Revealed: What caused fire in Chaponda’s office

George Chaponda

Fire gutted the offices of the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation & Water Development, Dr. George Chaponda, and his Principal Secretary (PS), Erica Maganga, at Capital Hill Tuesday

George Chaponda
George Chaponda’s office on fire.

This comes fresh as the Minister is under fire over his feared role in the maize gate scandal.

The news has however seen hilarious from Malawians on the social media.

Others have made conclusions the fire is a plot by Chaponda to have all the necessary information as regards his role in the matter distorted.

However a purported quote from Hamilton Chimala, who is the Spokesperson in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, reveals what the cause of the inferno is.

‘’The fire that has razed down George Chaponda’s office this morning came from a socket connecting a plasma screen to power. Experts will still have to do their investigations, but as far as we know- some workers detected a burning smell soon after a lightening had strike,” He is on record as having told one of the tabloids in Malawi.

According to Chimala, a woman who rushed into Chaponda’s office noted smoke coming from the socket but got afraid to unplug the TV Screen and opted to seek assistance.

“It was in within the short period of time when this woman was seeking assistance when the fire got uncontrollable,” He said.

Meanwhile, pressuring is mounting on President Peter Mutharika to fire Chaponda following reports that his conduct in the maizegate scandal was suspicious.

An inquiry into the matter had in its recommendations asked the Malawi leader to institute a probe through the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).



  1. Ine sizandikhuze pano koma mutha kutenganso ndalama yanga ya misonkho pomangisira office ina, za chimanga ndiye zapita basi ndipo usauka tilibe mawu.

  2. The main target of all this bogus maize-gate is Chaponda not Mlumbe and other ADMARC top officials. There are grey areas in both commissions of inquiries that need to be looked into thoroughly. The question is how could both reports come up with the very same findings? Another thing is; is Kajoloweka’s NGO dealing with consumables or law matters? It seems Mlumbe and the other officials were named in fraud charges in order to make us believe that Chaponda really corrupted. The PAC’s formation of a parallel commission of inquiry is questionable because this thing has never happened before and it might lead to the discomfort of the presidential one. How could opposition members of parliament come up with the true report that deals with their political adversary and for that matter the one who outsmarts them? The other worry is there may be an official from Trans-Globe these mad dogs connived/bribed in order to implicate Chaponda. These guys also need to be investigated by ACB. The burning of his office is also suspicious. The hands of dark forces could not be ruled out even though it is not acceptable in our court of laws. It might be that the Chakwera and JB camp knew that they have successfully manipulated everything, but the only tool remaining is the true documents to support them and the only way out is to set on fire Chaponda’s office and to put the blame on him, no wonder their fb supporters are jotting in masses condemning this giant in support of their wickedness. In this one there are several theories that ccould be applied: use of black magic or conniving with anyone working with Chaponda to do the damage and tell their supporters to flood in more fb support. I think the best inquiry team could have been an independent and not from this country the same way cash-gate was investigated. There is need to tackle this issue with sober minds otherwise some foul play might be done. Chaponda had been trailed since he was the minister of foreign affairs. Politicians you think we don’t follow your actions, yes we do. Let DPP continue with its development agendas, don’t sway it.

    1. Development agenda of stealing and burning offices my foot, if they have paid you go to hell and perish with money….I say it once more Bulshit.

  3. “ndimakazinga chimanga pa Hot Plate ndiye naiwala kuzimitsa ntatha PEPANI ndipepese sidala ndi ngozi inunso zikhoza kukuchitikilani”Ndiamakukukonda aMalawi anzanga!

  4. Do they do this for the people or for themselves? Unfortunately many Malawians don’t use their common sense, luck of wisdom.

  5. Tisaiwale dziko lanthu dzina lake ndi malawi amoto malawi amoto lawilawi pa nsika malawi pa mec office malawi pa hotel malawi pa capital hill lawilawi mwina tisithe dzina tikhale makala kenako tizakhala phulusa basi moto watha

  6. Chaponda ndi mbuzi kuponda chimanga ndi mbuzi avetsere nyimbo ya …… Copy mady p song. Kuotcha office ndi mbuzi….. At ate muwalange achaponda…..




  8. Remember what happened with the MEC and the vote recount? Why this happens only to the investigated offices? Look deeper, something fish is smelling like fish here.

