this f*ckery?

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika

I have been hoping against hope that Peter Mutharika will somehow surprise us Malawians.

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika
Mutharika (R) with Chaponda

With each and every passing hour, each and every scandal of Chaponda unraveling, I have been waiting for the news that Mutharika has acted on his wayward blue boy.

Even now, writing this, I am hoping that news will come in that Mutharika has risen above partisan interests and tribalism and has pulled the brakes on the ‘boy from home’ and ‘bestie’ that is George Chaponda.

Somehow it is dawning on me that I might actually be waiting for the impossible. Mutharika will not do anything on Chaponda, except that maybe he might surprise us all with gifting him with the Presidency.

The news that stacks of cash have been found at the house of the Agriculture Minister is disturbing. However what is more disturbing is not even the voice of DPP cadets defending Chaponda (for all we care, cadets are some of the most shameless creatures on earth with no brain of their own. They are parrots regurgitating every other useless excuse their paymasters say in their sleep). It is the silence of Mutharika that is disturbing.

The day the CoI handed over the findings to Mutharika with a recommendation that Chaponda should be investigated, I thought was the day that Mutharika would relieve Chaponda. It was not to be.

The suggestion that Chaponda could have been corrupt was enough to have the ‘bulldozer’ sent on forced leave. He might be innocent but that fear and suggestions that he might have been corrupt were enough warning signs. To my utter dismay, Mutharika decided to elevate Chaponda more. He was returned to the post of Chief Whip for the government. Thank our MPs that in their brief moment of sobriety they refused Chaponda the honour.

When the offices of Chaponda went up in Flames in that tragicomic coincidence, it was not a statement from Escom that I expected. It was Mutharika’s action. It was surprising that he decided to act asleep as if nothing had happened, as if the fire at the offices was not really one of the most stupid coincidences of his reign.

Now that the news is that George Chaponda was hoarding obscene amounts of cash in his house, you would think Mutharika would wake from his slumber and pull some midnight surprise but the only surprise is that Chaponda is still the minister.

It is surprising; both the privilege of Chaponda and the silence of Mutharika. That it leaves you with one question: where is Mutharika in all this fuckery?

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  1. alowa mu ring awiliwa. pano ma meeting ausiku tsopano. tipange bwanji acimwene akuuzana.
    mpake caponda sakuyankha kanthu kuopa kunena ndowe.

  2. He wasn’t willing to fire him he is forced to do that don’t forget he is a foolish man he can’t think own his own he only act on pressure

  3. If peter wil fire chaponda means he is acoward,cuz this is apressure without interest,the real ppl r at work pushing things to the next level,not the ppl which mentioned.

  4. Kamlepo words is the truth. You were saying that he is mentally sick. Look now, stop rubbish his words

  5. The passiveness of peter mutharika is some how contributing to rampant corruption in the country. This president is sleepy thats why George chaponda is taking advantage of him. Believe me if Joj was president and peter a minister, peter could hav been fired by now. Koma kugona kwa a presidentiwa kuli worse. Xul inangowathandiza kupeza ntchito, kuganiza kumamuvuta mwinanso joj ndi amene akugwira ntchito yonse yaupresident nchifukwa chake akukanika kumuchosa.

  6. Kkkkkk ine ndikudabwa kuti president amamanga anthu kapena a police ndi omwe amamanga? Amene amamanga munthu ndi a police please blame the police not APM, he has a lot to do than these issues aaaaaa

  7. ineyo sikuonapo wabwino pa malawi enanu nyumba munamangazi kapena galimoto mukukwelazo mesa ndalama zake ndi zakubaso ku office kwanu. so wamboma akabe kwa jusabu or ku times? no aliyense akapeza mpata augwilitse bwino zamawa siziziwika. ndati pano pa malawi ndi kokela kwako nsalu ya meloga.

  8. anthu mumandipwetekesa mutu bwanji mukuti kamulepo amayankhula? kodi mesa akufuna mupuse nayeso alowemo akabe.du u think iye sakaba? amayi amati bwanji akulamulila big man BINGU? atalowa iwo pano alikuti? why iz she there? kumachangamuka or inu musaoneke anzeru pa zakuba kwa anzanu. tonse ndi akuba only that enafe mwayi otenga zochulukazo tilibe. so kupeza mpata use it pano ndi wadya balalikani.ndani amafuna azafe ndi umphawi or ana ake azavutike? kumasamala poweluza anzanu.enanu zikukuwawani mumafuna ataba bambo anu or inu.

