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By January 29, 2017

Rapper Fredokiss has fired shots at educated people for their failure to positively contribute towards Malawi which has left the country in tatters.

Fredo, a graduate of the University of Malawi, believes the country needs God’s intervention and not academic papers if it is to prosper. He expressed his views in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“The so called educated people of this country are the ones failing us, show me an educated man who has done anything meaningful for this country?” reads part of his post.


Fredokiss laments role played by the literate in Malawi.

According to the ghetto king kong, educated people are good at advancing arguments on whatever hot current issue, in support or against. He also claimed that they are good at justifying corruption, hate, and tribalism.

“Ma so called intellectuals nonse ndi MBOLA heve. You have mastered the art of justifying vices like tribalism, hate, corruption and nonsense whenever it pleases u,” the musician wrote.

His views stirred debate on social media with followers taking opposing sides. Some concurred with the artist while others questioned his reasoning.

Born Penjani Kalua, he rates himself as bigger than any politician in the country who at times uses music as a tool for addressing issues of national interests. On the other hand he is a whistleblower for ghetto revolution.

Having listened to his song, Zautsiru, one can tell that Fredokiss puts his country at heart that it is his dream to see it transform.

The artist also engages in different initiatives that target the poor youth in Malawi.

Currently chasing a Masters degree in Public Health at Wits University, the rapper did not clarify if he is included on the list of useless educated people.


  1. Kkkkkk ma professor alowa ndale,ma teacher alowa ndale,alangizi alowa ndale mulangizi not exemplary mbola polytechnic can’t even show any innovative technic , bunda graduates kumangodya ma allowance no real thing on ground, chanco kkkkkk ma survey omweomwewo dzaka 30 nothing changes

  2. The degree guys get employment from uneducated people look around you will. Likes of Bill Gates that is far away herein Malawi I will not mention names.

  3. Oooo pepani go and buy another pen.

  4. Ntchana ur ryt . these educated people r doing nothing for the country

  5. myn is a question to those who are againts fredo’s opinion. have u seen a person who left xool in primary level a minster, a mayor, an mp or a presdent? if not it meanz the one in control of this hell country are the educated and they are the failures nothing to hide

  6. Zude says:

    Thats very true,palibe chomwe anthu amene amaziti ophunzirawa akupanga apart from kuba basi.By the way fredokiss are u in the same blacket of educated fools??
    Mr humphreys Kachala your comment shows that you are one of the educated fools if at all you are educated.

  7. Man Fredo kutere ndimamvera hits yako ya changes man, ukubwera boh munthu wankulu ukuthoka ngamo.,

  8. Pussy niggas hate truth, fuck all niggas defending our fucking leader,

    the only problem with fucking Malawians is that we elect fucking thugs as our leaders

    what’s wrong with Fredokiss??? Instead of supporting our fellow youngster, some are defending the bullshit our leaders are doing

  9. Its only the knowledge from God that can make this country to develop, seek knowledge from God, PHD, Masters, Degree is meaningless when it comes to the isue of leadership, its only a wise person who can make better malawi for majority, but you boost yourselves with what you call PHD’s, Masters, Degrees etc, and you look down those who don’t have those long papers, you take them as people who are not capable to lead the world, you forget that leadership its a special gift from God!

  10. Very trus

  11. Hospitals are run in this country from PAYE of educated people. Ask Gvt to skip educated PAYE for two months and see what happens.

    • Zude says:

      A humhreys kachala nanunso nzeru mulibe,simukudziwa chomwe mukulankhula.Go to MRA and find out how much do they collect on PAYE are useless.don’t you knw that people are getting peanuts in their offices.

  12. by the way,what sort of education has he attained? oh,anyone with MSCE is considered educated.I guess he is a primary school leaver to spit like that

  13. I don’t think the artist is using his brains or talent wisely

  14. Fredo is real malawian wakhuzidwa ngat ine ndemwe…!!educated pple they only do there part in ; maizgate, cashgate, taxgate, spending money on cars, ruling others country instead of ours, pretending sick to remove shame..!!

  15. ntchana madala anu alipangila chani dzikoli apart from speculating death threats that have no basis?tingodula kuti inuso ndiophunzila nde muli mbali imodzi yamakape amene ali ophunzilawo!sitinangamakalankhulile kumwamba ayi,timaku feeler koma wayankhula mopusa nde simply ndiwe zouba ophunzila!