  9. guy’s kukhala mmalawi nkulimba ntima, apa tingodikila monthend atidulenso nsonkho akonzele office ya chaponda .jah help malawi

  10. Kkkk koma leza ameneyu;iye bwanji osangwa nkhaniyi isanachitike;ndye kaya mwina kt azanganu mukhulupilira zimenezi,ine ndye ayi bz zikundpweteka mumtimamu chifukwa abale anga akufa ndinjala tikunena pano.Fuso mkumati Lezayu bwanji osapangitsa moto kumaministry enao,Choona chizadziwika bz mizimu ya anthu amene anafa ndinjalao singasangalale kt inamizidwe

  11. Burning infomation does not make him clean, Please note that G O D Snapped What ever you did and you will be answerable to what ever took place on the judgement day, The best way is to accept the error and repent M G Chimp

  12. Do you think people from the south are as dull as you are? Who doesn’t know you? Only your follow crap can cheer you up. This is your last campaign tactic. We act basing on evidence not trash. We cherish the performers not the greedy selfish fools who create heart breaking stories to woo the heart of the myopic. The way you’re handling Chaponda is because he is your main target. Unthankful people who are ready to kill or die like a power hungry lioness only to satisfy their needs: quota system, all the important positions both in public and private sector even with fake certificates. Give us tangible evidence that Chaponda is responsible for all what you are accusing him for. You know there is no other way you can tackle DPP, but rather create dubious stories to the extent of burning his offices to add more gravity to your corruption claims. Give us evidence. These guys are performers as you can see with heavy flooding in 2015 and severe drought in 2016; they managed to prevent people from dying of hunger. On zero aid they are building Mombera and planned to build new MZUNI campus in your territory and the compensations were already paid, but still you are fighting them fiercely. You also voted for JB despite his very bad record. INU SIMUNGATIPUSISE NGATI ZA CHASOWA, GIVE US EVIDENCE.

  13. Ife a DPP takondwera kwambiri pazomwe zachitika dzulo.
    Ife tithana ndiwina aliyense amene akulimbana ndi DPP.
    Cholinga cha ife ndikusakaza chuma chonse kuphatikizapo katundu yomwe anasiya Kamuzu Banda.
    Bakili pomwe amaba inu simumanena zambiri pano mukulimbana ndiife a DPP.
    Pozafika 2019 muonaso zambiri tizakhala titatha, komaso muzativotelaso mufune musafune.
    We don’t care about your lives we care about ourselves.
    You Malawian you will remain poor while we are enjoying the wealth of this country.
    You just waste your time to criticised the government of DPP. This is our government and we are still grabbing your through tax.
    Viva DPO, Viva our President Hon Professor Author Peter Wamunthalika

  14. Kamuzu knew these guys are difficult no wonder he didn’t develop their region. Just imagine mmene chinabera chi JB muja they defend her. Za aChaponda is just a well calculated move to deal with him. In the end this case will have no result. They just want to bring in unnecessary confusion to us the same way they did with Chasowa. How can a Minister leave his office moving with cheques to buy maize? How did he corrupt with Trans-globe? Unless they bring in enough evidence without loop holes, I will surely listen to them. His suspension case was amazing: The client Mr Kajoloweka from the North, Lowyer representing him from the North too, Mzuzu High court from the North, The judge… I’m sorry I will leave this part for you. Why the finance minister approved the transactions which had anomalies? Why are these guys not on Goodall’s neck? It’s really amazing.

  15. Mmmmmmm, mmmmh! Yasiyiranji kuphya office ya a Henly Musa, kapena ya Nankhumwa, kapena ya Grace Obama Chiumia. Basi yonkha ya a Chaponda? Nde mukundiudza kt nawonso a Chaponda aphyera momo? Ngati aphyera momo, ndekuti inalidi ngodzi! Koma ngati iwowo bambo Chaponda Moto sunawakhudze pathupi, ndekuti nzadala! Kodi inu bambo G. Chaponda, mukufuna kt amphawife tingofaaa??????????????

