No injunction against Poly opening: student leadership deny seeking court redress over College opening

University of Malawi

The Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) has downplayed reports of getting a court injunction restraining the management to open the university as they are demanded to pay the new fees structures.

The remarks come at a time when the social media was stormed with a ‘fake’ press release that claimed that the students union leadership had obtained an injunction stopping management from opening the school due to the new fees structure row.

University of Malawi Polytechnic
Opens on January 30th.

The statement claimed that the university has been closed to a later date that was to be communicated to the public.

Students Union President Frank Msiska has since denied having obtained an injunction to force the management to close the university.

“We have not obtained an injunction, and I don’t know where that statement is coming from, so far students are preparing to go to school, ” said Msiska to the local press.

The university was closed following the hike of fees in public universities of the country.

The students at the university have argued that the new fees structure were not affecting them as they are a year behind the normal academic calendar of the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

The matter was then dragged to court for justice to prevail basing on the evidence that the students had brought and the management of the polytechnic.

The court then ruled in favor of the students saying the new fees structures were not affecting them.



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