Nissan detain Nomads bus

Bus Ipite

Nissan Malawi Limited has detained Be Forward Wanderers 26 seater civilian bus for unpaid bills amounting to K1.2 million.

The bus, which the Nomads won in Luso Television Bus Ipite Football Bonanza after beating their rivals Nyasa Big Bullets 5-1, developed a clutch plate fault on its way to Blantyre and it was sent to Nissan for repair but the bill is yet to be settled.

Bus Ipite
Nomads recently won bus detained.

According to one of the local daily papers, Luso Television management has refused to pay for the bills saying they were not aware of the fault and that the bus belongs to the Nomads.

However, it has been discovered that the fault was discovered before the second leg was played at Bingu National Stadium.

The development has irked Wanderers management who were planning to tour Blantyre with the bus ahead of the team’s gala awards next week.

According to the team’s General Secretary Mike Butao, Nissan Malawi has now threatened to start charging storage fee.

“It is now three weeks since the bus was repaired but it is still detained at Nissan Malawi because Luso TV have not settled the bill and now Nissan Malawi has warned that it will start charging for storage,” Butao told the Nation newspaper.

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has shown disappointed with the development and it is still not known as to whether Luso TV will pay for the bills or not.



  1. Bullets zibvere chisoni mpaka 5 kwa I kkkk osati zija zogura ma game kapena ma referee it was just as manna kugwa from kumwamba, mulira mutopa bola five imfeee tikuiwerengerabe

  2. Half a loaf is better than no bread. Nomads need only K1.2 m to get it it right and Nyasa Bullets need to concede 5 goals to get a new one. Which side is better? Nyasa Bullets supporters, kick out jealous from your hearts. You must learn to accept your failures and remember always that the game if soccer goes like that, ‘win and lose’.

  3. Koma guys chilungamo ndichofunika bus inachoka pa dar mpaka bt uyo then back to lilongwe koma ngati mungakumbuke atawina kuno ku lilongwe maprayer aliyense amangoyendetsa komanso mkulu wina wa noma ananenapo kuti aliyense amangoendetsa wa experience and without so how can you expect luso to pay let the noma continue there celebration by contributing the money them self

  4. This has the word legal written all over it. What terms were agreed upon delivery? There has to be some kind of small print somewhere.

  5. Koma kupata kwina umapata nazo bala eti eeee ndakhulupilila Neba mmalo mochepesa mavuto apa waonjezelanso ena kkkkkkkkkk shame.Zoti Neba azatenganso nawo mbali mma Bonanza akubwelawa ndakaika kaya poti ndiopilila.

  6. The point is u bibi supporters u don’t to accept the reality look u can talk and talk for ever but u can’t unfold the history of what nomads did to u, I like ma blues for ever!

    1. Nanu inu mukhala ngati munabadwira kumudzi bwanji ??? History imangokhala yonena za pabwino pokhapokha kuiwala mene takunyetserani kkkk

  7. Next time a road test could be a good move b4 kick-off,once a bonanza of this nature bounces back in the football fraternity.Bravo nomads for this golden hunt.

  8. if we want to buy buses for our teams then lets be clever next tym…..lets organise amatch between Bullets n Noma and use the money that we make to buy abus for one team and do the same to buy another bus for the remaining team….. osati izi zomapeza dollar zambiri pa gate worthy for abrandnew bus, koma team ndikuipatsa bus yokutha ngat iyi….. Shame on you Luso TV for fooling Neba bigtimes.. and you the adminstrators its tym to wake up from your slumber now. Luk at whats happening now!

    1. if its about fooling someone then the whole nation was fooled coz it wasnt a gift from my understanding on how this bus ended up in the hands of nyerere …we all just need to wake up as Malawians

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