  16. The battle never ends. As you can see the main target of this whole bogus saga of maize-gate is Chaponda not Mulumbe or the other top officials. It might be Chaponda started the fire or his adversaries did it because they pretty sure knew that it would be hard for them to give tangible evidence to the ACB against the iron man. The best way is to start the fire mysteriously: through black magic or some supernatural powers as tracing them proves difficult and no court of law can accept them as evidence. These guys are crooked and very fierce. They can do anything to see off their enemies. They can take life to push the blame to the government like what they did with Chasowa. They are dangerous and mostly tribalistic. There are so many serious scandals done on this land: cash-gate, jet-gate, bogus soaking of maize in order to be loaded on PP tracks for campaign, Burning of Mulli Brothers Company in Chikangawa led by PP Mp, CSOs not accounted for 90% of donor funds, etc. but surprisingly no parliamentary committee set up a pararrel enquiry to investigate and neither Tumbuka led CSOs asked for the heads of responsible ministers in the same way they did with Chaponda. It seemed the commission of enquiry wanted to appease the power hungry PAC which is dominated by PP and MCP in condemning Chaponda. The bogus Times Group stories did not involve Trans-globe and after realized that Chaponda had clean hands in Kaloswe deal they pushed in Trans-globe to see Chaponda suspended and face ACB. My worry is the whole system is corrupt. Everywhere you go you will face Tumbukas as top officials and these guys can easily manipulate the system to be in favour of their fellows. I fear no justice will be done in this case. It seems an innocent man is the victim of tribalism because the Northerners don’t see other people from other regions with a good eye whenever in the lead and proved very intelligent than them. ATimes, kodi mwabweza Mk2b ku MRA? Had it been Mulli not paid this money he would have been making headlines for the whole year.

  17. A plasma screen cable cannot and will never cause fire whenever,wherever.ndie bwezi nyumba zambiri zitapsya.come with another convincing story(lie).

  18. Ngati kuli kundipha mwandiphela2 agalu opanda chisoni inu;ine dzamoto dzisandikhudze mpang’ono pomwe;bolanso akadapsela momwemo chaponda ndi gulu lake; mulungu wayamba kukulangani padziko lapansi pompano; icho ndiye chiyambi chamavuto adzaoneni; mulungu ngwatonse;

  19. It was a plot, why all agriculture top officials went to Parliament this day doing nothing instead of being at their office? There was no any issue on order paper concerning the ministry and a minister was not answering any question from the members on this day.

  20. Si zaonekera lero machitidwe akenso a umbuli. Kuchosani ku parliament pompo kuyatsa office. Koma zigandanga za ku mozambique izi zitizunza. Pitani kwanu paja nkhondo inatha. Mkaotche nyumba yoti simnamangeko….??????? Mtundu wonyatsa

  21. Out Of All Offices, Moto Wawona Ya A Chaponda Okha Basi?? This Is Liar!

  22. The ministers laptop was stolen in the same office now its fire to me i’ts not something strange coz the honourable has been saying that when the house is on fire u do what ever u can.

  23. Amalawi dyera mukuwononga chinthu cha gulu kubisa umbava wanu takumbukana kuwotchedwa kwa escom house tonani mpaka lero ndipabwinja choncho tingatukuke chimene president akuwopa kumuchotsa kamunthu kamodzi chaponda is not Malawi the same as Malawi is not chaponda Mr president munthu mmodzi asakuwonongereni mbiri muphunzire kuchokera kwa nkulu wanu anthu ngati awa ndiwomwe ankapotoza malemu Bingu mumuchotse chaponda basi apo bii MULUNGU akukanthani limodzi chifukwa cha madandaulo

  24. @Hastings Kalinda Whatever Chaponda’s crime Iam 100% sure he did not burn the building.The very people who are burning markets and other buildings are responsible.I feel sorry for Malawi this culture you have started will be very hard to stop.You can cheat people by hiding behind your fingers but you can’t cheat god!

  25. What the cause of the fire ,imagine the fire started afternoon something fishy remember Adolf Hetler burnt churches and claimed communist party are the ones who were responsible for that.Ndiye the government must investigate carefully otherwise some people will finish up your image. Ndale pa Malawi zabvuta

  26. Anthu oipa oganiza zao zokha they care not about the poor tax payers Malawi mukatero mumayiwala kuzavoteranso zomwezi andale akwathu kuno wa kulibe wabwino onse mbava awa amalowa ndale kuti akazilemeletse basi mfiti za anthu izi CHAPONDA akuyenera kuphedwa pomuotcha kapena kumugenda ndi miyala DPP MBAVA ZOKHA ZOKHA IZI

  27. mumanda amayi muma ndimbava zoto lamalawi mumafun ku madzikundikila chumana nokha ife anthu osauka mutipweteke ndi mitsokho yosadziwika bwino sikuti chumacho mukapita nacho kumanda