  16. ntchana madala anu alipangila chani dzikoli apart from speculating death threats that have no basis?tingodula kuti inuso ndiophunzila nde muli mbali imodzi yamakape amene ali ophunzilawo!sitinangamakalankhulile kumwamba ayi,timaku feeler koma wayankhula mopusa nde simply ndiwe zouba ophunzila!

  17. fredo amakwana n’ its true what he said ambiri amangodyesa mimba zawo basu

  18. You are right Fredo and another testimony that compliment it is the fact that those educated one educated u up to an extent of thinking dis way

  19. fredo its true

  20. Zikuoneka ngat tonse osaphunzira bcoz w re doing nothing when de educated ones r stiling our resources.

  21. Shaxy Mzee says:


  22. I think he was high by that time,ask him the next day he will point finger to uneducated pipo

  23. kkkk u r right we need pple lik a chair coz dis ppl dey com poor & go out trilioneyaz…

  24. maybe the so called fredo guy should start something himself….lol

  25. maybe the so called fredo guy should start something himself….lol

  26. Vuto ndi maphunziro amene akuperekedwa ma university mu. Ineyo sandifikapo

  27. Malawian politics not education

  28. Umatiimilira ghetto king kong

  29. chitsiru iwe,bwanji umakhala busy ku beefer boma? mesa iweso unaphuzira? ndie ukupanga zotani? za fodya eti? fredokis,yankhula zazelu tive!

  30. Patrick ZB says:

    examples of educated people included here : (1). ACB’s CEO. (2) AGRI MINISTER. (3) ESCOM’s CEO. (4) FINANCE.MINISTER. ….. …..and the list continues

  31. Sakunama tu

  32. Kuyankhula mopusatu uku

  33. Mike Wina says:

    True shiit!!

  34. Too jealousy in Malawi

  35. Fredokiss akuzembela Peter Mutharika,kkk

  36. Chilungamo ndi mwano

  37. Fre umatha

  38. Eduacated people are the most brain washed people so don’t expect anything good from them. They are educated to brain wash the multitude of people

  39. Am not educated myself!! But this man means those who are ruling Malawi government!! The are failures!!
    But to say fact who are the failures!!
    BECAUSE MOSTLY!! It is uneducated people voting into power Educated people!!!

  40. For me its just a queation, why all government positons are occupied by the MADALAS, 60, 70s and 80s, why young educated and talented ones are not given chance to exercise their abilities in such administrative duties

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  42. Thats just one reason why we Malawians we are not developing,,,,my opinion is that People in malawi we are very passive to take action,other educated people have tried to put sense into us on what to do when government has stolen our money meant for development,but what do we do? Idleness in every angle, We will die in silence unless we take action,to abolish corruption,greedy,selfishness,and being idle in our ideas… do you expect the educated guy to start business to develop this country when our platform is not that good…high tax rate,poor water supply,poor electricity,high crime rate and the like.i have a lot to write koma ink yatha…

  43. All they know is boasting about their knowlegde and chopping money which meant for the poor

  44. Education is not aproblem but poor leadership if ur not chosen by God the results is what we have got it now so lets change it not just because is coming from my tribe region vote for him no choose aleader who have got a vision not degrees or what so ever.

  45. The people we put into office starting at the bottom up to the highest must create an avenue of development in a country.There should be a time when the population at large is called upon tell the government of the the day what they want.Usually when someone other than a politician tries to do something for the Community those in power see them as threat in one way or another.There also times when someone is doing something in the Community just because they want get onto a police office.In Africa I feel people much in the area of education and not giving people money or hand outs.Share knowledge in every area depending on the resources of a particular Country.Malawi is great for Agriculture and I believe knowledge in that area could be of great help benefit to the Country.The area of Arts and Sports can be developed to a higher level.

  46. zoona man mbuli zaesetsakutukula dzikoli ophunzi akubwera kudzaonongaxo tingoitana atsamunda aja abwereso

  47. Wanena chilungamo ndipo ngati kuli mbava zomwe zikusautsa Malawi ndi anthu omwe amadziti ndi ophunzilawo.

    Koma poti Chilungamo ndi chowawa ndi chifukwa chake anthu akuuwa-uwa .

  48. Joe West says:

    That’s what you expect from frustrated musicians & when one starts something beyond his reach. When the load we took without planning is becoming too heavy to sustain, you politely ask for assistance so as to also recover from your shortfalls the Malawian style.

