Jappie Mhango not yet done with the North

Jappie Mhango

Outspoken Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango who recently declared that the northern region is not capable of producing someone to lead Malawi as a president is not done with controversy at all.

Jappie Mhango
Mhango: Becoming controversial.

Mhango has told constituents of  Rumphi North that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will do one thing to this nation: develop her.

Mhango met leaders of the constituency on Christmas day to discuss developmental activities in the area.

The lawmaker said government has done a lot in developing the area and there are various projects being done in the area such as roads.

”There are various projects undertaken by government in the area such as the construction of roads, police units as well as school blocks,” said Mhango.

He added that government will continue developing the area in the coming year and people should look forward for more development.

Northern region governor for the DPP, Kenneth Sanga, said the party is strong in the northern region due to the current leadership.

Meanwhile, experts in the country have observed that the country has faced a lot of challenges in various sectors but are optimistic that come 2017 things will change for the better.



  1. Jappi ndi opusa miseu ili kuti kapena ku nyumba kwa bambo ake okalambawo akusunga ndondosha mnyumba mwawo cjitdiru athu aku constituence yake ndi osauka ngati awo galu ameneyo asayinyase apo nkhope kunyasa ngati imfa.

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