  28. This is not the first trick DPP used to,remember in 2014 they did same thing when they burned down MEC head quarters.Am much concerned with these motherfucker DPP gurus monga alomwe,if you look very carefull u will see there is Nanhumwagate,Bingugate,Kaliatigate,Henry mussagate,Pitalagate.Fuck lomwes who voted for this motherfucker monkey fuck DPP fuck you who replying fuck you mbuli zakuba zakuMalawi

  29. Stupid. Malawian thieves more especially the higher officials uses fire to solve problems. They even burn a place where ballots papers are so that they have to win a position. No sense, even u who wrote this, can’t u see that that stupit dude was lying to u????. These are the very same pple u were saying BOMA iloooooooo. Pano ndizimenezi. Kuba koonekelatu….2019 mbuzi zinaso zizidzati ayimasooooooo. Shatapu

  30. Mmmmmmm,mmmmh,Malawi,ka dziko ka dzianthu dzopusa,kutereku misonkho yathu ipitanso kumeneku ife nyoooooooo!!!!kumasapotera kuti boma!boma!!!mmmxiew,kukhala mmalawi ndikulimba mtima bolanso ku Syria

  31. What’s wrong you mad man.had it been that kamuzu was still arrive he would have said something definitely.burning central government buildings are really crazy man..

  32. Siimapsa monsemuja bwanji, iiiih komatu DPP government nde yatitola bwanji, konseku kutiwona kupusa a Malawife eti….. Peter, chaponda and your friends must know that God is watching what you are doing and one day you will face the consequences of what you are doing to the member of the public especially the #poor…

  33. This govnt it douts coz timayembekeza kuti azpanga za manifeto yao koma akupanga zamutu mwawo.chaponda anali kale koma uyu ndi mbava,apitala muchitepo kanthu

  34. This govnt it douts coz timayembekeza kuti azpanga za manifeto yao koma akupanga zamutu mwawo.chaponda anali kale koma uyu ndi mbava,apitala muchitepo kanthu

  35. To me i can see that this is just the actions of opposition parties,lets my fellow malawians open our eyes and see.according to the reports that the investigators derivered to our beloved president peter muthalika they are saying that there was no any form of corruption when they were purchasing maize in zambia,so the opposition parties are just trying to find ways so that malawian should see as if chaponda was conserning on corruption thats why they burnt his office so that we should think that they are hiding some very important document.but my fellow malawian the truth is that chaponda must no be tortured that he store the money,if we think in a negative way then we are not doing right at all.thanks

    1. The CoI recommended him to be investigated by theACB for assumed suspicious transactions, how are you sure he is innocent then??? My bro don’t be part of the band wagon that has already further destroyed this country but rather be some1 who can help rebuild our nation!

    2. It’s an open secret that Chaponda and company have already destroyed this nation! And I wanna not sleep until he is brought to nook

    3. Mbale uzifunira dziko lako zabwino ukulankhula ngati umakhala ku mozambique bwanji?zikukusangalatsa eti?wakondwa kwambiri ukuwona ngati ukwati?may God forbid Malawi

  36. i hope the office itself ili ndi vuto. if i may recall ofesi imeneyi idapsaponso chihana ali nduna .should we conclude to say Chakufwa amasokonezanso umboni? or the office is faulty?

  37. Laughing a good foreign fire investigator from pictures will tell you this was NOT an electrical fire,

    First the fire erupted to fast, electrical fires are slow ,
    Secondly the outlet is protected with a service breaker once the wires are melted and make contact with each other this breaker with fail due to short circuit
    Third the plastic coating on wires is fire retardant causing a slow burn,
    Show us a photo of the outlet, it will tell us if the fire started in that area,
    Show us a photo of the inside of the outlet, dismantle the wall trace wire in the wall if not melted not a electrical fire,

    Lighting would have effected the main electrical box not one outlet specific to someone under investigation

    The whole matter appears Arson because of the speed of the blaze
    The whole issue regardless does not look favourable to Chaponda and his staff

  38. Ali Busy Kuotcha Ma Ofesi Owapeza Maofesi Oti Odamanga Nionzawo.Mangan Ma Ofesi Anu Muziotcha Osat Izi Odasiya Malemu Zi.Koma Ameneyu Umbava Umenewu Asakhaleso Chaponda Ayi Koma Akhale Chopanda Kaya Tizit Chopanda Nzeru

  39. Amalawi ndiumphawi ulimudzikolo ena akupanga zaumbava mukuwapenyabe. Kuzambia zimenezozo ndizapweka ndizosamveka dzingaletetu ndeu tsiku lomwelo. atsa achaponda amenewo ndiwoputsa dzedi.

