Renewed xenophobia attacks: Malawians, others targeted in South Africa


Malawians are among foreign nationals in South Africa whose businesses are the target in the latest attacks on foreigners in the rainbow nation.

A series of the attacks were reported earlier this week.

Latest attacks have been on Nigerians in the South African capital, Pretoria. Five businesses and a church were reportedly set ablaze over the past week, according to the

South Africans claim that foreign nationals had turned the neighbourhood into a drug haven. There were also reports of looting of shops belonging to foreign nationals in the area.

Anti xenophobia protest. (File). Image credit- News Ghana)

They say foreigners have illegally taken over most properties and turned them into drug and prostitution dens.

There has lately been an influx of Malawians leaving for South Africa to seek greener pastures in the rain bow nation.

Hundreds of Malawians take the long journey to South Africa without proper travel documents a development that put them in fear of deportation once caught by the authorities.

In February last year, Chrissie Kaponda, Malawian high commissioner to South Africa had said there was really an influx of Malawians heading to South Africa.

By then more than 1 000 illegal Malawian immigrants are currently being held at the Lindela Repatriation Centre, South Africa’s only detention centre for undocumented migrants, and their numbers are increasing in what is seen as a reflection of deepening economic hardship in their home country.

Meanwhile the Malawi government has asked Malawians in the rainbow nation to consider coming back home.

“It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that its citizens are protected and it is the responsibility of every person to ensure his or her own safety. We however urge those who can manage to come back home’’ local media reports quote Rejoice Shumba, spokesperson for the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as having said.

In the previous wave of attacks in 2015, the Malawi government blew up K30 million which was used to hire six (6) buses from South Africa to be used to ferry people who voluntarily want to be repatriated to Malawi.

At the moment, the Nigerian government has called on the African Union (AU) to intervene on the matter.




  1. South African Citizens should not take laws into their own hands and kill foreign nationals in their country. instead, they should let their government judiciously handle the situation. Africa is one. let us unite as one people for peace and progress.

  2. for the sake of security organise urself in groups,whether with other cntries citizens to protect urself from these pple.

  3. Amalawi ulesi ndi omwe ukukpwetekesani vomelezani bwelanikoni kuno ndi kwanu tikulandilani maganyu akasowa nkhasu pa phewa wa kudimba mukatero inu zanu zili bwino.

  4. the fact that our country is poor more pple wil move out insearch of green pasture….our political leaders istly thnk of ur family problms using public money b4 startin various projects for the national interest…..wethr u like it or not more pple from mzimba Kingdom will Trekk to the South wea they blve ….its wea they r Originated.


  6. Time wasters rand sizafananabe ndi mk muziwe zimenezo.sanje ikuphani musintha ma president 40 but mukhalabe choncho if u don’t do anything on yourself

  7. Even south Africans when they are pleading for water shortages for Malawi’s news they say xenophobia fuck off !

  8. I think that these people needs guerrilla ware fare .if they kill one make an ambush and kill two

  9. Ife kuno tikuyendela Yobu 13:13 & Quni fayaquni chotipeza chitipeze.Kumalawi kwachulu kuba bola tifere kokhuno zaka 52 tili paufulu ozilamulila koma anthu kudya zogula zoyara pasaka ife basi tifete moyenda.

  10. vuto ndiloti mukapita uko mumaiwala kuti muli kwaeni kodi konkuno simungapange zokuthandizani?enanu muli ndi luso lamanja simungaliwonetse luso lanulo poera nkumatukuka? tieni titukulane amalawi kusiyana nkuti kumakaenda chozemba kwaeni ngati kwanu mulibe

  11. How come in malawi all people are busy to keeping monay for pouwer peoples’ sindingabwele kumeneko Onily god knows about Life for Every one

  12. This is mainly for Nigerians who are known worldwide for their dirty businesses:drugs and running brothels. It’s not actually xenophobia, it’s a clean up campaign by the SA citizens. Zina kambu zina leku.

