Chilima’s romance with the DPP seemingly over


Days after he asked Malawians to stop handclapping for politicians, Vice President Saulos Chilima is reportedly not in good books with some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leaders.

Stop applauding stupid things, Chilima tells Malawians

Sources have told Malawi24 that Chilima’s remarks have not been received with a blessing by party officials who feel the remarks are seemingly undermining the party’s leadership.

The authorities within the ruling party fear Chilima could halt the respect the DPP faithful have for the party’s leadership including President Peter Mutharika.

While the remarks have seen Chilima being branded a ‘hypocrite’ by some quarters of the society, others however feel he has hit the road calling for people to change their mindset of bowing down and ‘smiling’ to everything uttered by politicians and in turn failing to take them to task when they fail their duties.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima (left) is having a ‘sour relationship’ with the DPP top officials.

At the moment, Chilima has been taken out as champion for the Public Service Reform Commission (PSRC).

The duties have thus far been reverted to the Office of President and Cabinet.

This is not the first time Chilima has made sentiments that have stirred debate in the party.

In December 2015, he hit headlines after he publicly warned his boss on people around him, which he labeled as ‘snakes’ at a rally in Ndirande, Blantyre in 2015.

“Mr President, njoka saweta (snakes cannot be reared)…ena anayesera kuweta zawo koma ma peto ake anawadyera mwana (some tried to rear a python but it ended up killing their child). Those joining us should just come to help build the nation. But if you start confusing matters the situation won’t be alright,” said Chilima.

Mutharika warned on ‘snakes’ around him again

After this it was reported that some top officials in the party went angry and said Chilima was swiftly becoming a thorn in the fresh for them.

However, in March last year, Mutharika shrugged off the claims that there were heightened disagreements between him and Chilima.






  1. Ngati pali chinthu chomwe chikupangitsa kuti dziko lathu lizisaukirabe ndi athu awa andalewa, Ngati mdziko muli mbava zoononga ziwani kuti president ndiye ndi mbava yaikulu ndipo akaona kuti anthu omwe akygwira nawo ntchito ndi mbuli zomangoti yes bwana mm mummy dziko limangopitilira kusauka

  2. Chilima never said people must stop handclaping he said stop hand clapping for uselessness things for the country is going down. You can hand clap if someone did well even himself if he has talked nonsense please keep quiet don’t pretend tell your politicians things are not well, journalists you must learn to report full materials not fraction of a materials you lead people astray

  3. Chilima keep it up! we waste time in lying to ourselves as a nation!, Malawi needs to move on and to do so we need honesty! Yes stop the three bags full attitude it is holding us back! question when you are not happy but do so constructively. CHILIMA WOYEEE!

  4. So it means Malawi people with their endless lessons taught with these fake politicians will vote for Chilima on elections because he said dont clap hands for his fellow thieves?Are there still bastards standing by the politicians busy clapping hands at such worse nonsense policians who are killing the future of Malawi?

  5. #John ngati mumadziwa kuti peter ndi Bingu ndi alendo sanakulile kumalawi mumawavotela bwanji?nanga joice banda anathawilanji kumalawi kuzakhala ku south Africa kuno?ndele musamazisatile chifukwa muzivutika ndinu iwo akusangalala

  6. amalawi ndinu anthu otengekeka ndi zili zonse no wonder we put wrong people on positions. in 2014 people were murmuring that chilima helped to rig the elections. today just a single statement from him everyone is saying he is a presidential material are you serious you guys. in which area is this guy effective school me please. was he effective at airtel? experience can be our best teacher sometimes. as for me i don’t see anything worth it in him apart from being smart and good looking not as a president .