  40. mumafuna zimenezi anthu amanena kuti chaponda akapume pa mpando wake kuti amufufuze bwino koma makani ndiye ndizimenezi musadabwe nazo ndiye d pp imeneyo

  41. mumafuna zimenezi anthu amanena kuti chaponda akapume pa mpando wake kuti amufufuze bwino koma makani ndiye ndizimenezi musadabwe nazo ndiye d pp imeneyo

  42. mumafuna zimenezi anthu amanena kuti chaponda akapume pa mpando wake kuti amufufuze bwino koma makani ndiye ndizimenezi musadabwe nazo ndiye d pp imeneyo

  43. mumafuna zimenezi anthu amanena kuti chaponda akapume pa mpando wake kuti amufufuze bwino koma makani ndiye ndizimenezi musadabwe nazo ndiye d pp imeneyo

  44. maunduna ena onse alibe plasma kapena koma kwa chaponda.bwanji nawo siadapse.mulilongwe ndi nyumba zingati zapsa chifukwa choyiwala akuti plasmayi.a malawi osagula plasma zimayambitsa moto kukapanga mphenzi.

  45. This a well coordinated and well plan move. DPP gurus are involved in this scandal including the Big man himself. Why the big man is failing to discipline his child? Why he is shielding this guy? What is so special with this man in the cabinet?
    I hope the Big man has a good answer on why he is shielding this man.
    The must know that Malawians are watching and come 2019 this bunch of thieves will be booted out and shall be answerable to their evil deeds. Let’s wait time will mark against them.

  46. One party system was better than this, dziko linapita ndimwini wake kamuzu pamene ma court amagwiradi ntchito yake .pamene anthu samaba ndalama zaboma chisiwawa, ndipo nduna ngati chiponda zimakaponyedwa mu ng’ono , kumeneko ndiko kunali kuyendetsa dziko kwa ana amuna ache kamuzu, maphuziro anali amphavu, njala kunalibe, ndalama yathu yakwacha inkapikisana ndi pound mphavu, chitetezo cha dziko chinali champhavu, university ya Malawi inali top 5 kusula ophuzira mu Africa, ndikuti dziko LA che kamuzu. Mupume muntendere ntchito munagwira agwazi.

  47. itatera pauta silasika. pitala nd chaponda akudziwana. amalawi musaiwale kut ndale nd bznes. mbava zmakhala ndsogoleri like pitala chaponda ndi otumidwa. mpake amalimba mtima.

  48. Tatitsutse zomwewene akunena zakuti ku captal hill kwapya ilindibodzala nkunkhuniza chomweifetikudziwa ndizakuti ofesi yabwana Chaponda yapya ndimotowomwe sukudziwika choyambitsa.

  49. Cry my beloved Motherland…!
    A red light is flashing on our dashboard warning us about how the 2019 General Elections official results will be handled by the greasy DPP and its a great shame that Civil rights Societies and the entire Nation including the MDF are just watching like kids at a kindergarten without even taking the corrupt politicians to task…!
    Our Democracy ain’t any better than the single ruling system of Dr Banda…!
    Bolani kwa Pharaoh, amatimanga nyakula ndikumatidulitsa ma khadi koma chimanga samatibera komaso ma office kunalibe kuotcha…!
    Bolani kwa Pharaoh ankatiponya kumadziwe angona za njala koma ndalama za misokho ya munthu osauka imagwira ntchito…!
    Ndithudi ndikuti bolani kwa Pharaoh nduna za chibwana ngati Chaponda ankazilengera ngozi Ku Mwanza kuopetsa kufalitsa chikhalidwe choipa Ku mtundu wa Malawi…!

  50. i fill sory for malawians, how can fire just start in the office of mr chaponda?kodi office yomwe ili ndi magetsi ku capital hill ndi ya mr chaponda yokha kuti moto uwotche office imodzi among all the offices, this country has no protection soon fire will burn our houses

  51. Anthu Otembeleledwa Awa Akuwona Ngati Sitikudziwa Kuti Awotchera Dara , Magetsi Anthu Aku Malawi Ngopanda Mphamvu Ndiye Zitheka Bwanji Kumaotcha Ma Ofesi ??