  13. Utsiku ungatalike bwanji kumacha .Stresss free this is time where by God is going to show his work ine Chimwemwe kusaya kkkkkk Ndili kokuno .In God I trust bcz is one bring me here at SA kkkkkkkkkkk

  14. kuno ndikunja kuyanja lichero mawa ndinu mukuphedwa ziko lanulanu

  15. Bvuto ndi anthu amene apita kukapuuta kwa eni. Ife kuno tilibe problem timakhala opanda nkhawa.mashopu awo alibe milandu,milandu ndiamene amapita komweko kukawazolowera mopusa anzawo madziko lawo.atakhala kulikuno mungamve bwanji.kupwanyilidwa ufulu mziko lako kwamunthu wobwera.

    1. Nanga zogulisa ma blue teethzo ma drugs. nanga point street ku durban ndi kupanga ma five land a fegi.mukuziwa kuti boma la south Africa laononga ma billion a marand kamba kosintha five rand coin.aks me bro i was their in durban,i was working at pick n pay inside workshop building as a bakerman zeno ya 2015 inandipeza konko and they explained to me everything.

  16. South Africans are not wrong, pliz guys understand these guys. Ma Naira akumapita kumeneko kumaka gulisa mankwala ozubguza bongo kubereka ana by using asikana akomweko, always they do dirty business

    Let them express their concern, kunokoso ma Nairawa akayambaso usiru they must pack and go.

    1. Amawadziwa anthu ogulitsa mankhwala ozunguza bongowo bwanji samapita kukathana ndi omweo koma amalimbana ndi anthu otisanalakwe chilichonse.

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    1. get away this not the platform, we taking about attacks on pple , you busy with your doctor nonsense

  18. Ulendo uno nde mwalemba zoona not zomwe mumabwebweta nthawi ijayi. Apa zofuna zanu zikuonesa kuti zakwanilisidw coz ndi zomwe mumafuna. Koma tikuziwa kuti mulungu alipo and sangalole kuti tizunzike kuno. Tipemphe kuti ngati nkotheka; chikho Ichi chitipitilire……

  19. Amalawi amenewo azifa ndithu kaya mundiona ngati munthu osowa umunthu izo ndizanu amati mwana osavera afe ndithu boma linawauza tiyeni muzivutikila komkuno kwanu ku malawi osavera ife azawo sikuti ndalama yopitila kujom tilibe ayi koma timavera zomwe boma likunena ndiye poti amalawi azawo akamakhala kuno kumasowa zochita amati ndizitsilu iwowo mashasha ..amenewo awotchedwe matako tilibe nawo ntchito olo baibulo limati mwana osavera makolo amfe ndithu chifukwa mwa iye mulibe phindu lililose kusonyezeratu kuti anthu aphindu tili kuno ku malawi tinavera dziko lathu

    1. Jealousy is the freedom of fools for sure. Do u have any idea that those people brings foreign currents in Malawi. Do u have any idea ambiri aphunzitsa ana thru rand. Ena aiwo aphutsila ntchito zamamanja. Even the money that is used to bring them back its not from your government. Its from UNHRC. Do u think its only Malawians who are foreigners in South Africa. Umbuli on high level

    2. iwe lero tikuona zokhudza xenophobia osati zomwe ukambazo zaubwino wakujon zimenezo ndi topic yatsiku lina inu ndigulu lambuli mkalasi lowoneka lodziwa zinthu aphuzitsi akufotokoza kuipa kwachigololo inu mwayamba kale kufotokoza ubwino wa sex mpaka ma style omwe mumawafila pomazamaliza aphuzitsi amvekere mwasemphana ndi topic ya lero

    3. I see this guy want to see suffering. Even here the news is they are burning brothel owned by Nigerians. They believe that were also drugs are being sold. Iweyo ndiwe mbuli. How on earth can u fuckn enjoying violence against human beings. MaAlbino akuphedwa kumalawi komweko ndijoni. It sound u want to see your fellow Malawians back empty handed then claim your success. My friend if u get entertained with someone’s failure u will die poor. I read your comment that shows how u enjoys this. For your own record I have a degree in engineering. I have all papers to stay here. I earn 4 x your Mp. So i know what kind of people you are. I pay my fellow Malawian 250 rand a day that is 12,500 mk per day. I am well educated than u and if this does not sit u well go and kick a rock

