Mutharika promises more development for Malawians from his DPP

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has said that Malawians should expect tremendous development under the leadership of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Mutharika made the remarks on Saturday in Lilongwe during the official opening of the 40,000 seater Bingu National Stadium.

He said the DPP is dreaming even bigger under his leadership and will develop Malawi tremendously.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika during the opening of the Bingu National Stadium.

President Mutharika further said that his government has got plans to develop sports in the country and the Bingu National Stadium is a clear symbol that the DPP administration is determined to modernize sports and take it to international standards.

“The Bingu National Stadium is our national pride. This is one of the best sports facilities in the region. This is one of our best facilities in our time,” he said.

The Malawi leader then advised people who don’t want to see sports advancing in the country that it is high time they changed their attitudes for a better Malawi.

“I know that there are some people who do not wish our footballers, athletes and boxers well. They have tried to discourage us and calling this Stadium a white elephant.

“They still want you to be using the same old-fashioned facilities. They don’t want Malawi to have good things, and yet they want Malawi to develop.

“I am pleased we have made this stadium happen and we will continue to develop this country against the will of those who do not wish Malawians well,” Mutharika said.

The Malawi leader also thanked the Chinese government for funding the construction of this magnificent stadium.

“We will always treasure this $70 million stadium as another symbol of our friendship. China is only a flight or two away. Your footballers and athletes are always welcome,” said Mutharika.

He later urged Malawians to make very good use of the stadium.

“I want us a nation to make the best use of this stadium. What is required now, Minister Henry Mussa and your officials is that you must manage this stadium well.

“Let me also appeal to all Malawians to desist from hooliganism during events at all sports venues including here. This is not a stadium for hooliganism. And this is not a place for vandalism.” Mutharika said.



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  2. Hahaha Peter Mutharika is a joke,a very big joke,guys in south,how does it feel to have cast a vote for this loser? Hahaha.

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  4. Wen did u start singing this song? We were not born yesterday. The truth of the matter is that u are a Lier. I don’t blame you. That’s the meaning of politics.

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  6. This President makes us vomit he failed to fire this thief minister chaponda ,corruption is all over goverment institutions while pple r struggling mmidzimu & he is busy stealing our cash ,so Mr President stop treating us as fools

  7. kkkkkk tremendous development in terms of what. More money is syphoned in sososo gates. Is that part of development we should expect from DPP??

  8. akulu amenewa ndi munthu onama kwambiri kodi chitukuko chake chiti? Stadium nesa inayambika munthawi ya JB? Koma alhomwe ife tikamaomba mmanja zilizonse Bwana sangazindikire kuti akunama ndipo Atumbuka atinzunza kwambiri mma estate mwawomu kumakhala ngati akunamiza ana?

  9. He z just telling the nation what he was dreaming last of last 9t, when he elected as a father of Malawi?? What he has done? We don’t want voice of promise, what we need z action bwana

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  11. Killing people without drugs in the hospital is the development or sleeping in the dark without electricity is the new development? He can stop joking or joke to DPP members they are the ones they can hear him

    1. yo remarks shows whe u belong n whom u love in politics n which party u r dying for,with such mind set of yours its difficult to develop wit him this country, yes malawi’ll never be deloped cos u’ve made up yo mind already that this leader wt his party can not delovelop us,kulemela kumayamba ndi maganizo even maloto then u bring those dreams into reality,u talk about peace bt u dont make peace wit people how u gona have it?success begins wit u.

    2. I just belong to someone who do things that will help this country. Malawians need a leader like Bingu wa Mutharika with the first term where the vision of leadership was visible, I tell you I was very happy with him b4 he got drunk with power when we gave him all the votes he needed