  52. Paja kukakhala kafukufuku ma office amapya, komanso ubwino wake aku zambia ananena mbali yao zikachitika mu………. Kwa i…….

  53. Ife amalawi kugona,palibe mwana pano anthuwa ali limodzi dziko la malawi lili ndi anthu over 15 million kodi mkuona ngati nkovuta kumuchotsa Chaponda nkuikapo munthu wina?pitala momwe ankanena zoti ACB ifufuzenso adali adapanga kale njira zootcha office awa.tsono ndi izo ma file apsa ACB iyambira pati..
    Moti chaka chamawa DPP ikamazabwera ndi nsalu inu mmvekere chipani koma ichi.chipani cha makhuluku ndi mbava ichi

  54. Ngongole mmisika,umva msika waphya.ngongole kuboma umva boma silikulipira antchito.Mavoti abedwa,umva ware house yapsya.Nchiani kodi amalawi????????atsogoleri athu akale aja ali kuti??????

  55. Palibe yemwe mungamuuze zimenezo.Apa zaziwika ku Chaponda Watibera ndalama ndiye wafuna kusokoneza dala maumboni andalama zathu,ndiye tikuti sitifunanso kumuona Chaponda ngati Nduna komanso amangidwe.Apa bii zikwanje basi amalawi mu 2019 achoke anthu akubawa.

  56. dpp burning offices wont help anything at all was #MEC now its himself in the hands of dpp just remimd you ,malawi isnt for peter or so called chaponda this two will never help us

  57. Pali mtundu wina wa anthu omwe suzamva pa kavotedwe iwo amangotengera zija zoti ndiwathu uyu tingomuvotera kuyiwala kuti akuwombera mfiti manja

  58. Chaponda Ndiokuba Kwambili,akugwila Ku Phalombe Ntchito Kwa TA Kaduya Anamuthamangisa Komanso Ku Mulanje Anamuthamangisa,waiyasa Yekha Ameneyo Kut Asokoneze Mafaile.Ambuye Atithandize

  59. So puzzling is this story since it has coincided with the maizegate scandal,,, but if it is a deliberate move, oh! Dr Minister,, may you be cursed!!!

  60. Too many coincidences in Chaponda’s case – WHY???
    these are planned moves to destroy evidence as we used to read in James Hadley Chase novels.

  61. Eeeeshi mulakho waaa alomwe pajatu ndi ma die heart a DPP ndie sivuto bola sipanafe anthu 20 ngati mbuyomu pa 20 July

  62. Zitsiru za DPP izi zikusokoneza umboni pa umbava wawo aaaaaaa kuchita kufunsa apa !!! Adziti ma paper asokonekera ndimene DPP government imachitira nthawi zonse muchinyengo chawo

  63. Anthu akumudzi izi alibe nazo ntchito come 2019 they will still vote for these guys…wish all Malawians were civilized and feel pain of tOUR Tax money..

    1. ndi cifukwa cake amati democracy imafunika anthu ozindikila ozitsata. koma kuno timavotela ma K50 posazindikila za economy and the like

    2. Komanso Aku Blantyre Ndi Amene Anapereka Ma Vote Ambiri. #jali Angataninso Zi Ma Yes Bwana. Yerekedwani Abwanoni Inu Koma Mavuto Saona Otsutsa, Bolanso Enafe Tili Bwino.

    3. Bodza iwe where did u make this research? If u followed 2014 People in blantyre voted for APM and in Lilongwe for Chakwera while Mzuzu and Zomba it was even Distribution. Nde anthu aku town kuti anavota mozindikira?

    4. If you know well about malawi’s politics you can’t say kuti anthu aku midzi alibe nazo ntchito….. You go 4vote or not but the’ll steal from you,like it or not brother… there iz no way to say anthu akumidzi alibe nazo tchito limenelo ndiboza m’bale….

    5. Ndikunena ine munthu wakumudzi zimenezi alibe nazo ntchito ndinali ku ntcheu ndi ku balaka kwathu kumeneku anthu mwezi uliwonse kumalandila chimanga thumba 10kgs ya nyemba kapena nandolo kapena chipere cha nsawawa ndi mafuta ophikira 2 litres chomcho mungamusunthe za dpp

    6. Iwe nde mbuli number one kulandira chimangacho nde ndi APM? Kkkkkkkk ndimangomva kuti kuli mbuli kumwera apa ndasimikiza. Izo ndi mabungwe ndipo ndi msonkho wa munthu wina ku maiko ena. Kuzitama ndi cholandira manyazi eti. Kumatchulidwa anjala ndi maiko anzathu zingakhale zonyaditsa koma. Hede inu nde sizinthu koma zilombo kamba mkuotcha maoffice.