    4. Ndimunthu wosafunira anzake [email protected] #Kelvin_Katsonga, Osangalala anthu akamavutika, Iweyo Kelvin Alipo kwanuko kapena nzako amapita ku Jones ndiye sumapuma naye bwino kkkkk. nzakoyo musiiye zikumuyendera, ungomuuza chilungamo osazera Pa FB yi ayi. Mwamuna amati ndikabudula amathera Moyenda ndiye iwe ndi Mkazi waoneseratu.

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    6. Kelvin Katsonga stupidity at maximum level. Kusayenda ndiumbuli wins wapadela. I am proud of being Tumbuka and they is nothing u can take away from me. Kodi chakuwawa nchani panyama yagalu yomwe siumadya. U can’t even put your picture on your profile because ndiwe mwana wosokerana. How does race and tribe do with the story? Ana osokherana amakhala ndi anger because they think everyone is his father. If this doesn’t sit u well then mix cement and water then drink so that u can kick the rock u will be strong man

  20. Ndi umbuli kuphwany mashop aanthu obwerawo pobwenzera ndi anthu angati akuthandizika ndi mashop amenewo plas chitukuko chikubwera coz anthu amenewa,tipeze njira yoti nkutithandiza osati nafe tikhale ngati mbulizo

  21. Get first hand news first then publish. South Africans this time are not complaining about jobs. They are complaining about Nigerians who run doggy business that involve prostitutes and drugs (drugs). The attacks are in Rostenville in Pretoria. The have planned protests on Friday but the city of Tswane has rejected their application. They have clam that its a protest against drugs especially blue tooth a new drug that will spread HIV and aids. They believe that drug was made by Nigerians. So the police and Army are in high alert. All I can say Malawians pliz avoid going to tarvens that are owned by Nigerians were anthu akutsatira mahule. U will be caught in those places.

    1. Brother,hope you have forgotten how barbaric South Africans are,check on their groups you will know what they are saying,check the comments on the article that talks about drugs,prostitution if they mean these,what about Parkstanians and Somalians what did they do?

    2. Eish I don’t know. All I can say I have been following the news from reliable sources. So far noons of c a walking person attacked. Also they hide by looting Somalians shops because they can see that they is visible money. I am not saying that they is no violence but the places were u can easily get involved is malo ogulitsa mahule and tarvens owned by Nigerians plz avoid them because they a target

    3. Eish its complicated. Drug lord have connections with high profile people and they have drug dealers who sell in the streets. So if a drug dealer is arrested the drug lord will rescue them. The police is corrupt


    Living in South Africa.
    Response to ongoing Xenophobia Return on Foreign Nationals.:::

    We are very much aware of ongoing threats circulating in Social media that a group of local SouthAfricans are planning another attack on foreign national.
    So as a group of pple from different countries we have also started mobilising ourselves and ready for these pple.

    We can,t just watch them killing us like flies.So this is our plan.
    We Nigerians has contacted our brothers back home who are in Dangerous Boko Harum group to help us.Weapons are starting to creep in as from next month.

    We also approached Dangerous Mozambiquican group Matsanga to help us.
    they responded positively and they said we,re ready and still angry about their brothers who killed and burned like dogs in the last attacks.

    Parkistan, Libyan Malian, Senegalese, Somalian,
    Congolese, are also bizzy bringing the massive destruction bombs.

    This time it’s War and survival of the fittest.

    We are waiting for Zimbabwean,Angolan,Ethiopian, to engage us so we plan together and form a massive group that will destroy these criminals who are failing to live good life in their country full of opportunities.

    If they lazy to work how can companies employ them,they rob us everyday in our shops and streets,they’re used to free handouts. no sweat.