    3. My bro Kilvin, Bingu never got drunked from de votes u gave him, but it ws ds same spirit of hatred,intorelance and jelous which I see is still existing and it is now manifested in some of hon members today n ds spirit is not vanishing any time soon,open yo eyes buddy, cant u see ds polititicians n CSOs are still in campaigning to track down sometn? that bad spirit we still ‘ve it untill we wake up one day n find out that we’ve wasted much of our time, God gave us Bingu to turn arround things n he prooved to us as u said it,but wat happen later? instead of giving him support like wat our coligues in Zim do,we stoned him for only few mistakes he made, since then we are lost in the wilderness, banja lamakangano kugoneletsa munda, simungakalime kumunda pamene inu ndi akazanu mukungomenyana,we’ve a problem,we are in the era of dangerous politics to our development,I’ve seen also if u oppose the leadership u regarded as brilliant n genius on ds page but once u try to back ds leadership u called a dem shit ds prooves sometn also,we need to be carefull of the things we do,even Chakwera if he given a chance to rule today am sure ds generation ‘ll still to pull it to de other not sayn ds govt is right,no,bt every leader in everytn needs support.whe is his support?how many times he has bn insulted? countless times, u’ll never find any govt in ds democratic world which is really perfect to its citizens. Democracy to me means: a rule of demons, a demon cracy system of govts.

  12. iam very proud wth DPP regime for constructing very beatiful stadium,many thanks should go to our late president Bingu 4 gud work he did

    1. He died before construction work on the stadium started, not even laying a foundation stone, and yet some lunatics think it’s him who constructed it. Should somebody from a different political party other than DPP become President in 2019 and construct Mombera University, they will ask Paramount Chief Kyungu to propose naming it after Bingu.

    2. yes he died b4 constructed so why called bingu international stadium yet it was removed frm thyolo to cashgate city by joyce banda why her?

    3. Loza stadium yomwe anamanga a DPP? Mbuli zikuti DPP yamanga stadium. PP inachotsa chinthuchi ku Thyolo kubweretsa LL lero akuti amanga stadium. Ufiti. Mwamanga liti? Mwalowa liti m’boma. Zisiru.

  13. That is abig lier don’t make people to believe for something that you can’t make.You always fool people like that, that is bull shit to play with people that,what you know is to steal money from government to make people more poor.

  14. Build them modern stadiums when they have no food to eat.Prices get higher everyday.Typical definition of development in the mind of an African leader.

  15. Hy sorry MR peter muthalika we a sick and tired jst promissing things u don’t do.We ask u to fire Chaponda what u do?Go to hell 2019

  16. Malawi will remain a nation of political rehearsals where any politician can promise evn his “dreams” . For hw long will we kept promised? Start now materializing the old promises. Its better not to promise anything new than to stick and fulfill the old ones. Its even tough to point out a tangible fulfilled promise today.

  17. How ironic! He is promising more money embezzlement? So he thinks it’s amusing telling us whatever he thinks? #You’re not my president. To hell with you!

  18. Anthu oziwa bwino zandale akuti bwana muthalika akuwuza mtundu wamalawi kuti kutsongoloku muyembekezele kumva zowawa zochuluka special anthu wamba omwe simuli m.boma mulila chakwanu sasekelela ovutika onse just waint and see

  19. is it a law that pitala should b forced 2 tok mbwerera? Or presidents memorise this kind of mbwerera speeches

  20. Atipatse Zitukuko Osati Atilonjeze Zambiri Coz Zomwe Akutsegulirazo Ndiza Bingu Osati Zake.
    Chomwe Wapanga Peter Ndikulitchukitsa Dzikoli Pa Katangale Basi.

  21. musanamize anthu zachitukuko koma muziti chaka chino yese amene azilimbana nafe pa nkhani ya cashgate ndi maizegate timusowesa kapena tikupha ndithu mosaona nkhope osati zachitukukozo.

  22. The prez’ can promise development, but it is only God Who knoz what is inside of the heart ‘n the Lord is the only one who knowz what will happen tomorrow. Malawi has gone thru difficulties since 1994 up to 2017

  23. Which developments? Popeza zose anenazo ndi brother wake anapanga,ndichiti angaloze? Phula amata mmisewulija? Kapena munena Cashgate? Maizegate? Watergate?Electricitygate? So which development r u talking about?

  24. Vuto la ife amalawi ambiri anapunduka moti anthu amaso mphyenya monga prof APM samawafuna nthawi zambiri kukonda zisilu/mbuli, moti chimozi mozi pa hs late brother Bingu bt now zipasozo ndizomwezi apa

  25. Wapangapo chani in 3 years yake? Cadets umva akuti apm wamanga bingu stadium komanso anakwatira getrude ngati zitukuko zolozeka wapanga apm….ukoooo

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