  49. including himself

  50. Fredo has called spades spades

  51. fumbi ndiwe mwini ankolo mawu anu apangisa kuti tiziwe zomwe mukupanga ku mtundu wamalawi sitimakuziwani pitilizan kuthandiza anthu osowa koma zandale musazaeselele kupanga nawo zizakuikani mmavuto

  52. Awuze ngamo raster

  53. And one of the things done by educated individuals is just what you have done lambasting others instead of doing your part in building the nation isaaaa

  54. Remember what #NationAthem is saying.

  55. Anaganiza koma chabe ndine ophunzila komano ndili pa ize sindipanga zaumbuli

  56. Absolutely yes l agree with Fredo………..wat they does z kuba ndalama za poor citizens enough z enough we have suffer alot demet

  57. Political illusions delay this country’s development

  58. I am 100% behind this young rapper called fredokiss, the thing is, leadership doesn’t need education, but “Ubuntu /Umunthu”

  59. If u dont go to school enough dont say education is away of wasting u think nowaday u can choose someone to b apresident but he didnt go to schol no ?? It cant happen today.

  60. Even though i somehow disagree with him, i sense something

  61. What contributions do you mean,you have president, ministers and deputies those are educated pipo.U can’t put uneducated on that posts.

  62. Koma ndendidzautsiru…his has spoken like because he lacks a lot.

  63. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    Because they are coached that get education, get job and get rich. Never coached that to educate you the main aim is to develop the country and you are main investment of the country. They think they should be compensated for their education country owes them not them owes to country for educating them finding schools intact. Our family education support can’t compare to the nation support. When I was doing training in career in certain country they told us how important to country they were emphasizing to their citizen students not knowing that some of us were originated from other nations. Doctoring us to love the country than ourselves. I don’t think Malawi do that to there people

  64. Except enriching themselves through crooked means. Shame on

  65. Whilst I agree that all of us are responsible for the cane of failure, this point by achina Fredo is true. Especially considering the fact that there is pomp in a lot of Malawians were salivating for at least setting our foot on a college Campus and by the grace of GOD we managed to do so.

  66. It’s true, they take chances of our ignorance and continue oppressing.

  67. fredo ukunena zowona anthu ophuzila ndiwomwe akuwononga dzikoli chomwe akuziwa iwo ndikukhala pasi mkumasewelesa makopyuta kuphuzila ndi kuphuzila basi kuphuzisana kuti kodi dlama tingayichose bwanji from this acount to my acount osaphuzilafe tikamva kuwawa mumatiwopyeza muvekele mutiwombela tizingoyang.a zazii

  68. Like father like son…fredokiss samasiyana ndi bambo ake kamlepo kalua…

  69. Fredo is doing his part.To y”all who are asking about what Fredo has done as one of the educated people. Hear This.. Fredo has FREDOKISS SCHOLARSHIP for the cdss needy students. On top of that he is setting up revolving fund for the youths etc.

  70. Although i like the dudes music….i have to disagree with you on this one. Every one has an impact on Malawis economy whatsoever. Infact being educated is just a mind opener.

    • Koma ngati ndi mind opener imasendeza chifupi ndichitukuko ndianthu ophunzira amane dziko limayembekezera pa chitukuko

  71. satana atumuthamangitsa kumwamba adafikira kuno ku malawi,iwala zakutukuka kuno even nyama zambiri zakutchire zidasamuka kuno kumalawi.

  72. May be… But what is someone called Educated in Malawi?? What is someone called civilized or doing better?? All seem have own meaning, but ignorantly mean the same…. Don’t call those that have read other people’s books as educated, but those with creativity skills….

  73. there is brain plasticity taing place in his borca and wesckes area,dont mind his medioctries.Mbuli zimatero,why castgating your own country???

    • Yu have done nothing rather than portraying your horrific inherited ignorance

    • kkkkkkk forgot that this page is full politicians,excuse me for my french.Why wasting time castigating your leaders instead of of politi doing yo own things.kkkkkkkkk assist the guy pliz otherwise he may lose his funs on a silver platter.We have already made something out of his nosensities my friend,we must to be patriotic. Am not Dpp or what but am just a malawian.Thanks mr Stalin Axis for replying.

  74. including himself as educated man he has done nothing to Malawi

  75. i dont agree with that nde anthu osaphunziranu osapanga kuti dziko liyende bwino bwanji

  76. very true ophunzira akutsogolera u mbuli and opemphera akutsogolera uchimo we cant see the hand of God if we continue like this.

  77. I personally agree wth what Fredo has sayd.however we have few individuals who graduated bt have greately contribute to countrys economy.perhaps his father and I.

  78. true dat fredo these politicians are jst smashing our taxes, demmet!!!!!