    So without Fear cum we’re more than Ready, we’ll circulate information on our way forward and strategies we’ll use in areas we know foreign nationals are staying…

    And will kill them too,and bind they embassies in our countries.

    We need to show them.
    You know how to join us.


    1. The use of bombs and other military equipment will be a declaration to South Africa. Our well trained Special Task Force and National Intervention Unit will come in and protect their people. What I can guarantee you is that there will lot of dead bodies on the street. Let’s avoid unnecessary war or conflicts.

    2. I cry to my beloved Africa being like this. Let us all unite n stop killing each other. God loves us all equally. Rather pray for the wicked than use violence. My the good Lord protect our African brothers n sisters all over the world. Goodwill shall prosper.

    3. Yaaa dis is a time to fight back we a also tied of this let’s unite and fight with them,there’s a lot of white people who open different types of business but they don’t kill them but they a targeting their fell Africans.

    4. That is actually a declaration of war to all South Afrikan people and its government. You can’t rent a back room at my house and when I start complaining of your unruly behaviour, you declare war on the owner. That is total disrespect.

    5. You will only create blood bath, its about only 5 to 8% of south Africa’s population that condone this xenophobic nonsense, the rest of us don’t want this to happen but if you attack one of us with military grade weapons than you’ll be forcing the whole nation to attack back and only the innocent suffer in stupid conflicts like This.

    1. God help them anthu akumapita kamba kamavuto adziko lathuli and alot of pple apanga chitukuko mmakomo mwawo.kaya ine ndiye ndanyamuka kale ndikakumana nazo komko

  23. In your introduction you say Malawians are among the foreigners whose businesses are targeted in the latest attacts. But in the main body you say Nigerians’ have been targeted in the latest attacks in Pretoria. Please be consistent when writing.

  24. iam not for it, its BAD, komabe the so called evil acts helps them address their problems, wish we had courage to do the same (act instantly) on these politicians spoiling our nation. when the govt is not helping, I think its good for the citizens to do something. Titengelepo phunziro lomatha kugwirizana nkukonza zinthu ngat taona kuti Boma likukanika a Malawi. #Arrest-Chaponda all envolved in Maizegate or Cashgate. End corruption and embezzlement of public funds

  25. aMalawi tiyeni tigwilizane chimodzi, nafeso ndiphwanye ma shop aanthu akuJoni e.g Shoprite, Spar, Game…. iwowo azipanga business muno mwa free ? asaaaa

    1. ati avutike ndani popedza onse akugwira ntchito mmashop amenewa ndi amalawi onzanu chimodzimodzi kunonso akamaphwanya mashop azivutika okha coz ndamene amagwiritsa ntchito

    2. Umbuli ndiumene ukukupangisani, and because mushorite mo simulowamo, mumangoiwinera mu bus mxiiiimmmm!

      Mashops amend mukunebawo ayiniake sima zukutu iyayi, koma ndiazungu oti Ku south africako nawonso anango pitako, ndipo anachiona chanzeru kuti azapangeso vhitukuko kuno.

      They employ our relatives and families even Ku SA komweko amalembaso amalawi anzathu. Let them be and ifeyo we need their daily services
      Ngati kuli kuba aphwanga muka loweso ku leaners

    3. Madaliso Madalitso Mpindamalata, have gone to the goverment and told that game and shoprite are doing their business illegally?

      I think you misunderstand me, do you know that those companies are not for south African? They went to south Africa to do business, so the same they can come and to Malawi. We need their tax to build up our countries economy,
      I hope you get me rite this time

    1. a Hastings ndinu mbuli pa nkhaniyi palibe mukuzitsata apa, you are talking of undocumented foreigners that are deported home, but the issue here is every foreigner is attacked here be it documented or undocumented, tsono mukati akhaule alakwa chani, zimakupwetekani akamakunyengerani akazi akabwera kumudziko eti? ndakuona!

    2. Ngati zinakukanika kuyenda usalankhule mopusa, ngakhale atapanga chowawa bwanji kwaife iwe sumva kupweteka kuli konse coz sindife abale ako.

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