Khama Khwiliro explains going solo in Grace Chinga tribute

Khama Khwiliro

Gospel musician Khama Khwiliro has given reasons as to why he went solo on a tribute to the late Grace Chinga set to be released on 16th March.

Questions kept piling up on the issue in light of the fact that Khwiliro was involved in a group tribute soon after Chinga’s death in March last year.

Khwiliro: Talks about tribute to Grace Chinga.

In an interview with Malawi24 yesterday, the Nthawi Yanga Yakwana master said doing a solo tribute will have a different meaning to his life.

“I felt like doing a tribute solely would mean a lot to my life as a fellow artist,” he explained

The ex-Christ Melodies leader holds the belief, his feelings will vividly come out in this solo project than they did in the group where there was heavy traffic of tears. However this does not make the group tribute obsolete.

“Many will remember her in a different way, likewise me in individual capacity hence Tidzaimba Limodzi.”

Khwiliro admitted he was a great fan of the late gospel songstress, one of the reasons that prompted him to do a tribute for her. He knew Grace in early 2000 when he was leading the Christ Melodies clique.

Tidzaimba Limodzi has been produced by Steve Meleka of M1 Studios. It’s all about the melodic nature in the next life that will see the saved singing praises to the Lord, as Christian believe.

Khwiliro has blended some of the late Chinga’s melodies in Tidzaimba Limodzi.
This is to make it appeal to its nature of being a tribute to the Thandizo langa hit-maker.

Grace Chinga died on 16th May last year. This is why Tidzaimba Limodzi will find its way to the public on the same date this year. It will be available for downloading on

Khwiliro therefore urges Malawians to download the song once released.



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  2. Why did he have to explain going solo? Does it mean that something of that nature always require a collabo? In my views I don’t see any reason why people had to question this.

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