  79. Nkhaniyi yangondikumbutsa izi: tsiku lina wamisala njala inamupweteka kwambili.ndipo anaganiza zokaphika nsima,ndipo analiyatsa liwiro yokaphika pomwe amakhala,koma atafika anapeza kt palibepo madzi,ndipo anaganiza zokatunga madzi anafika analiyansa liwiro waku mpopi koma akuyandikila anawona pampopi paja patazaza ndi azimayi ndipo iye anawona kuti its nt easy kuti akangotungila madzi kenako anapeza plan yokanamiza azimayi aja. Anafika ndiliwiro pamene paja avekele azimayi inu mwazaza kuno pamene azanu ali kuntundaku kwaphedwa ng’ombe 50 ndipo aliyense angozidulira ekha ma piece omwe akufuna.azimayi aja pomva izi kunali kutaya zidebe,ndowa,zigubu kuthamangila komko wamisala uja powona mene akuthamangila anthu aja nayenso anayamba kuthamangila komko avekele mwina zowonadi….

  80. amamutcha fredo….kkkk

  81. Don’t blame educated pple like me,but Malawi need new blood in politics.these old people don’t care about tomorrow. UDF leader wasn’t educated n nothing he achieved.Development doesn’t take a single day my brother. Malawi depend on farming unlike other countries in Africa

  82. Do we have educated people?

  83. Fact and they are most corrupt people in this nation, kwadyera aphawi poti loyer sakumuziwa kulakwa kwa aphawi ndende yakeyo achuma ophuzilawo zimathera bello out

  84. Awa ndi atate awo zao ndi zimodzi phokoso basi,, attention seeker

  85. What have u done as a rapper and an educated person

  86. Totally agreeing with you buddy, I even tend to wonder why giving a deaf ear to all this nonsense we hear, see every day. Please show that Malawi is your country too.

  87. what about him what contributions has he brought to your country? ask him cos being educated isn’t the pillar of doing everything. Wisdom comes from God only and knowledge you can even get it from school or from friends. The bible says that “my people are perishing becos of lack of knowledge, so tell him to do something for Malawi first. i am just a Zambia and we have also slow thinkers like him here.

  88. Peka nyimbo

  89. mbavaza mfut zinapita ku charich ndezinangot aliyense agone pansi anthu onse anagonapas nde anafusa ndan amene ndngamuombere angapulumuke abusa adat paribe anthuonse adat palibe.

  90. What has he done himself being a Malawian holding a degree from chanco?and now he is to hold a masters in bublic Heath

  91. Kodi how man times people have raised better option and current government manufacture criminal charges against them. If u protest just remember what happened in Mzuzu. Don’t be a hero this current government works like mafias . don’t be surprised in 1 week to come they will manufacture charges against u.

  92. I wouldn’t agree to that by 100%. Everyone is responsible for development. You look what each individual has to play to get the nation to a higher standard. So don’t go in public and make that lame excuse of a life. The guesting is, “what have I done? If you can point at it then fine and good Mr Fredo

  93. The Only Big Problem With Us Malawians Is That We Are Not Patriotic,,,if Only We Loved Malawi So Much,,

  94. No educated people in malawi only peter and chaponda those are educated

  95. Fredokiss anaimba nyimbo yanji. Iiii ku Malawi kulidi oimbA..ati c.fedokhisi…tell me one of his hit

  96. including him

  97. Mwana wagoni amalimbikira mpani wake.

  98. Auze tchana

  99. Ineso ndimadana ndi za Usilu.

  100. Panali msonkhano wamakhoswe anali kudandaula kuti mphaka uyu watisowetsa mtendere. khoswe wina angati uyu anati tipange belu kuti akafika tidzithawa

  101. Their nonsense thier is sense

  102. Then stop goin 2 Xul, khalani mbuli.

  103. that’s what is called scapegoating everyone is responsible for initiating development, ophunzira osaphunxira alike. One development motive= an achievement,,. I dont agree with that Mister Fredo

    • sukulu sitha educated pple are the frontline soldiers who may share their skills to us,some of the uneducated pple have made some to get education,yet the educated felas cant turn numberz,al are failures.

    • The fact that educated people are the front line pioneers is undebatable. But alongside the formally learned the grassroots instil the objective of development.

    • achimwendo jst admit it,fredo is right,we hv many educated pple in here but only thieves,

    • kkkk, get me right i disagree with uneducated being on the passive side as the alternative of the claim could suggest.. ambiri ngakubadi wawa

    • Munthu ali ndi ndalama zoposa 20 milion,kumuchosa ntchito lero akupita mmakampani kukafuna ntchito mmalo mongoyamba biziness kuti apange creat jobs.