    • Aubrey I particularly like your point about we Malawians being too easily impressed. We’re easily manipulated. I’ve nothing against Chilima but there’s absolutely nothing exceptional about him. His only advantage is name recognition, and he got that on a silver platter when Peter choose him. In fact this name recognition advantage also applies to Peter: he’s where he is now because he is late Bingu’s brother. Oh, yes, I know that a sibling can sometimes shine on his own and earn the admiration of the people because of his own merit based on deeds or words, but that does not apply to Peter because during Bingu’s time he was handed ministerial positions but never did anything positively remarkable or exceptional as to cause people to say ‘oh, look, the brother could make a better president .’ It’s now clear that for all his weaknesses, Bingu was far better than this guy. To some extent you could forgive Bingu’s arrogance, but definitely not Peter’s. Sorry, I digressed. It’s name recognition then…that are potential candidates out there who could do a better job with more sincerity but they have neither the name recognition nor the resources to win us over. Result? We’re doomed. In 2019 we’re going to vote massively for Peter because the Asian businessmen have got him by the balls and have contracts to get them the money do they can pay him and his party the % they need to completely bamboozle us. We’re doomed, I’m telling you.

    • nganya we are really doomed cause i can foresee making the same mistake in 2019. you remember how bakili campaigned for the late bingu he based much on bingus experience and how much he had accomplished. if we could use the same technique based on the accomplishment of a particular presidential candidate we couldn’t have this mess. look at apm he failed miserably in all ministerial positions. obviously it was impossible for him to perform miracles. a mixture of ignorant and blind following is suffocating our impoverished state.

  7. What Chilima said to Malawians is not gonna work at all bcoz he is just a w…ter, easy to lose his position if I was a President,Only the President has the power to say that word,jumping to my driving seat while I employe u as assistant.

  8. Koma nomwenu munanena kuti chilima ndiokuba anakubelani mavoti mukuti mcp kulibe mbava mukuti chilima abwele ku mcp athu amve ziti abale…..kodi kwatsalatu zaka ziwiri musayambe kupenga lelo bwino nazo , what you are waiting is to hear udani palibe chomwe mumaganizako chamtendere shame malawians

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  10. Tinene chomene chatsitsa dzaye kuti njovu ithyoke mnyanga nchiani?
    Chilima akutionetsa Mbali ina yake ya utsogoleri wa Peter ndi DPP yacheyo.
    Pamuvuta Chilima ndikupepetsa pamaso pa a Malawi kuti zimene anachita mseri pozembnera chilungamo chawo .
    Bakili Muluzi anapepetsa Ku mtundu wonse wa aMalawi kuti timukhululukire potenga Bingu kumuwika ngati mtsogoleri wa UDF ndi boma, ambirife tinakhululuka.
    Nanga inu mujudikika cha?
    A Chilima anali wamkulu wa zakampani ya lamya mnthawiyo a Joyce Banda akukaamulira pa dzaka ziwiri zija.
    Deal yanu ndi Peter, mukuidziwa ndithu kuti imveke mufukula zoola zamkati, koma musaiwale kuti Msani uja wazama elekishoni Mbendera anamwalira osadziwika,
    Nkhani imamudya nkati mwamtima wache kuti anachitura chinyengo mtundu wa a Malawi.
    Bingu ndi mng’ on a wacheyo anapangana za utsogoleri kuti adalamukire Malawi onse awiri.
    Koma amene amaufunitsitsa utsogoleri ndi a Peter, bvuto lao linali loti a Malawi ambiri saamadziwa, ndiye anatsogodza mkulu wache kukaimirira za utsogoleri.
    Chadabwitsa ndi ichi.
    Asanafe Bingu anasankhilatu mng’ ononwache kukhala wadzaimirira ngati president osaitanitsa convention conference ya akulikulu, amchigawo amumadistrict, ndi amumawodi, basi nkumusankha mng’onowacheyo, zimene zinakwiitsa ambiri mu chioanicho monga a Joyce Banda, a Chimunthu Banda ndi enanso ambirimbiri akulu akulu mpaka pano. DPP chili chioani cha banja mwina chachigao osati cha a Malawi onse.
    Anthu akumkaikira Peter mkati kwa chipanimo ndi enanson a Malawi kuti ndi mlendo kwao, alamuliira bwanji dziko akulira ku America.
    Anthu sakukaikira DPP koma mtogoleriyo ndi pamene pagona vuto LA utsogoleri wa a Peter.
    Peter sakudziwapo kanthu za Malawi, zimuyendera bwanji atapezana ndi anthu amene Ali mu DPP oti anapezera Juno Ku Malawi ndi nkulu wache?
    A mukhukupirira bwanji a Malawi onse sanamuonepo, kukhala naye ndi kudya naye.
    Anaphunzira kuti sitandade wani yache mu Malawi muno?
    Mau onenedwa ndi vice President si otseweretsa ayi a Malawi anzanganu, mutengerepo kanthu ndithu kuti achiona chomwe chikutsogokera Malawiyu kuti sichipindulira a Malawi ndi Malawiyu.
    Dzikoli lili pa mzera wakugwa abalenu, tsekulani maso any inu ogonanu.
    Peter alamulira zaka ziwiri tsopano, koma palibe chomene akuchita monga pokweza Chuma ndi miyoyo ya a Malawi.
    Ndiye padzakaziwiri zokha, Kwacha wakuigwetsera pansi Ku Dollar mukuti pazaka zitatu zikubwerazi Malawi akhala Ali pati?
    Chilima auze anthu zoona zache zamomwd waonera ndi maso ako za utsogoleri wa Peter, nduna, ndiiwenso kuti muli pa mzera uti?
    A Peter ngakhale muli ndi maphunziro au professor,mabrigade, maspy, a morale sidzidzakuthandizani mu 2019 siyilani anzanu omwe akudziwa zinthu, anthu, ndi mmene Malawi alili.
    Chilima sakunama, Galu wamkota………… Achabe!