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  10. he is a very passive man…daznt he have children with active brains so that they could be shaking him up.. what surprises more is that he daznt even know what to do when he is xpected to… I owez wonder why some ppo call this man a professor..there is not a single element of that in him

  11. Thats wat malawians must get for elect a person who is Mchona he jst came to malawi to become a president but he dont know wat pple really want .

    1. That is the point brother the mistake started by choosing his brother to be the President while they know nothing about our country

  12. we talked,we r talking n we wil be talking bt he wnt hear us cz he got hs ears only fo hs few selected ppo.malaw z us nt hm so lets do thngs whch wil help ourself n mak ds country a beta place to liv.lets do our bst n shw hm dat we dnt nid hm cz he dnt knw wat we need.1 person cnt solv problems of 17 milion ppo its only u n i hu cn fnd a way to clear any problems we face cz we knw wats best fo us.lord z da bst presdent cz he nva lead us astray lk ths selfsh humanbngs n cme 2019 am voting for jesus chrst f he wil stand cz i knw nothng wil change wt dis corupt homosapiens.fire pah dem bu bu bu

  13. Wilt thou observe his, I mean pitala’s mouth carefully; he has no teeth to sting or bite. Then what do you expect him to do.

  14. Mwandinyasa mukuipisa chipani changa, mukudziwa mmene ndinavutikila kusuka chala chovotela. ababao amalawa mwana amalawanso nanga wantchito alawanso. MBUZI ZAWANTHU

  15. Amene mukuti peter didnt block ACB is enough for the president, shame on you, as a matter of fact the issue is out of the hand of your so called president and what u should know is that he doesn’t give search warrants gudges do

  16. ACB went to Chaponda’s house with blessings from the president.Chaponda is a senior DPP member ACB&police can’t go there without the knowledge of the president.This shows that APM is the good president

    1. where have you learnt this from? Who revealed umbava wa chaponda? Inu a DPP simumkati times TV ndiyabodza. President wanu mmesa anati olo afufuze bwanji palibe wa DPP yemwe apezeke olakwa? Mmayesa mpaka anaiuza macra kuti times aitseke pomwe MBC ilinso ndi ngongole? Nanga APA za 7 rotten ministers zija ndekutinso mnzabodza? Man katundu wanuyu sangalamule.

  17. Birds of the same feathers flock together, am crying for my country, why you are doing this to the poor Malawians, don’t you know that there’s no enough food for the pple? No jobs? No medicines? You have turned civil servants into slave servants, you don’t have passion for the poor people only kumangodyetsa mimba zanu,is this fair, ngati mumapita ku church kapena ku mzikiti kodi mumapembedza Mulungu uti? MBC is not inspiring anymore coz they are being used by the ruling party, is this fair?

    1. U did u ever ask urself wy mcp were killing innocent ppl ?if u think lik achild u wil be there.komaso unazifunsapo kut wy anthu akulimbirana maudindo if u wil find answers then take it from there my fel citizen.

  18. Who permitted the anticorruption to do their job against Chaponda?
    Did u expect the President to go wth them if u say where is Mutharika?

    1. He permitted as a face saver. He thought Anastanzia Msosa would have backed your party. But she is a judge of integrity and not pro DPP. APA ndekuti ya 577 billion IJA iyambirenso. Man Malawians are praying kunjaku. You can’t fool whom God created

  19. Anthuwa ndamozi n ngati kunyumba yanduna imozi kukupezeka zindalama zochuluka choncho wat about the whole cabinet n the big headed fish himself Mmmm shame on them,anthu akuvutika mzapatalamu kusowa mankhwala, umphawi wazaoneni mmakomomu iiiiii koma abale mavuto tili nao

  20. Akudziwana ndi chaponda awa. Padziko lapasi pano kulibe dziko lomwe andale amawatenga ma voters ngati agalu ngati kuno ku malawi. Tele nkhani ya galu uyu ontchedwa chaponda palibe titaone kuti wapangiwa china chake. Bcoz president naye ali momo, pomwe ainake misonkho imeneyi ndima homeless, kusowa chakudya, kuzipatala kumasowa asprin amene.

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