Death traps on Nkhotakota roads

Motorbike operator

Some motorbikes are operating without all requirements in Nkhotakota district, Malawi24 can reveal.

Investigations that Malawi24 has conducted reveal that the motorbikes are operating without registration numbers, Certificate of Fitness (COF) and even Insurance.

The findings also reveal that some of the operators do not take precautionary measures to protect passengers by among other things not having passengers’ helmets for example.

Motorbike operator
Motorbike operator says most operators do not have the necessary papers.

Malawi24 has also found out that the bicycle operators do not even have licenses to do the business and let alone to operate the bikes.

One of the operators recently spoke to this reporter.

The driver told Malawi24 that most of the operators cannot manage to have a license since it is expensive.

The motorbike operator also revealed that most operators in Nkhotakota cannot manage to insure and make sure that their motorbikes have Certificate of Fitness and all requirements.

Malawi24 has found that this tendency is mostly happening in Trading Centres like Mpamantha and Sani.

Although the coming of the motorbikes has eased travel constraints in the district but their illegal operations are putting passengers’ lives at risk.

One of the passengers, Raphael Banda has expressed his concern that riding these motorbikes without a helmet can lead to accidents as they leave them unprotected.

According to Banda, government must conduct intensive checkups to make sure that the people are operating legally.