    • akulu mwabwebweta kokwanila sizikumveka ayi asiyeni a DPP amalize term yawo zaka 10.Mukufuna kutinamiza apa amene akubwerayo angazakhoze zinthu ayi

    • @ Fraiser udziwe ngati ndiweasadziwa kuti, utsogoleri wobera unamkanika Sauli, mwini mpando anali Davide.
      Ngakhale munenerere motani mzanuyo, Palibe kamene ati as in the mu dzikoli.
      2019 ukunyadirayo ndi ya eni ache.
      Ndimwano kudzasankhaso Peter, bola ataimitsa wina mu DPP.
      Chipani cha banja si cha a Malawi onse mukuti chitima pati?

  11. Something some doesn’t Kno.
    Chilima z the 0ne who’s gonn ‘be th President of th party which was formed by Major 1 & those pple u Kno. Chilima was confidentiality empowered by these guys to be th leader of this party, he did that wth a reason, he want to create a reason so tht it must b easy 4 him to left DPP. If u Kno somebody as th leader of tht party, 4get about tht , its just a blindford.

  12. Chilima ndie mbava yoopsa zedi kuposa enawo. Wayamba kulankhulira Ku Anus chifukwa akufuna chimpando chachikulucho. Akuona ngati angachikhalire.

  13. He is intelligent amongst all those dead people’s party.
    Wachiona chosaona ndiye akuuza a Malawi kuti chenjerani ndikuuuwauwa kwanu kopanda malire.
    Zinthu zimvuta Peter, akalephela apo basi 2019 manyanzi adzamugwira.
    Muli mkangano mu DPP osati kuti Chilima wqngotulutsa nkhaniyo ayi.
    Peter sakumfuna ena ache muchipanimo, popeza anaikidwa ndi nkulu wache, sanamusankhe amu ekizekitive, Ku Region ndimu district, nayenso kuitananso Chilima amene Ali Khoswe wapatsinde nkukaulula wapadzala.
    Sizimyendera Peter at a pang’ono
    Choonadi chimawawa abalenu.
    A DPP zatha nzeru, chondi mu 2019 Muzak as sale where kubvomereza kuluza mpando wa u president ngati momwe mumakanirira A Joyce Banda kudzatenga u vice president atamwalira akulu anu.
    Tiyeni nazoni