    7. Zokuti akupereka ndi mabungwe ukudziwa ndi ndikuphunzira kwakoko ndati tidzitukwanizana apa chinachilichonse utanyoze iwenso uli chomcho kapena nditi nawenso yotamu kumwenda munakati mukagwira ganyu kuno nkumakatukula kwanu kuja pano mutadzalamula koma vuto mumagula nyumba kuno kunyoza kutchire kwanu kuja iiiiiiiiiii adzakangoti aliyense kwawo kaya zomwe anapanga kamuzu zija ng’oooooooooo simudzalamula dziko lino ndithu

  64. In Malawi we like to beat about the bush even though you know that this is ABCD, apart from evidence being destroyed money also has been wasted because of arrogance and not ignorance. That’s what happens when you are serving personal interest. God save Malawi

  65. What I know is, if the government fail to fire the minister, the minister fire the ministerial offices, that’s what happens in Malawi. Ine pano mumverako nditaotcha chalk chonde Monday lino, after kuba ma bokosi a chalk twelve


  67. DPP koma ana inu mwatiseleratu ngati chikulunga. Kodi nose kungokhala mbava popanda wachisoni zoona?? Chabwino poti sizingakuwaweni mukakhala inu mumayendera Diesel enafe tidandaulabe poti tili nimagazi

  68. Upon a time I said this man called chaponda is dangerous to our country look wat he has done now, this is more than stupid but remember thats dpp tactics they did the same with mec office. I think is highly time we have be sleeping let’s wake up and fight for the goodness of our country

  69. NDI MUGABE EKHA AMENE AMAKWANITSA ZIMENE UKUSATAZO! Mind u Malawians adapenya sinthawi yasamunda unakachoka mwaulemu anthu akanakamakupasaso ulemu koma apapa Mr gringoo mufatu )

  70. Malawi’s nasty politics at its apogee. If I may ask, what motive is there for Chaponda to burn the office? I feel this is a senseless allegation.

    1. You mean you cant deduce the motive for burning the office? you already forgot about MEC offices that got gutted by fire a day after the court announced that the votes be recounted for Lilongwe city east? If its blind loyalty then one is completely brainwashed to sink so low in thinking

    2. Mmmmh, your deduction is spoony. Chaponda has been made a formidable personality for no apparent reason apart from mere political rivalry. It is improbable that the fire is his brain child. Hate politics is the base here.

    3. Any right thinking personality can use simple logic to deduce this. No need for any academic knowledge to conclude that its Chaponda who has done this. its beyond coincidence.

    4. Kkkkk r u sleeping?Kapena uri mguru la anthu amene akurandira ndalama kt azibakira boma mu ma social Media?Iwe sukuwona kt ndizadala cholinga asokoneze za Maizegate?Upeze nthawi ugwade pasi upemphere udziwe chowonadi chenicheni chikuona dziko lino?

  71. Tinyumba take tomwezi mukuyasanso, timaroom tapamalawiti simunatope nato?malo monjezera nyumba zapa mwamba mukuotcha shame malawi!

  72. Lero ndi tsiku la ntchito,aliyense waona kuphatikizapo a secritary awo.afusidwe ameneo chomwe chayambitsa moto anena.KUSAKHALENSO ZA INQUIRY APA,Zatikwana

  73. never you be up your eyes and see Malawi.You look for a tangible plan so everyone believe your fiction otherwise if t is true then somebody set that up to look much real.WTF Z HAPPENING IN MW?

  74. DDP akumakazinga chimanga ku maoffice kumeneko. Sinanga ma evidence alimuoffice imeneyo. what else is new Escom fire MEC Lilongwe fire, Muthalika is a failed president he must go.

  75. Pitala will set up a commission of inquiry , they wil gvn 30 dayz. At the last day the wil request for an additional week..dausi adxayankhula kut tidikire zomwe inquiry yomwe professor arthur pita muthalika wakonza….adxatipasa funso kut wokoma ngat a profesa atani..pakutha pa zonse adxatiuza kut mphezi inayambisa moto chaponda is clean….we kno how dis wil end..jxt wait 4 our turn

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