    • Mmmm he is right, u go to poly in order to get job in NGOs instead of opening a steal workshop

    • O yea, you go to only poly when you got the opportunity, but if you can’t doesnt mean you can’t contribute to The nation Delovepment wise

  104. Ka Fredokiss nkachaninso

  105. neither have the uneducated done it. the uneducated mistakenly elects the educated who have done nothing. the Q is who is the worst ?

  106. But he is also educated

  107. He is talking sense because we’ve a case study in hand

  108. Do you have a M.S.C.E and you are looking for a job that pays MK45,000. or MK60,000.? Please tell me cos I also looking for it.

  109. unenesyo.

  110. True, they just taken Malawians for granted

  111. Its true… Thesw people are gd at embezzling…

  112. Now I begun to love this nigga, educated savages have done nothing in Malawi. good example is Peter muntharika, chaponda & many more but stupid alomwes keep on denying even though it is true .

  113. Iyeyo wapangapo chani???? Don’t point fingers at others. Take the responsibility and say that” we have some nothing for malawi”
    We will not develop we such people like u who alwez blame one class of people for problems

  114. More fire freddo bon dem

  115. Yes!, Eg his father Mr Kamlepo Kaluwa and his Auncle Mr Chakufwa Chihana!,

  116. Like father Like son….. Kamlepo Fredokiss

  117. He is right,,,,,it’s now or never,!!ifeo Ngati achinyamata it’s our responsibility to change the system,,,it’s time to rise up and act !!!!

  118. that’s a fallacious claim by the way, we had great minds like Kamuzu Banda, Bingu and he knows what these legends did. Right now we have great minds like the Thom Mpinganjiras kukhala ndi bank ndikupanga employ hundreds of malawians…..simply put, aziti “some”

    • Anaba bank…sukudziwa mpinganjira is demanding 2 billion frm govt? Ulibe data

    • mmmh am not saying he is perfect, even kamuzu anaba ndlama close to 9 billion nthawi yake, Bingu anaba was it 19 billion kaya, it doesn’t matter koma all these people had people’s welfare at heart, Mpinganjira, achina mtumbuka, these guys are good

    • #Noel Ryan Kadammanja do you have evidence that Kamuzu stole 9 billion? Prove it to Malawians Mr.

  119. yeah for the first tim imust agree with u fredo

  120. They have destroyed malawi…e.g chaponda maize gate….

  121. He is talking sense because we’ve a case study in hand

  122. He is the voice of voiceless talk until Peter kills you

  123. True and they are the very same people milking Malawi economy through Cash gate.Look out of all those in this syndicate so called cash gate ,there is no mention of a in educated person.

  124. Eddie Kay says:

    nigga shut your ugly mouth dont come back again in Lilongwe i will cut you with my panga knife anyway fuck you eat your ass up

  125. Educated people running governments are mostly looters, murderous and thieves

  126. including iyeyo……he is educated,,,wat hav he done to the country…

  127. Sakunama

  128. always complaining

  129. 100% true,

  130. This nigga talk too much man, who are you? humble yourself nigga…

  131. John Chidongo says:

    Zoona,siukunama, chilungamo chokhachokha wandiwaza. Palibe chimene anachita chooneka kwa anthu koma matama. Nyumba zao simudziwika kuti anapanga maphunziro apamwamba. Kuona umve okhao Ku makhitchini ndi Ku toilet 🚽 mutha kukana kuti school palibepo. Mwinanso chifukwa chikwatiwa ndi Ku kwatira nsanga osankhalapo Kaye senior bachelor ndi spinster alive kalikonse nyumba anaokha ndiye chuma ndikagalimoto ka be forward ka ngongole. Makani basi kulimba ndi Escom really inu simungagule solar system. Madonna akudzate Ana inu simuaona Ku ma orphanage ko. Kuchipatala kulibe ambulances inu osagula bwanji. Kuyangana stove ndi fridge za nyumba mwagraduate Kuda kuti nakanaka siungamweko ndi madzi mkomwe kumango mpenta Zara ndi tsitsi simati yapathupi yonkha basi. Not even wealthy to motivate others nor young ones. Kusayendanso Maiko akunja ndivuto lalikulu kuphunzira Ku Malawi ndi Ku khala, kugwira nchito nkonko. Ndimagraduate mwina 20 Wokha MMalawi omwe ali ndi Dishwasher ndi Washing machine koma kumangodalira anaPhiri kapena azibale ao ngati atchito. Yambani kuonetsa nzeru zanu pogwiritsa new technology.

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