  14. DPP is not APM just as DPP was not Bingu. The party is made up of different characters some of whom are eyeing the hot seat and to think of Saulosi occupying that is driving them nuts. These are the people now busy trying to drive a wedge between him and APM and you know.who they are. Chilima’s sudden popularity and clean sheet is enough cause of worry to them and so they want to do away with him koma sizitheka. Let’s not read too much into APM and Veep’s relationship because its not clear what’s up koma achipani enawa omwe amaziona ngati ndiye eni chipanicho. What Chilima said applies across the whole political spectrum chipano chilichonse chili ndi ma handclappers so he wasn’t being specific kuti chipani ichi. Akuwinyawo ndi omwe akumafuna kumawawombera mmanja ndiye zikuwabowa. Chilima as a bonafide citizen of Malawi is entitled to his own opinions and palibe omuletsa yemwe zikumbowayo should go jump in a lake and sink like a buoy. BRAVO CHILIMA!!!!!!! Today’s chicks are tomorrow’s chickens. Ifyou are destined to be the next President of Malawi nothing is gonna stand in your way. Bola nawe osazapanga assemble ensemble yako ya ma hand clapping boot licking praise worshiping die hard lunatics

  15. Miyambo 27 : 22 ungakhale ukonola chitsilu mu mndondo pamodzi nd mphale koma utsilu wake sudzachoka.ngakhale chilima ali mu dpp n atayankhula bwanji utsilu wawo sungathe.Only God can do it.

  16. Miyambo 27 : 22 ungakhale ukonola chitsilu mu mndondo pamodzi nd mphale koma utsilu wake sudzachoka.ngakhale chilima ali mu dpp n atayankhula bwanji utsilu wawo sungathe.Only God can do it.

  17. Kkkkk kkkkk zaambikatu, Okay tiye nazoni, sindipanga za ndale koma na iyi yokha iyi ndi comenter nawo, paja chilungamo chimawawa kwa amene akudziwa kuti amakonda kuchita zoipa, inu Chilima walakwat chani? ndipo nkuluyu tisaname ndi munthu mnodzi amene angathandize dziko lino kuona Chitsogolo, zabwino kuamikila zoipa kutsutsa basi sizomwe amatanthauza chilima kodi? nde walakwitsa chani? basitu mukubgofuna zili zonse yes bwana, ndikuphe inu yes Bwana, ndigulitse yes bwana, asaaaaa kupusa sikuposa apa ndili nanuy bwana chilima komanso simudatchule dzina lamunthu bwanji akututumuka?kungoti pakuti amanena kuti ku tsogolo sikuonena ndithu koma zikanakhala kuti zimadziwika mmmm manyaka ake awawa mmmm ayi ndithu Bwana mwanena zoona osamangoamikila ndizopusa zomwe!! Amalawi tiyeni tidzuke kutulo tathu zaoneka kuti onse amene amamuzungulila uyuyu uyu pitalayu ayi ndithu samafunila xabwino dziko lino

  18. Chilima knew the repercussion of his statement and what he wanted to achieve out of it. The DPP is dancing to his tune. If only they were wise, they’d ignore it.

  19. I like this man.Coz what he said was part of reform.To say the truth, APM is gradually loosing support, and having hand clappers is a Blessing to him.

  20. Munthu utamachita zinthu zoipa umadana ndi chilungamo.sikt chilima adalakwitsa ndipo speech yake inalibe kutenga mbali ayi idaona mbali zose ruring and oppostion.koma popeza azathu a oramula la 40 lakwana ndipake akuona kt chilima adalakwe.chilungamo chimawawa

  21. Yeah, he said that @ his church where we told the congregation that this is a new year 2017 and we should stop clapping our hands everything. He had a point there, something isn’t good!

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