Malawi24 music promotion


Malawi24Are you a Malawian musician driven by the desire to proliferate numbers to your fan base and you are ignorant on to what to do? The answer is right here, Malawi24 music promotion!

We are here to take your art to greater heights at a low cost.Your story will get to millions of people who avidly follow our site and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Our team of experts is always ready to see you through the journey to the promised land.

Whatever kind of music you do, we are here to promote it for you much to your satisfaction.

Our charges are K20 000 for an article with a link to a downloading site, and K15 000 without a link.

We have a sound record in promoting music, some of the top artists can concur with us on this claim.

We are professionals in music promotion, try us and you will never regret.

Contact us now then. Find us at our offices in AGMA House, Maselema, Blantyre close to the Independence Arc. Fourth Floor Room number 23.

Contact Lyonike Mughogho on 0882217591 or Joseph Dumbula on 0888023161 both numbers active on WhatsApp. Hurry, now is the time!



  1. What about if i have song but i didn’t sing it before to the public or i don’t have money to record my song’s so can you help ?

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